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Relinking missing files
File Relink Options
Element 3D allows you to replace or relink missing Textures & 3D Models when files are moved or assets are not found. This can happen when a project is downloaded or transferred to another computer or when a drive is unplugged.

Missing Files Warning
Element 3D automatically detects if files in the scene are missing. Choosing yes allows you to select the location of the missing files so they can be relinked.



1. Missing Files List displays the name of the missing files
2. The Search Location will try to find the missing files so you do not have to select one file at a time.
    Search Depth will look inside sub-folders for missing files. 
3. By clicking Relink, Element 3D will search for the missing files.
4. Repeat these steps by selecting different folders until all assets are located.

File List Button
Shows a complete list of missing files.

Select Folder Button
Opens up folder browser to look for files.

Search Depth
Choose how many sub-folders to look in.

Option Buttons
Set options before choosing Relink to
limit what gets changed.

Press relink to execute search in the 
selected folder.



If unused materials contain missing assets, Element 3D may still try to locate these files. To automatically remove unused materials: Select the option from the Material Browser to Remove Unused Materials.

Replace or Swap your 3D Model
To swap a 3D model and reuse the materials, you can Right-Click on the object and choose Replace Model. This is useful when using multiple versions of a single model with revisions to the model design.

Live Updating of 3D Objects and Textures
Element 3D will automatically detect if a 3D model or texture has been changed and reload the file. If you have trouble seeing the change, try restarting After Effects and clearing the Element 3D Model Cache inside the preferences.


When using the “Collect Files” function inside of After Effects, models and textures are not able to be collected.
Files must be manually collected and relinked when transferred.
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