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Particle Replicator

The Particle Replicator allows you to replicate particles into the shape of a pre-defined object structure. The entire replicator array can also be moved around using the position controls. There are also controls for the size of the array shape, but keep in mind these are separate from the actual Particle properties.
If multiple 3D objects are set to the same group inside the Scene Setup, these objects will be replicated randomly in your array.

3D Replicator
• Using position noise
• Use 3D object as replicator shape
• Use Layer alpha as replicator shape

Below is a list of parameters and descriptions of their functionality.
Particle Count
How many objects will be in the Replicator array.

Replicator Shape
Defines the shape or structure that your particles will be occupying. There are several Replicator shape options, such as Point, 3D Grid, Plane, Sphere. There are also some options for more custom particle shapes, see Custom Replicator Shape below.

Custom Replicator Shapes

Using a 3D Object as a Replicator Shape
You can choose a 3D object from the scene interface to use as the array structure to fill in particles.

1. In the Scene Interface choose the object that you want to set as the shape.
2. Set as a replicator shape by clicking the icon that looks like a ring of spheres next to the group numbers.
3. You can also set the group number to define what group you want to have this particle shape.
4. When you hit ok, you can use the Particle Count


Allows you to use a layer shape to define the shape the Replicator the shape of a layer. Use the Custom Layer option under Shape Options to choose the layer to reference.

Layer Grid:
Uses a layer to define a shape, but spaces the objects into a grid with some options to fill the particles in on the X and Y. Use the Custom Layer option under Shape Options to choose the layer to reference.

Particle Order
Choose how your particles are laid out in a particular replicator shape


Randomly orders how the particle's positions are laid out

Loops the particle order sequentially (as relating to the order from top to bottom in the scene interface)

Loops the particle order sequentially in reverse (as relating to the order from bottom to top in the scene interface)

Loops the particle order forward then backward    

Particle Repeat
How many times each particle appears in a sequence.

Particle Offset
Shifts the sequence forward or backward.

Particle Replicator Options


Position XY and Z:
Move the object in 3D space with these controls.

You can use the Create Null option under Group Utilities to make it easier to move objects in space.

Control rotation of the whole Replicator Shape.

This will randomly disperse the particles in all directions.

Scatter XYZ:
Randomly disperse the particle on a specific axis.

Position noise:
Creates some additional randomization with the Evolution, Amount, and Scale options.

Random seed:
Creates a new randomly generated scenario.

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