New Stuff Time!

I Finally have some good news to share! Our first new Free plug-in of 2016 will be available next week! And it’s something I’ve always wanted a proper solution for! So we made it!

I know, It’s been quiet around here but that ends today! In addition to some cool new plug-ins and tutorials, I’m also going to be doing some LIVE presentations and shows and try to make the community more interactive… You know, the opposite of this past year! OH SNAPPP!!!

Oh yeah, my wife and I would also like to introduce our new son, Jason Michael Kramer. See! I have been making all sorts of stuff this year!


3 years ago
New Tutorial: CROSSFIRE! + Video Copilot LIVE! Europe Tour!
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Procedural Destruction!
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[UPDATED] ORB Release Date!
UPDATE: Orb Plug-in Now Available Our new plug-in and Tutorial for ORB is launching tomorrow! Release Date: 9-18-2018 I would write more but there’s work to do! ORB feature: Automatic Shadow Illumination! — Andrew Kramer (@videocopilot) September 17, 2018