Slashing Tips

You know that part in a movie where some guy gets sliced up with a sword and you can see a big cut across his ninja shirt?… Well usually they do some fancy editing where he has a robe without a slash and then it cuts to a close up where the shirt now has a big rip… This actually works really well, especially with a nice sound effect. But I wanted to do the slicing all in one continuous take using computer technology!

How would you do it?

10 years ago
Chris UK
7 years ago
I did what you told us to do Andrew, I went to a friends house, and now we are just waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. I think I will be looking at a long holiday at one of Her Majesties hotels! lol
Only kidding! Great video as usual. Greets from England.
7 years ago
ok when i come to you'r home, i have to try once

any way superb work sir.
7 years ago
great, what is the tip? i dont understand
harry ortiz
7 years ago
it's true the sound fx comes out before the slashing and the cut doesn't match the direction of the knife!
    5 years ago
    all of them are come from "motionpluse".
7 years ago
genious and out of this world
Gay James
8 years ago
Je veux être brilliant comme vous messieurs please? Videos Copilot
8 years ago
Simple. Just make sure the knife is REALLY sharp and have the subject wear green body armor to key in the skin ;)
    8 years ago
    THAT... is actually a really good idea.
8 years ago
I did something like this for a project/show I'm working on - it ain't easy (well relatively speaking). I found the plug-in ccsplit 2 works for this type of effect as long as you don't have to hold too long on the subject. A little warp mesh, bezier handles or liquify to match the movement of the original shirt movement and you got it!
9 years ago
I am going to my friend's house now ;) :p
9 years ago
I'm gonna guess torn shirt is on the live footage and then painted back together and the Copilot logo tracked ontop of it to hide the paint out... then the tracked logo is taken out during the transition from not ripped to ripped.

This is all based on frame by frame viewing of the clip- the logo dances a little bit on the shirt.
9 years ago
1) Take a picture of the front of the un-slashed shirt into photoshop, cut out what you don't need

2) Import the video of the actors (shirt is slashed), import the uncut shirt image

3) 3d layers, compositing, a wipe layer (quick), or a revealing mask so it looks, kinda like:


4) I would add some movement to the layered uncut shirt though so it looks like its fluid.
9 years ago
Jesus Christ, I love this site.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Very nice..... look so real... it must be using mask..
10 years ago
i really like it very proffesional
10 years ago
Hey boys and girls!
My opinion is that this footage was recorded with cuted t-shirt and it is only one take,just with cuted t-shirt!
stay good!
10 years ago
I suppose if you wanted to be really anal with how accurate it is, you could have motion tracked a 3D torso to be EXACTLY the same as the actor's, made an nCloth shirt in Maya and ripped it that way.

...Fortunately, with simple scrubbing I can see where the second layer's being revealed :3
10 years ago
Why does everyone keep on talking about three takes and already cut tshirt. Didnt he clearly state that it was all one take and completley done digitally?

"But I wanted to do the slicing all in one continuous take using computer technology!"

So it has to be tracked.
10 years ago
Please oh Please oh PLEASE teach us how to do this!
10 years ago
I think I saw Tino's nipple. That classifies this video as a wardrobe malfunction and subject to an FCC fine.

I really wish you'd do a good tutorial about how you like to use Mocha. Since CS5, it seems the big thing and it's fairly easy to learn. I just like to see and hear how other "professionals" are using it - their preferred methods, workflows, processes etc. I've seen some great stuff by Dave Blum, but haven't seen many other tutorials on it, besides that. How do you feel about it? How or when would you use it compared to when you might use AE's built in tracking?
10 years ago
I wrote a tongue-in-cheek/smart alec comment about getting a 'software reward' for guessing the technique correctly and the site bounced my comment! LOL

Okay Big Brother, I'll be more thoughtful with my comments. After this post. Honest.
10 years ago
Wow, that was really impressing Andy! :D
10 years ago
Eehehxxxxculunt. So where is the tut Sire?
10 years ago
Ok, here's my guess. I'm very new to AE so I could be (and probably am) talking &%$@.

It's a composite of 2 separate shots. The t-shirt is already cut and is held together by a small strip of material. You can see this material curled up at the bottom of the cut immediately after it appears. The material is pulled down to reveal the cut. Probably by a thread of some sort.

In a separate shot Andrew slashes with the knife into thin air. Maybe it's my imagination or the fact that my eyes aren't what they used to be but I think I detect a few stray flecks of green spill around his outline.

So, position the two clips in space and time so that the cut appears as the knife passes It all happens in only 2 frames so getting them to match shouldn't be too hard.
10 years ago
Nice Job !!!
I tried to do that 5 times an what i got ???
2 friends dead and 3 in critical situation !!
well i'm keep trying until i get the trick ;-)
10 years ago
Nice video dude!
10 years ago
lool, sometimes small coments like the one in the video just crack me up. "Go to a friend's house" lool that is nice one.
10 years ago
t-shirt is already off. just hide the tshirt with a solid and an image
10 years ago
waaaaw amazing work,,can I see a tutorial about that
10 years ago
Great Job,hey i was thinking a while back you talk about the canon 7d in the blog. It would be nice to have a blog about which hd Video camcorder for us beginners are good to use.... Just an idea.
10 years ago
Hi Andrew,

As usual, another great effect!

I agree that you also tracked the videocopilot logo and t-shirt on to Tino and then after your arm swings the knife you reveal the already cut s-hirt.

However, this would be really difficult to track and blend together nicely due to the detail of the logo and having to match this to Tito's movement and with the fact that the shirt is cut open and dangling.

The only way, would be to restrict the dangling of the cut-shirt by pinning it or taping it together so that it does not sag. That's why I think Tito jumps back and moves his arms so that he unpins it.

