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Environment Textures (reflection map)

Element uses an environment map to fake reflections and refractions for your scene. You can choose from the built-in images or import your own Spherical map. You can also adjust the Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, UV Repeat and UV Offset from inside the plug-in.

To change the environment map settings you can click the Environment button at the top of the Scene Set up to access the Environment map pop-out.

Click on the down arrow to access the default maps that come installed with Element 3D. If you would like to add your own enviroment map to the list you can add the png or jpeg file to Documents\VideoCopilot\Materials\Environment. You can also load maps like you would a normal material slot, as well as use animated custom maps. Also see Render Settings/Environment for more info once you are out of the Scene Setup. 

Environment Tips
• Create custom Environments maps
• Learn how to separate the environment map
• Learn places to find your own and make maps

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