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Object Transform and Anchor Point Settings
The Transform parameters allow you
to manipulate your object's size,
orientation, etc. in the scene view. 


This determines the size of the object in the scene. You will not see the affects of this scale in the Scene Setup as the obj is a constant size in the preview window. Noticeable changes will occur when you click OK and it renders in your After Effects composition.
Normalize Size

With this checked on the object will autoscale to other objects in the scene

Changes the Orientation of the object on the X, Y, or Z

Flip model on it X, Y, and Z axis

Anchor Point

Choose general anchor point position (Model Center, From Model, Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left Right). See Adjusting The Anchor Point.
Anchor Offset

Change the position of the anchor point. You may want to turn on the Grid in the viewfinder to see the anchor point moving. See Adjusting The Anchor Point.

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