Can't wait to see how you did it!

Ciao from Montreal
10 years ago
Lol you put 2 spaces between see and a
10 years ago
This is pretty obvious.

The poor quality of the videocopilot shirt means it's prone to just suddenly developing tears and holes, you simply film enough takes and eventually the shirt falls apart on it's own.
10 years ago
There is a cut between frames 1055 and 1056.
10 years ago
Do not try this at home...
Go to a friend`s house... xD
10 years ago
do we really need a tutorial on this?... coz i can just do it in real.. lol xP
10 years ago
very good end
cool video!
10 years ago
Hi Andrew, I follow you from Italy. You're awsome.

I'think he (TINO) was alrady wearing the cutted shirt. I noticed the the videocopilot logo non the shirt is not reacting very much befor you cut... mocha would track perfectly that movement...
It's probably wrong but I think that's the way I would workaround a shot like that...

10 years ago
tracked torn shirt...
diagonal (cutting path) piece of t-shirt art placed on top to cover the cut...

you can see it's been masked out by the split&sliding "D" in "VIDEO"

10 years ago
I think that the victim has a Quatto on his tummy. For this scene, little Quatto slices open the shirt from the INSIDE with his mini stomach mutant size knife.
10 years ago
Good work! I think that the video is perfect!
10 years ago
Hrmm.. did you cut the shirt before and then just paint over it in after effects? I noticed that the slice in the shirt does not follow the movement of the knife exactly. Thats the only thing i can think of right now. Very nice job btw
10 years ago
hahahaha, as usual you guys are Funny!! and this one show was old s"cool"...keep sharing buddy, can't wait till you slay sam's head without any special effect..nahah I was playin' around..wish you guys get Rich...
10 years ago
what an amazing fx!!! time to go to work, i'll try to do it by myself before the tutorial comes out. thanks!!!
dustin pierce
10 years ago
I noticed a small piece of tap on the left hand's thumb. I am guessing you had some fishing line tapped to it and as you did the slicing motion, you pulled a small layer of tap off his shirt which kept it together.

Am I close....or way off?
10 years ago
gotta agree with khamski there is a weird fold on the shirt, seems like that has something to do with it. cant wait to see how you did it!
10 years ago
Hahahahahaha! That was epic! It's always good to have knowledge on how to properly cut a victim with out a bloody cleanup afterwards! :P

I would love to see a tutorial as well if possible, thanks for the inspiration and awesome VFX wisdom Andrew!
10 years ago
Exelent ! When the tutorial Andrew ?!
10 years ago
That's really cool... I think it was done by...1 he started by first wearing the shirt untorn and taking a reference shot of the untorn shirt then compositing that over time by painting on frames and tracking the subjuct, (not necessarily in that order) using a null to link the position of the tear to trackers on the shirt. I think??
10 years ago
I'm guessing the sandwich was pre-cooked and the little Asian kid was CG. There were way too large birds to safely place a real child in that scene. Other than that, all Kramer had to do was was add a lens flare.
10 years ago
LOL! Always better to do at a friend's house!

Awesome Sound FX! Really sells it!
Are the lights in your studio that cool, or was that a color treatment?
10 years ago
The shirt is already cut.
The uncut patch was motion tracked on and the slash was the wipe that removes the patch and reveals the cut.
10 years ago
cool O.o i go to kill my brother >:)
10 years ago
that was funny the knife sound gave it a great touch lol any chance going to show some cool stuff from the Ninja Assassin movie. this movie has some great effects that you guys have in your tutorials and some other stuff that would be great to learn. the trailer alone had some great effects lol
10 years ago
Wow! dats nice dude.....
but i have a Bread Knife is it OK? lols

superb Andrew when i am gonna see this ?

Hey i want a T Shirt like that Please......

Thank you,
10 years ago
Come on you Guys! Dont you know how this is done?

Andrew is A Super Ninja.. There was no special effects at all.. It was all precision work. He probably traint with kungfu panda for many and many years to perfect it..
No worries for the guy been slashed because it's not the real Tino it is a Robotninja replica of Tino.. Specialy designed for this exercise.
The Full preformance will be done by Sam. Yep changes will be made here.. The knive will be longer. Sam will be standing closer. Andrew will be drunk and blindfolded (no need for that, but hé) And there will be a britney spears song playing throughout the act.. (so I have heard, not sure.. almost positive but never know for sure..)

Thank you Andrew.. Now show us the TRUTH.. I know it is OUT THERE!

10 years ago
I finally got my AE2 , thank you very much andrew,
it is awesome.

Guys, not all things in Andrew´s videos have to be made on AE

enjoy his videos, the "result".
God bless u Video Copilot
10 years ago
I like it very much, is expected soon out tutorial
10 years ago
Hey. Please check out my all new portfolio and blog! It's filles with design, motion graphics and films created in Adobe After Effects : )
Oh, and I love the cut btw. In a film that would look real!
10 years ago
Hey Andrew what is that small bulging disc under Tino's shirt, right after you slash him?

Blessing to you and your Family.

"It rises from the ashes."
10 years ago
LynX .. use time stretch or time remapping!
10 years ago
Andrew I tried it at home and I accidently killed my friend. Can you help fix the problem?
10 years ago
BBQ in background! always comes in handy while working late nights! did you know its the perfect way to warm up a pizza? or even your wife if your really hungry...

I have no idea how you pulled this off :S. I could think of 2 ways:

1. tino is wearing ripped up shirt, you tracked, roto-ed etc...

