Live Presentations and NAB Sale!

This week I’ll be in Las Vegas for NAB 2018 and Adobe is going to be broadcasting the presentations LIVE! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the links! If you are at the show, be sure to stop by the Adobe booth!

LIVE Presentations:
Monday & Tuesday at 2PM! PST

NAB Show! Presenting Monday and Tuesday at 2PM! Live-Stream will be available!

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We are also having the annual NAB sale, so if you were thinking about upgrading your toolbox save 25% while your’re at it!

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8 months ago
UPDATED: New Tutorial & ORB Plug-in V1.0.2 Now Available!
Here we go! Our new 3D ORB plug-in for After Effects is now available! This tutorial goes in-depth into many powerful features that will allow you to create amazing visuals! Watch Tutorial on Youtube! ORB V1.0.2 UPDATE: We’ve updated the plug-in to V1.0.2 to fix initialization issues with some AMD cards. Be sure to update […]
[UPDATED] ORB Release Date!
UPDATE: Orb Plug-in Now Available Our new plug-in and Tutorial for ORB is launching tomorrow! Release Date: 9-18-2018 I would write more but there’s work to do! ORB feature: Automatic Shadow Illumination! — Andrew Kramer (@videocopilot) September 17, 2018  
[UPDATED] New Plug-in Trailer: ORB!
UPDATE: Orb Plug-in Now Available Today I’m excited to share with you our new plug-in ORB! My little side project turned into a much bigger one and hopefully this plug-in will help your take After Effects to the next level! Available next week! Watch on Youtube! Like all Video Copilot plug-ins, this one has evolved! At […]
FX Console Updated to V1.0.3
Good news everybody! Our sweet workflow plug-in, FX Console, has been updated with a BUNCH of bug fixes and a few new enhancements! If you are not using FX Console, check it out! It’s free! Fixes and Enhancements for V1.0.3: Added option to save images as JPG from menu & Gallery Preferences files are now […]
New Tutorial: Cinematic Title Design: Fantasy FX!

In this exciting new Tutorial Series, we’ll learn how to create this cinematic title all inside of After Effects! This procedural effect can be customized with any logo and even reacts to environment lighting! This tutorial is jammed-packed with ways to customize the Bevel and create endless variations!

Watch on youtube in HD!

Download Free Particle FX

Download Free Saber Plug-in!

Project Assets

These Tutorials are getting more and more complex!! 👍 #editing

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8 months ago
Cinematic Titles Tutorial Teaser!

One step closer! Here is what we will be creating in the new tutorial series!

Of all the tutorials I’ve made, this one has evolved the most from it’s conception (several months ago) and has even surprised me at how far it could go! Especially with the cracks and growing moss…. Many strange tricks went into this one!!

One thing I love about making these short teasers is they give you the chance to test out your idea. How does it hold up in different designs or even different backgrounds.  I try to make every concept well-rounded… A good idea is always better when you test in the real world!

First Tutorial will be out tomorrow!

Watch Teaser on Youtube

And in case you missed it:


8 months ago
The One-Two Punch!

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth!”

Alright!  I’m on it!!! I was feeling TOO good, too confident and thought I could get these two tutorials done faster!

But alas it is only a day or two away! I promise awesome useful tips! My pencils down and the fight is on!


Working on a teaser using new Bevel technique! #noPlugins

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8 months ago
[UPDATED] Fantasy Type FX will soon be a reality!

Tutorial Update: Almost there! Some last minute refinements to make sure edges are crisp for this exciting new tutorial but no sleep until we launch this baby! It’s still Tuesday in Hawaii right?

Interactive bevel shading from BG. #noPlugins #aftereffects

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8 months ago