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Group Utilities & Null Objects

Copy/Paste Group
From this module you can Copy all of the parameters from one group, go the next group’s Copy/Paste Group and hit the Paste button to copy over all of the attributes. You can also reset all of the Group’s options by hitting reset.

Create Group Null

This will create a 3D Null Object at the center of the scene. You can use the Null Object to control the group’s position, rotation, orientation, and scale. You can also move the anchor point by moving the Null Object’s anchor point value.


Creating a Group Null will control everything in the entire Group or models in a Group Folder.

Creating Sperate Group Nulls Per Object

Pull the objects out of the Group Folder to put each object on a seperate Group Number. You can move an object in the scene if you want it to be off center from the scene, changing the location of the Group Null in relation to the object.

This will allow you to create a Null object for each object sperately. For animating seperate objects with a single group check out Auxilery Channels.
Generate 3d Position 

Generating a 3d Position Null is useful for finding a reference position point to add other layers close to Element 3D objects. This can be used for compositing other assets into a scene, such as adding regular AE 3D text or footage near your object, or compositing other 3D effects into your scene. 


Check out this tutorial on how to use the generate 3d null option in the example of adding smoke trails to a jet.

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