2. He was wearing some wort of (skin colored) protection on his chest.
Vitor Nagata
10 years ago
10 years ago
HAHA! Go to a friends house!
10 years ago
three steady shots and green screen,
first- Kramer approaching and cutting,
second- dude panics, then he freeze, CUT
somebody slice a part of his shirt
Third- shot of him from the exact position just with slice.
And the shot without anybody.
10 years ago
Which kind of filter or color correction do you use here? Is there a tutorial for basic image settings or something like that?

By the way.I love this site :-)
10 years ago
awesome again adrew, keep cointinue with this fantastic job
10 years ago
Nice video dude!
10 years ago
Yup, I'm definately going for wearing a precut T throughout the shot, and tracking in an uncut shirt over the top (maybe from footage shot beforehand, maybe just a photoshop file of the logo on a blue background) and then simply 'revealing' the cut comp underneath when it's time using a mask.

I fink that'd work anyway.
10 years ago
Your all trying to figure it out ... Green screens/Key frames / Mocha / Tracking.... Your all WRONG.

Andrew is a Ninja and cuts Tino's shirt... Simple

Here is another clip of andrew fighting
Bradley Bell
10 years ago
Nice :)
As always.
10 years ago
Hey you should make a facebook account for videocopilot to keep us updated! I would so be into video copilot a lot more :) by the way nice effect..Peace!
10 years ago
"Dont try this at home" Do it at ur friends home
10 years ago
LOL, great.

Epic sense of humour. :)
10 years ago
Hey, I'm making a zombie movie and need some slashes with various things. Only I need the slash to hit more than the shirt. I need it to be able to slice or chop somebody into peices (of course, the victims are zombies, so it's for a noble cause). How would you hack something apart using after effects and make it look impressively real? Thats what I want to know.
10 years ago
it's two pass..same added noise on it to make it shoulder style...first pass you with the knife.second one tino and you offscreen pulling a string to cut the unshredded tshirt at one moment.

am i right :)
10 years ago
Another awesome video. The sound effects are awesome. How do you get that movie like color added to your videos? I have a lot of trouble with that.
10 years ago
ahahahahah, lol...

I love VideoCopilot! :)
10 years ago
in rus
маска на футболке.
искажение маски в движении.
фон под маской - видео или картинка (лучше видео)
работа со светом и тенью внутри маски
эффект отвлечения (татуировки на руках и животе)

in Eng

mask on the t-shirt.
distortion of the mask in motion.
background under the mask - a video or picture (better video)
work with light and shadow within the mask
the effect of distraction (the tattoos on his arms and abdomen)
10 years ago
what do you use kind camera in that video ?
10 years ago
Good Thing in Future:

New Blog Show - New Web Site - New plug-ins (Dragon, Atom) -
New Product (Series Two)
New Tutorial (Two Man SWAT) - New Tutorial (Slashing Tips) - New Tutorial (Create Plug-in) - ...
10 years ago
wow nice way to hide the transition, when your arm goes up it covers the area that was cut, but the trick was how did you cut the shirt without actually cutting it.

i will have to say that you could have used mocha to track it and put the shirt uncut on him or at least partially (to cover up the cut area), but theres a little color offset where the cut was made, telling me that you did cut the shirt before hand.

now is it possible that there is a secret cut in this and you used a program such as istopmotion to get you position exact, absolutely.

there are multiple ways of doing it. but sir how you did it, you did an outstanding job.
10 years ago
it will be cool tutorial andrew, some tips we dropped it from life and didn'r notice it or even thinking is this real or some vfx made .. waiting
10 years ago
I will definitely go to a friend's house!!! :))
10 years ago
Ripped shirt is already on...plate out or paint back it the shirt to appear whole...then after the knife cross the the plate/paint area, animate a mask to eliminate it revealing the actual rip...thats how i'd do it.
Thank you for getting me interested in vfx, I wouldnt have a job now if I hadnt taken interest in your site.
William R. Cousert
10 years ago
Slay bells ring....
10 years ago
This an amazing clip right here. I would love to watch the tutorial on it. Also i was wondering if you could advise on doing scene with a realistic stabbing. It's for a school project.
10 years ago
Nice! Tutorial on this?
10 years ago
Extremely well done effect – you can't see any cut. (Sorry, I just had to make this silly word play.)

Keep on the good work, Andrew !
10 years ago
Grazie mille Andrew, fai un lavoro splendido
10 years ago
go to a friend house hahaha.
10 years ago
Wow, how did you do that so seamlessly???? excuse me while I go call my neighbor to try this on him.....LOL...DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home.....or at your neighbor's house....unless you have AE
10 years ago
It's cool, how make this...
pablo roldan
10 years ago
as always a great video...
Andrew how about a tuto of how to make a 2d vehicle look 3d? i mean, if you are making a WWII shortfilm it will be great to have a tank, for example, but using 3D to match de camera movement and all that crap it is for far so much work and knowledge.. so i know that you can show us how to do that wiht AE!! i know!!
please forgive my poor englsih and please make a tutorial like this..
ps: how about, a landcraft, a ship, or a plane? got the idea?
10 years ago
Wow this looks almost perfect, keep up the awesome work.
10 years ago
Awesome video Andrew!

Can we get a video tutorial on you cutting somebodies arm or leg off? Shooting off a persons leg in Zombie movie style would be very cool!
10 years ago
10 years ago
ok vie been reading the comments and im a little upset. AK is a ninja. plain and simple. idk why everyone thinks this is fake and i also don't know why there isn't spell check and auto correct on the internet. WTF, VC FTW
Tasnim Sepehr
10 years ago
wow... very nice
10 years ago
Great! I love your tutorials & your freaky sense of humor!
Very good page. I'm adict to it. Thanks for you sharing spirit!
10 years ago
This guy is wearing a T-Shirt with no logo on it so it is easier to get rid of the cut that´s already in the shirt. The logo is tracked on to the shirt.
Nicely done.
Vicky Shah
10 years ago
g8...and mind-blowing
10 years ago
I saw The video-copilot BBQ behind tino !!
10 years ago
I love when other people love what they do for living !!

