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Camera Setup
Working with cameras in Element follows the same techniques as if you were working with a traditional 3d layers inside of After Effects. Go to Layer/New/Camera to create a new camera.  

When setting up your camera we suggest using a two node camera type, this will help keep the cameras anchor point centered when moving around your model.

After you have selected a model from the Element scene setup, you can control camera movements around your object by simply using the Unified, Orbit, Track XY and Track Z camera tool. You can toggle through these by hitting “C” on your keyboard. You can then hit the stopwatch on the camera parameters to animate like you normally would.

Orthographic Views 

You can use the After Effects orthographic views, such as Top, Right, Custom View 1, etc, to see your scene from a new angle. Be sure that you have a camera created in your composition when switching to a new view. Keep in mind that with multiple view up, it will have to render each screen using more gpu power.
If the Orthographic Views are not working, be sure you are on the latest updated version of After Effects, and that typically will allow them to work on most versions. Be sure you don't have supersampling on while using the orthographic views.
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