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Element 3D v1.6
  • Added world position pass.
  • Added scene relink.
  • Added replace model option.
  • Added a subsampling mode for post effects.
  • Added planar and polygon mapping types.
  • Added render order.
  • Added group nulls.
  • Added generate 3D position null.
  • Added shape order animation mode.
  • Improved automatic relinking.
  • Fix: issue with baked animation in different groups.
  • Fix: crash due to path aspect ratio fix.
  • Fix: occlusion map was rendering below diffuse.
  • Fix: masks with different aspect ratio than layer.
  • Fix: baked animation wasn't working with 3D object replicator shape.
  • Fix: rendering issues on OSX.
  • Fix: crash when rendering empty scene with missing assets.
  • Fix: licensing popup on Windows when opening old projects.

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