Julio corral, un truco, recoje las tripas y ponlas en alcohol para que se mantengan frescas jajajaja.

Andrew , what time do you sleep BTW ?
10 years ago
Actually, is very easy.

The T-shirt was already slashed. So, in After-Effect you only has to clean the t-shirt where it was slashed, paste the logo over the t-shirt and track it. So you have a new t-shirt, and then unmask it in the moment you make the cut. And this is it!
10 years ago
It is great. But the path of the knife does not match the cut's curvature/line.
10 years ago
Roto brush i guess?

then a little animation with then shirt?
10 years ago
Es la primera vez que logro realizar un tutorial a la primera!!!

¿Alguien tiene el teléfono de un hospital?

Excelente trabajo como siempre!!!
10 years ago
I dunno how you did it, but I'm with" rel="nofollow">Johnny. Your colors kinda look unnatural.
10 years ago
Nice... dont try this at home, go to friend's home... good one...
10 years ago
I bet tino's not in the slashing shot! Pre-rendered green screen footage to take care of the rip-opened shirt.

Just a guess. lol
10 years ago
10 years ago
How would I do it?

Well, Green Screen Footage of sir Andrew (if your lazy) or just masking out, over a Tino footage with a riped shirt. I'll shoot a third footage of Tino with a normal shirt and after that I'll track the Riped shirt footage and place a masked out version of the normal shirt and put it over the riped shirt, after that is just a simple linear wipe in tone with the knife movement :)
10 years ago
10 years ago
don't be a jerk... alright, cut =D
10 years ago
Kick ass! Sheer VC brilliance.
10 years ago
Don't trust Andrew!!!
He can hurts you with his knife!!
Armando Gomez
10 years ago
thanks freakin cool, great job with the continuous motion idea!
10 years ago
That's just a fast cut with a little bit of masking, Andrew. Requires acting and Movie Maker :P
Vincent Griffith
10 years ago
1.You took a picture/video of the shirt non-ripped.
2.You motion tracked his chest.
3.You cut out the logo from the non-ripped shirt in post and parented the logo to the null with the tracking data from his chest!
4.Then you did some masking and such and bam!
POLX from CZECH Republic
10 years ago
YEE :D very very well :D ... and the last sentence :D::D:D gooood //// (translate) Jooo :D velmi velmi super :-D .. .a ta poslední věta :-D dobrééééé !!! :D
10 years ago
That looked FAKE!
10 years ago
Ok, I think you pull a string from the floor right in the moment that you give him the knife movment, so that string release an adhesive tape inside the shirt, am I right?
By the way I say hello from Mexico ;)
10 years ago
I would use a tripod, make 2 takes one with the shirt uncut, first take its just the acting the actors are at a safe distance from each other, but distance is hidden with the angle of the camera. then make sure actor leans forward to the hide the imaginary cut.

the cut will show when they are straightening up in the second take. the first slash I would paint it on so that it animates as the slash is going down. and hidden again as the actor leans forward.. Join the two together wallah! English is not my first langauge hope it makes sense.
10 years ago
Well, from the top of my after effects knowledge, I would try to achieve this effect by pre-cutting a tshirt, closing the recently created cut with some sort of tape, add a very thin (transparent) line to be pulled in a synchronized movement while swinging the knife. It`s funny how Andrew`s left hand moves. Sure there is some after effects in there. I notice a swirl of left overs on the end of the cut that suddenly disappears. Anyway, great scene.
10 years ago
Cool, finally something new! :)

Andrew, be careful that Tino wears a different shirt you can distroy ;) :D
10 years ago
Thanks for a good laugh at the end with the warning there. 'go to your friend's house' Epic!!
10 years ago
Awesome! asusual great post once again ;).
i like that knife sound but i noticed that.. in the end, sound of that slashing is coming bit early! im not sure!
anyhow once again "WAOOO...
10 years ago
The shirt was already cut...the logo on the shirt was masked out and wiped. If you go slow frame by frame, you can see how it was tracked and masked. It still an awesome look!
10 years ago
Not quite sure about the shirt. The angle of the knife and the slice is a bit of, but looks very convincing. I'm guessing the green screen is involved. The backgrounds are stills, that's why you cut in the pan. Good idea having the green screen in the second background. Throw people off.
10 years ago
wow you have to teach me to do that is cool
10 years ago
the tag line at the end was awesome
10 years ago
looks great,
but guys, you need to go easy on that color-grading. this is just too much.
Haryad sliman Rawanduzi
10 years ago
thanks this blog is very cool..:-bd
10 years ago
Haha! Do not try this at home..... Go to a friend's house xD
10 years ago
Osvaldo_Tampico, you are totally right!!!!
10 years ago
Hey, Great !
Actually when the sound came a little bit earlier than the cut it seemed like those Ninja movie when the Ninja is sooo fast and cuts the apple but you see it split until one second =)
Or,Like does scenes in Power Rangers when they cut the other Robot with the sword, and that the robot get cut until they turn around to be front with the camera and then the Robot explode !
10 years ago
I think when he slices with a prop knife, its attached to a string which then pulls out the cut from the precut shirt. i doubt its with cg the only cg may be the knife but i think he had the shirt precut tied it closed then the prop kinfe un ties the hidden cut. =)
10 years ago
Well... what I see is that the scene is devided in 4 blocks... only the 3rd has the cutting knife effect...

