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 Example Renders are from the Element 3D model pack, Metropolitan.

Enable Glow
Turns on the glow.

Glow From

Determine whether the glow originates from an Illumination map defined in the Scene Setup with the Illumination option, or on all bright parts of the model with the Luminance option.

Glow Intensity
How much glow.

Glow Radius
How much the glow spreads.

Glow Aspect Ratio
Higher value will create a more horizontal glow, lower value will be more vertical.

Glow Threshold
Controls the intensity threshold. Numbers close to 1 will have less glow.

Glow Threshold Softness
Amount the glow bleeds through the threshold.

Glow Tint
Lets you pick a color that will affect the glow color.

Tint Mode
Choose between Tint and Multiply to get different looks.

Glow Saturation
Control the intensity of the color of the glow.

Glow Gamma
Boosts the gamma of the glow making it brighter.

Glow Quality

You can change the quality of the glow from High to Low if you need the performance to be improved temporarily.
Glow Alpha Boost
Increases glow area source making it brighter.

Chromatic Diffraction
This creates a "chromatic aberration" like glow around your object.
How much Chromatic Diffraction

How much it expands out.

Determines how soft or sharp the Chromatic Diffraction is.


Creates an additional glow which can be used to create a tight inner hotspot.
Highlight Intensity
How much additional Highlight glow.

Highlight Radius
How far the Highlight glow spreads.

Highlight Threshold
Controls the Highlight intensity threshold. Numbers close to 1 will have less glow.

Highlight Threshold Softness
Amount the Highlight glow bleeds through the threshold.
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