Getting Ready for NAB & New Experiments!

It’s that time of the year for the NAB show! I feel like I’ve been going since before I started Video Copilot and it’s definitely a show I look forward to, especially since I love to see all the new gear!

This year I’ll be presenting at the Adobe Booth on Monday and Tuesday (April 9th & 10th), it’s always a lot of fun and I think Adobe will be Live Streaming it as well so be sure to follow me on Twitter/Instagram and I’ll post the link!


More Experiments!

Experimenting with text without extra plug-ins! 💯 After Effects!

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But before the show I hope to share this new project involving sweet bevels without using plug-ins! Even though there are a millions things going on at VC right now, I want to hurry and get this tutorial while it is fresh in my head so look for it soon!

100% After Effects! #procedural

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I’m also excited to be being part of the MoGraph Meetup where a bunch of designers will be hanging out! Join us Sunday Night before the show!

We even made new shirts for the show!

Doing work stuff with air cannon… #videocopilot

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Bonus Podcast with Animalators!


2 years ago
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2 years ago
I'm going to be at NAB this year so I'm glad to see you again. Good luck with everything!
2 years ago
No sorry but layers tutorial? Too Bad!
Serious Question?
2 years ago
Serious question Andrew...... were you responsible for the Princess Leia... "Mary Poppins" visual we saw in The Last Jedi? cause if so, there is only so much a diehard VCP fanboy can forgive. ;)
2 years ago
Emboss. I tried some hard bevel, but no... the answer is Emboss as an Effect with some Bevel as a Layer Style.
2 years ago
Definitely watching this, as will tens of thousands of fans obviously - can't wait!
Just make sure you post the link Andrew - in plenty of time ;-)
2 years ago it all. And when are you going to sell us the shirts :):):):)?
2 years ago
I hope we will see a NAB 2018 on youtube. I am still waiting a NAB 2017 video)
PS. Andrew, U ROCK!!
Sajjad Ali
2 years ago
where is nab 2017 Video please please upload it Andrew its Humble Request please Sir Andrew
2 years ago
Wow. You're awesome! Cant wait to see it!! I cant go to NAB, but I'm waiting for online video. WAIT!!! where's NAB 2017 video??? 🤔
2 years ago
Hi Andrew love u man. I was searchinng for your presentation nab2017. I found nothing 🙄
2 years ago
Yesss! Love the NAB presentations. Looking good Drew DOG!
2 years ago
Andrew will never reply to this comment
2 years ago
Where can i find the NAB 2017 video?
2 years ago
The first one looks kinda of text with "Bevel and emboss" layer style, where "Angle" parameter is linked to "Rotation" of a null.
2 years ago
I need to go to Vegas to get a shirt? It will be cheaper to buy them from you.
2 years ago
Awesome Andrew !
Thank you so much for the effort and time !
2 years ago
will the t-shirts be available for purchase for non-NAB attendees?
    Neo Crescent
    2 years ago
    wondering the same thing
2 years ago
give away!!! How much to purchase??