The effect was made with a pre-cut t-shirt. Andrew passes the knife close to Tino without touching him
In post-production you cleaned the t-shirt before the cut... to make it complete(whit now cuts) you tracked the clean t-shirt to the cutted one and then composite with a wipe mask and some color matching...

The sound effect is from library lol of course and i think the sound is not sync... but sounds cool this way :)

Cheers from Portugal...
10 years ago
1.- ANDREW IS COMOPOSITED IN THE SHOT: he was in green screen and then composited with Tino. This one is pretty obvious.

For the cutting part I suppose is one of this:
A.- Tino has the shirt already cutted but atached with tape (or something) and nylon wire (fishing wire) then he pulled the wires with his hands so the shirt could be released from the tape. The cutted shirt is clonned and tracked, you can see the pixels blured near the cutted area.
B.- The same from point A but in this part the tape (or pasted parts with glue) is placed in a way that When Tino Streches his torso he releases the shirt (Look how he stretched his body towards Andrew instead of the oposite direction, wich is the logical reaction) The same, clonned and tracked cutted area (I suposse with his marvelous new plug in :D )
C.- Or he has no tape or anything and the Shirt gets in the place by itself.

The clonned part can be seen better the frame before the slash appears (In the bootom part of the shirt, a rolled thing appears and if you pass from the previous frame of the slash to the frame with the slash you'll see in that lower area the clonning)Also that rolled thingy should be moving (because of the laws of physics and stuff you know XD) instead of just been there without moving

It's a really really great effect as always and I hope I have cracked it well XD Andrew should give a T-shirt to the winner! hahaha Greatings from México Andrew! You Rock!
10 years ago
Hey guys :)

I learned AE just by watchin Andrew´s awesome tutorials! Cause of that ill think there are more layers and Toni fought on a green screen vs. an invisible knife. Once he stood in a good shirt and on the other hand he did his move with an cuttet one (*snief* how dare you are to destroy such a shirt?!). These vids are overlayed and in the angle of the cut you put the Layer with the cuttet shirt on top (as already from other guys explained ;) ) <- think a little bit about the "advanced car hit"-Tutorial :D

Sry iam not realy aware of english ^_^

Nice day everyone :D
10 years ago

I think I would start with a shirt which is already torn and then repair the tear with a layer of artwork which is motion tracked into the right place on top of the figure.

When the knife stroke comes down I would use masks (or there's actually a filter called cut or tear or something) to open up a slice.

Initially you would need a dummy skin layer before you transition to the real footage of the torn shirt.

Your slash stroke doesn't quite match up with the cut made in the fabric.

Maybe the initial fake cut could mimic the slash you make in the footage and then switch to the real torn shirt but watching the replay I think you've made a real effort to match the slash you created with the real cut.

I was replaying this to see if the location of the cut changed in relation to the artwork on the tee but it's really close.

Cool little video. It would be cool to see an 'Enter the Dragon' style blood stripe on the skin under the shirt as well!
Kadje Sama
10 years ago
As usually. ^-^
great and nice work Lord Andrew
we are waiting for the tut
Arne Digernes
10 years ago
Hey Andrew, great effect!

But can you please make a tutorial on how to make that gritty transition in the end, when the text appears after you slash the screen... Looks so good and i would love to know how to do that.
10 years ago
Wow. Looks cool.
10 years ago
Coolest effect!
10 years ago
Stab Sam next time!! haha :D
10 years ago
Where do you get all of your fantastic sound effects?.. seriously.. i need more sound effects..
10 years ago
I like the end part rather than the effect. (go to your friends home). Nice work. keep it up andrew.
10 years ago
The best part of it all was the acting.. Happy/serious/angry :))
10 years ago
haha.Awesome.can wait to see how you didi it.Andrew is back with killer moves!!!
10 years ago
You're the best I have seen in this life
Melvin Romero
10 years ago
this is more of a comedy lol
10 years ago
That "Don't be a jerk" sounded just like "Jack Black on Piracy."
Reny V
10 years ago
so easy... the entire shot when you slice the knife was was with the tshirt already cut it...
then tracing the footage you added some mask to another shot with a good tshirt on top then some rotoscoping in your arm and all set to cut anything... it would work for anything though.. like cutting his troat making a big and gore cut with some nose wax and fake blood then filming a clean shot without make up... add some blood from Action essentials 2 to more realistist reaction and all ready...
actually a have kill to many ppls with this kind of effects just for fun :D
excelente y me añado a la lista de paises :P
soy COlombiano y Andrew, SOS INTERNACIONAL :D

muy buen efecto, espero un tutorial de el tema :D
y que RENOVEN la pagina :D
10 years ago
wooohoo !! what're you doing with that knife bro !! oooohhh noo !! this was my favourite shirt !! lol
10 years ago
is it just me or is the slice angle not the same as the cut angle? :D
Tom Tom
10 years ago
I skipped whole comments so sorry for repeating. About the video: you could do better. :) The sound is too soon and important thing is also the angle of your cut. You swing the knife horizontally but the cut is pretty much vertical. There would be also some things about acting (I don't believe you that swing), but it's pointless since this is about the effect. Hilarious intro, though. :)
10 years ago
Playing with sharp objects all I ever wanted.
Brian T
10 years ago

I would track in a clean plate (using Mocha, or what have you) of the shirt(un-cut) onto his already cut shirt (live action shot), then when the knife does a slash I would mesh warp and cut or morph to the live shirt.

That's what I would do...
Not sure if someone has put this yet.

Nice though Andrew
10 years ago
Great clip!

I think it's Tino's magnificent acting that actually sells the clip. My guess would be the shirt is already ripped so when Tino takes the hit he has to lean forward to get the shirt to open up. I bet this took many many takes to get right!

But it was sold well by Andrew talking first and then having a match edit when he turns from the camera with the knife to slash Tino. It's more shocking!

