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Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

Ambient Occlusion is used to simulate soft shading without casting shadows. Controlling the radius and intensity will help you achieve a specific look, but there are many advanced settings for refining the shading. 

There are two types AO, SSAO and Ray Traced. SSAO is faster and provides general shading when objects are close together. Ray Traced provides more accurate shading on corners and objects near each other, but is slower to render. 


AO Multisampling requires a Recommended supported graphics card. Please look at our supported GPU list here.


Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) is selected by default. Turning up the intensity will increase the visibility of the shading. Use the presets to adjust the quality of the AO shading. You can also manually adjust the settings.
Use caution when adjusting Samples and Multisampling, too high and it could overload the GPU.


This mode calculate the AO more accurate to get shading in all those small areas. Multisampling is a good way to increase the quality, as well as the Sampling value. Ray Traced values are a little more GPU intense and the values are a bit more sensitive, so it’s best to change values minimally to see the effects.
Decreasing Flickering: Depending on the geometry density, try increasing RTAO Bia and that help AO generate more accurately on the surface.

Crashing: If at one point in the scene the AO crashes where it didn’t in a different camera location, try decreasing the Sample Amount or the Intensity, it could possibly be too much on the GPU

Advanced Options
FXAA AO: On or Off
Multisampling: Increase quality of AO, helps with jagged edges.
Cut-off: Limit render radius of AO.
Matte Intensity: Control the edge of the AO


To reduce flickering when AO is on, select Multisampling under the Ambient Occlusions advanced settings. This will render the AO pass large and resample it down to frame size, allowing more detail to be smooth. You can also adjust the adaptive blur settings to fine tune your AO.
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