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Saving Presets
Material Presets
Right click on a material either in the Material and Bevel Browser or the Scene panel, click Save as Material Preset, and you can choose where to save it to within the VideoCopilot/Materials folder. You can make your own folder within the Materials folder, then access it from the save function. Saves as .efm format.



It is recommended that you save your material and model at Documents/VideoCopilot/Models or Materials.
Saving Bevel Presets
Right click on the Extrusion Model and select Save as Bevel Preset. This saves the Bevel and Materials setup, not the model. Saves as .efb format.

Saving Model Presets
Right Click on a Model that is an Obj or C4D file and choose Save as Model Preset. It will ask you to where you would like to save it within the VideoCopilot/Models folder. This saves the Model with the Material and Model settings so you can access it later without having to rebuild textures. Saves as .e3d format.



1. You can double click on an object’s name to rename it.
2. To rename materials you can right click and choose Rename.
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