After Effects was used to draw in the first line of the cut. And maybe to patch up any gaps in the shirt before the knife "slashes" it open.

My guess! Might be wrong but there's more than one way to skin a cat as other suggestions have shown.
Just me
10 years ago
It didn't worked for friend died)
10 years ago
I love checking your website last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Living in Europe we have the perfect time delay. So I go to bed feeling good or know that I have something excellent to wake up for!

10 years ago
i think that you stood far enough away not to hurt him (or you were greenscreened in) and someone tore open the shirt with a thread. For synchronizing the two things together it would be best if you were put in later. like some extra swat that have not been there.
But i am looking forward to your tutorial.
they are always so much fun. and interesting.
keep them coming.
10 years ago
Ok I noticed that at 0:42 the blade disappears. just for one or two frames but it disappears. So my conclusion is that you use 2 takes and a bit of roto magic.

1. You as you pretend to slice him.
2. Tino who stands still with an untouched shirt and in this take someone cuts his shirt and with a bit magic in after effects you dropped these frames and so it appears that his shirt gets a cut from the knife.

Then you used some roto skills and composed these shots together
10 years ago
Nice. If it was Sam, he'd be on the floor gushing blood, but since it's Tino, he gets away with only a ripped shirt.
10 years ago
Really cool effect,
well done :)
10 years ago
i thought the blood wud spill-out...hehehe...but thats yur big fan here in the philippines
10 years ago
we still waiting the two army man tutorial, and i wanna see this too, please AK
10 years ago
I don't think use Computer Graphic in this video.
I think this is a real video without any effects.
10 years ago
Andrew for president! AWESOME!

Maybe a tutorial? we deserve!
10 years ago
"Don't try this at home.... go to a friend's house" Lol quality.
10 years ago
AK, What's for Thanksgiving dinner, dude?
10 years ago
very nice, but the sound effect isn't well synchronized if you ask me :)
10 years ago
Shit... I just killed my friend! Thanks Andrew...Thanks a lot. Maybe the tutorial should come first next time!
10 years ago
Where's the tutorial?? That was sweet by the way.
10 years ago
Great!!! i gonna go to my friend's house to do it to see what happen jajaja, amazing sound and what happen with San Loya?... he doesn't acting to VC?
10 years ago
Your not only a master in After Effects... your a really good showman! I hope VideoCopilot will last forever!

Thanks for giving us so much fun!
10 years ago
CS5 rotoscope would be useful though
10 years ago
Here's my take,

Andrew has been green screened in, because I think I see a little bit of green spill on the back of his t-shirt. Also, as he is no Sam Loya :P, his slashing motion isn't accurate with the slash itself.

The T-shirt ripping open, well Tino's wearing a ripped shirt through out the whole sequence and Andrew's stitched it together using some combination of masking and the puppet tool.
10 years ago
Very cool! I can sense a tutorial coming ;)
10 years ago
Very cool video !!!

Good Work!
10 years ago
wow! good video! you making a tutorial?
10 years ago
I want to see how you are doing that thing.
10 years ago
I like it but only thing I don't like is sound of cutting, it's basically like you took a sword and cut a bamboo tree :S it's little to should be more silent...
10 years ago
I recognize that the top of the mountain on his shirt is changing in a pretty odd way for jsut one frame but I have no clue what that have to do with the effect :S

In the next frame where you "cut" the lower part of the shirt the mountain is back to normal.
10 years ago
Nice video Andrew, good to know that the "METEOR" guy still around.
10 years ago
hehe cool andrew nice video
barry barrera
10 years ago
all i can say is SWEET!
10 years ago
It's really simple, actually.

1: Trick Video Copilot into sending me a free T-Shirt
2: Tell Tino he's going to be elected a president so that he'd come here to my place.
3: Find a local soldier and beat him up. If everything is OK, I'm gonna have a knife.
4: Take a camera, knife and Tino (he'd probably go with me for some cookies, though). Slash Tino in the chest!
5: Take Tino to the hospital for treatment.
6: Trick VCP into sending me another free T-shirt.
7: Wait for a while for Tino to heal.
8: Shoot a footage of Tino Hertz with a brand new Copilot Tee (and promise not to slash him again. Give him two cookies as an apology).
9: Use some fancy video editing to blend the two clips.
10: Show the awesome effect to Andrew Kramer and ask him if he could do it better :D
Jack Howard
10 years ago
I tried this at home... Oops.
10 years ago
From my first assumption watching it really fast I'm guessing the shirt was already ripped to begin with and you just tracked on solids or the shirt logo in the looks really cool and real! Except for the cheesy sound effects haha
10 years ago
u just put a clip with him with already a cut in his shirt!!!
10 years ago
Hmmm. Maybe you were in front of the green screen when you made the cut, then you filmed the other guy as the background shot. One shot with the cut in his shirt, then you cut his shirt while he stayed still. Then you matched the clips together. That's what I would've done.
10 years ago
Awesome video! Some gore and guts hanging out would be perfect though!
10 years ago
can we ever see the tutor or project files???
ill be happy)))))))
10 years ago
I'd say, project an uncut shirt (layer B) on top of a cut shirt (Layer A)by tracking the movement then the slice of the knife which is just the handle with a cgi blade reveals Layer A. Light conditions and movement should be controlled to prevent color difference and scale.
10 years ago
andrew with green screen, and tino's shirt is cutted, with motion tracking is replaced with an uncutted for the first frames, and a little transition for the cut. I think.
sorry for my poor english
Think I know how you did, but I look forward to a tutorial!
Fernando Mol
10 years ago
If it's an extra, I'd slash the bstrd.
10 years ago
or maybe even body splicing, like the guy that did the supernova music video, u can use tito's head and body but for the chest part u use a manniquinn with the shirt, u then carefully mask it out and splice it together with tito's head and arms and any other part i may have left out ... lol ... still waiting ... any volunteers? i got a chainsaw i wanna use :D
10 years ago
i agree with gruselgurke and seeing in ur shot andrew ur hand is originally over the cut u can use a mask reveal as us hand comes down with the knife ... the cut is revealed so it looked more real plus if tito doesnt move around in the first shot and u can line up the ripped shirt with the original ... then it should work pretty fluently ... i'll go try it. who wants to volunteer to get sliced? anyone? anyone? there will be cake!
10 years ago
I would have used a t-shirt with a huge cut. then I would have tracked the same texture as the shirt with out cut to the shirt and remove the texture while the slice is happening. I think that's what you did Andrew. am i right? :3
10 years ago
Maybe take 3 seperate shots. Andrew in front of a green screen, and two shots of Thino (or what his name was :D), maybe also in front of a green screen but I think there is no real need for that.
So 1 Shot where Thino has a non sliced shirt and stands there, then he don´t change his position, gets the sliced T-Shirt. The Camera men gives him advice how he stands in the last shot (doesn´t need to be 100% perfect), then he just makes his shocked movement backwards and in post you take the frame that fits it bests. Put Andrew into the scene and youre done :D
10 years ago
Go to a friends home :D:D:D!!! nice work
10 years ago
By some freakish coincidence, I had to do this EXACT same trick on a recent project (albeit with prosthetic wounds and CGI blood spray instead of the much more elegant ripped-fabric seen here). I used (I think) pretty much the same method: make sure the victim remains stationary, make sure the camera is locked-off, cut the shirt between takes, and then you cut the shots together RIGHT at the point where he makes the sudden jerking movement so that any minor discrepancies in his position disappear.

