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Environment Textures (reflection map)
Element uses an environment map to fake reflections and refractions for your scene. You can choose from the built-in images or import your own Spherical map. You can also adjust the Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, UV Repeat and UV Offset from inside the plug-in.
To change the environment map settings you can click the Environment button at the top of the Scene Set up to access the Environment map pop-out.

If you would like to add your own enviroment map to the list you can add the png or jpeg file to Documents\VideoCopilot\Materials\Environment. You can also load maps like you would a normal material slot, as well as use animated custom maps. Also see Render Settings/Environment for more info once you are out of the Scene Setup. 

Environment Tips
• Create custom Environments maps
• Learn how to separate the environment map
• Learn places to find your own and make maps

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