Title Sequence for London Show!
6 months ago
Incredible Paris Opening Titles!
Just got to London to begin the Video Copilot LIVE! Tour. Sleep schedule is almost adjusted! Saturday we’ll be in London and Paris is next week! There are still some tickets for Paris if want to come! Video Copilot LIVE! 2019 Show Tickets and Information! Beautiful Title sequence created by: Mehdi HADI Please follow!   View […]
Bold Type Project!
Sometimes you need to create a title that feels IMPORTANT without making it too flashy! One way to do that is with a texture and a cinematic fade! Usually a simple opacity fade leaves graphics looking washed out, but by color correcting the fade out, you can add color and contrast to the fade! I […]
New Tutorial: CROSSFIRE! + Video Copilot LIVE! Europe Tour!
BOOM! Hey what’s up! Our new Tutorial is online AND we’re excited to announce Video Copilot is going on Tour! We’ve been looking for new ways to get together with the community and showcase other amazing designers at a fun show! We are happy to finally share all the details! Get Show and Ticket Info […]
Procedural Destruction!
Working on a fun new tutorial that has some interesting techniques and all 100% AE! Check out the demo below! Can’t wait to show you what is possible! I’ll be travelling this week to an awesome CG Conference and get this tutorial out as soon as I get back!   View this post on Instagram […]

2 months ago
I would say that is the best London Title Sequence of the year so far. After all, it is the birthplace of Reynholm Industries.
2 months ago
Deliciously made. Great praise is needed.
2 months ago
we love u andrew
plz active more and publish new things :)))
2 months ago
Woww great video & text effect.
3 months ago
Mesmerizing work I need to know who made the music
4 months ago
I do not want to be ungrateful, but Berlin said that the Nebula plugin will be available in March...
6 months ago
Hey Andrew,
Your Title page looked like one of the exterior space shots from Tom Cruise's film Oblivion. Any inspiration or just coincidence.
6 months ago
Any news on any of the talks being videoed, at any of the events, or even a small mention of VCP number one and its USP product E3D?
6 months ago
All 3 of those model aliens are wondering if their stridex pads worked or not.
6 months ago
Great video & text effect.
Nice title sequences Andrew!
Good luck ;)
Sami Hejazi
6 months ago
Arnold Junior JOHNSON
6 months ago
Daddy Kramer
Thanks you so much and May Gog Bless you for all you're doing to help this community
Keep on ! Words are not Enough
Safe Tour to you
6 months ago
Stunning work. Love it ALL.
Gutted to not be able to make the tour this time - will there be another? More dates maybe?? Hope so. Keep up the amazing work.
Graham Cohen
6 months ago
Really cool text effect. Would love to see how you did that. Tutorial idea maybe??? :)
Andy Dominique Rak
6 months ago
Stunning & mesmerizing work !!
6 months ago
Congratulations on your ongoing success and now, this world tour! When can we buy the "I-wasn't-there-but-I-have-the-T-shirt" shirts? Travel safely and God bless!
    6 months ago
    I'd like an xl tee in black, and also an xl hoodie in black!!!
6 months ago
Woww amazing, I can't wait to start learning your tutorials!! Thank you
6 months ago
I would say that is the best London Title Sequence of the year so far. After all, it is the birthplace of Reynholm Industries.
    6 months ago
    And just like them, he's giving it to the future......