Then you clone and roto the two takes together, it's nice and quick so this is not a huge task. You might also, depending on the shot, want to bring the slash in gradually with a linear wipe.

Also, depending on the shot (we had to do it several times from different angles - basically the guy slashes up a bunch of people in a public toilet: classy) you might want to track a masked-off version of the slashed shirt onto the un-slashed one, just to ease the transition between takes. We had to do this because it took a little while to apply the prosthetic wounds to the guy's torso and his position changed a little too drastically.

One other difference was that we were using high shutter speeds (for that pseudo documentary, shaky-cam, jump-cut look that everybody goes for these days) so we didn't have to contend with motion blur.
10 years ago
good, but what is ATOM?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
10 years ago
Enjoyed that nice...slice! lol
10 years ago
hey que onda

genial efecto pero como le hiciste??

y por efecto me refiero al del dedo cortado la curita se ve tan real excelente trabajo cortandote el dedo hahaha

ya enserio buen efecto haber si te pasas el tutorial

a por cierto tambien acá en el Monterrey Mx. te vemos eres internacional Andrew haha

a por cierto espero con ancias la renovacion del sitio web.

a y si te preguntas que por que si entiendo lo que dices y escribes en la pagina por que no comento en ingles, es por que tengo muy mala ortografia en ingles haha

10 years ago
How can I find the sound effect when you pick up knife
10 years ago
Ooooouch If you have too much tee shirt like this.... please send it do not cut them :)
10 years ago
So, is he the new guy? ;) we missed you AK, hurry and come back!..
10 years ago
seriously what is the point of a gun ?
10 years ago
HAHA it´s amazing bro! And the end was funny as always. ;)
10 years ago
ShoeToad wrote the same that i wanted to=) i think it's the eassiest way. great job Andrew!
10 years ago
audio wasn't in sync as some other people have said but it still got the point across
10 years ago

The longest footage in the video is with his shirt cut open.
So I think he allready had a cut shirt and andrew tracked the shirt so
the logo on the shirt was placed on the same position in Afx.
Little roto work and coloring. done.
10 years ago
What I forgot to mention:

Cool clip :p Enjoyed it
10 years ago
Andrew may be taxed in the Chroma, so you have to cut edition? If so, this very well done, you are GOD!

10 years ago
How I think it's been done:

1. The camera is mounted on a tripod.
2. A specific place for Tino's feet is marked on the floor by two markers (with tape or something), which is off frame (we don't see Tino's feet when the cut happens).
3. Andrew starts acting, goes to Tino and pretends he cuts him.

During the whole take Tino wears his unshredded shirt and stays put.

This is the end of take 1

Take 2:

1. Tino's shirt gets prepared, i.e. Andrew cuts the shirt with the knife (off set).
2. Tino puts on the shirt, goes to the marked spot, tries to match the previous stationary position as close as possible and then pretends he gets cut.

We now have a shot of Tino alone pretending he gets cut.

We now bring those two clips together:

At the moment that the cut should happen in take 1, take 2 is rotoscoped in, i.e. Tino acting like he just got sliced. Add SFX and you're done.
10 years ago
the knife direction is not perfect for the cute direction

try again ,,,, lol
10 years ago
Looks like Andrews right arm covers/ reveals the transition for the cut in the t-shirt. I think it looks great.
10 years ago
so this iz wer Buffy gets her trix from
10 years ago
Hi Andrew!, Cool effect!

My guess is that you've made it with greenscreens. The clue is that your friend is trying to look at you while is waiting the cut, but he misses. So there must be two layers at least, you and him. You have been recorded with a greenscreen (btw good job with the motion blur of your hand) and putted on top of the sliced actor and the backgroud (the stage).

