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Material Texture Slots

Element 3D comes with many advanced material options to make your models look as good as possible. By tweaking the settings of each texture component, you can achieve stunning results.

For an overview on how to build materials, refer to the previous section.

Please refer to the Texture Channel Pop-up section for detailed information on those parameters.

This is generally the main color of your material’s surface.

The specular channel has a dual purpose of controlling the amount of specular and reflectivity the surface can receive. We recommend using a single map to control both settings to minimize excessive memory usage when possible. There is an option to ignore the reflectivity and refractivity if you plan to use the reflection/refraction map exclusively.

This slot controls the amount of reflection or refraction a surface is able to receive. This channel will work in combination with the specular map and block out additional reflectivity.

This slot allows you to use an illumination map for areas that you want to appear illuminated. Once the map is set be sure to increase the illumination intensity.

This channel allows you to use a special surface map called a Normal Bump to create textured surfaces that are affected by lighting. To adjust the intensity of the Normal bump, you can decrease the opacity of the map next to the map slot.

This texture channel will multiply dark shading on top of the diffuse channel. Great for being able to fine tune the ambient occlusion texture pass with the opacity amount.

This texture slot allows you to specify a specific environment map other than the default one to reflect. One purpose would be to have a blurry version of the map for one material and a non-blurred version on another material in the same scene to create objects that appear more chrome and objects with blurry reflections.

Watch beyond the basics video for more information on material texture slots

Beyond The Basics Video
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