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Texture Channel Pop-up


Additional Options

When you go to load a texture file and click on the "none set" box to navigate to your texture, a pop-up comes up with a few additional options.

This controls the visibility of the texture,
same function that is outside this window next
to the texture slot.

Control the brightness of the image.

Control the difference between
light and dark parts of the image.

Control how much color your image has

UV Repeat
Adjust how many times the the material will repeat.
This will tile the material for this specific
texture channel

UV Offset
Shifts the position of the texture for this
specific texture channel.

Load Texture
Navigate your computer directory to choose your
texture file. Can right click to Clear or Reveal
File in Explorer.

Down Arrow
Choose Load Texture or a Custom Material that
has been loaded as a Custom Texture Slot in the
Element effects control panel.

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