Then, the trick of the sliced shirt can be done with a simple film cut, making first the shot with the untouched shirt, then the one with the cutted shirt, and finally putting one after the other. Just have to be carefull with the position of the actor in the two shots, and maybe retouching it a bit to sell it better.
This second part could have been done in a diferent layer than the backgroud with a greenscreen too, this way it would be easier to match the two shots. And the fact that the feets are out of screen helps a little.

At the final shot your are both actually in the place where you fake at the slicing, and that really helps a lot selling the hole secuence.

So that's my guess, no matchmoving, just the greenscreens old way.
10 years ago
very boiola man!!

10 years ago
Good job
Andrew, why you dont go to your friend house ?
I'm going to my friend’s house right now ! :)
10 years ago
I recon the shirt was already ripped and stand pretty still to make it easier to mask over in AE with a tracked mask or something. Would only be a really small mask as you only want to hide the skin and fix the logo up. Because it's only a few frames you could frame by frame fix it.

That's my thoughts :)
10 years ago
Don't do it at home!

Go to a friends house!!!

10 years ago
Umm.............for a second i ACTUALLY thought that u were gonna slice him! :D but anyway.............THIS RIP ACTUALLY LOOKS JUST SO REAL!!!!! :0 now THAT'S what i call an "EAGERLY WAITING FOR A TUTORIAL" kinda video ;)
10 years ago
hey andrew can u tell me how this video is made and how the particle move in this video plz make a tutorial
Nils Westhoff
10 years ago
TUT TUT TUT TUT :D Make a tutorial of this!
10 years ago
A sport shirt is already torn, remains to impose the photo
of logotype or (front of shirt)
next mocha fix this guy, and then to impose the photo of shirt.There is to do some work with subtletie .

It is my opinion ))))
10 years ago
I would use after effects
Malcolm K
10 years ago
I would do it using Andrew Kramer, and some kind of acting machine...maybe some sort of Sam Loya, or something. Can somebody perhaps invent that kind of guy, or can VC start loaning him out for holidays and birthday parties?
10 years ago
Andrew, you find the best way to animate it. My team would do it for real, wearing a green bullet proof vest under the shirt. So the guy would look more scary and a lot more concentrated.
Also we would catch the scene with 3 cams out of different angles. So you get what you need. If you try it, tell the guy that he has to protect his right arm... there would be a cut too!!! Greenscreen do the rest... Greetings Joe from Germany
10 years ago
that was so funny.
i thought i would talk to you about knife safety... but then i changed my mind. lol so funny
10 years ago
No CG there.

There was strange rounded fold on the end of the cut.
I suspect it's something that made that precutted cut to spread.

10 years ago
Hey Andrew and Team, really nice work.
May you show us, but how did you do it?
Do you made a Tutorial about this?

Greetings from Germany.
10 years ago
Hey Andrew... thanks for the tip..
Are we getting a tutorial out of this.
10 years ago
I rekon you have rotoscoped your body out and carefully got tito to get back in the position he was in as you cut. that way all you would have to do is just put the two tito footages together and do a quick keyframed paint job on after. Just what i would do.
Are you actually going to tell us or just leave us hanging?
10 years ago
cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 years ago
I have no idea how you did this effect,аlthough I watched this video a hundred times. It is Great! All I could do go and say goodbye to my friend for good)))
10 years ago
I would say he was wearing the cut up shirt the whole time during that one shot, and you filmed him with the unripped shirt before or after, then made a matte of the uncut area and tracked that onto the ripped shirt. A traveling matte would need to be used alongside the arm to cleanly reveal the ripped shirt. But if I had to do this myself, I might try avoiding the extra compositing work and just film him with a ripped shirt the whole time, BUT I would neatly tape up the shirt from inside and attach some fishing wire or something undetectable to the tape. I would have the guy cutting block the victim a bit and when he goes to cut I would have someone pull on the wire or trigger device and the shirt would come apart. It might take a couple takes to get it right though.
10 years ago
Sound effects are a bit much, but thats not what you're demonstrating! Great work. As always, I cant wait for the tutorial (if any)!
10 years ago
Woot! Thanks Andrew! :)
10 years ago
Amaziing excellent work andrew
thanks for your videos
10 years ago
Hmmm...maybe you tracked an image (logo) of the shirt over the torn one....and revealed it after the slice? Seems logical but I know you would have a more slick approach. I guess I will wait and see.
10 years ago
Thanks for this work (blog)! :)
10 years ago
It looks fake because of the direction of the knife you swung was different to the cut on the t-shirt
10 years ago
Funny looking finger :D

I'm pretty sure that's a thumb haha

but pretty cool effect.

Not sure how its done but going fram by frame at 0:44 i can see there are multi layers. On the left side of the knife you can see a slight image of a building that its further along on the t shirt, although i could be wrong.

I think you've basicly tracked over the rip and covered it with a real image of the t shirt and then keyed it out with the knife! nice job tho!
Kerem Ogan
10 years ago
hi andrew its nice:) like others:) my english is not good (i didnt read other comments:)

i guess you maked reverse compositing...

actually t-shirt is torn from starting... but you tracked and put the fixed tshirt from start...and when you slice the switch real torn tshirt...(some paths for transition)...and some rotos of course for your arm :)

i guess this is your way...

my english is not good sorry i hope u will understand me:)

take care...
10 years ago
sweet! nice job as usual Andrew
10 years ago
Good job, but you need to work on making the angle that you cut with your knife the same as the angle of the cut on the shirt; during the footage you cut the shirt at a more horizontal angle than the rip in the shirt was at. This did not look very convincing to me.
10 years ago
I like how you are forcing people to think about your process before you reveal. It is a good learning tool.
10 years ago
any way, the visual part its well done

i'm sorry, i am going to my friend's house right now!!
    10 years ago
    haahah ^^^^ my name for my ps3 is youyoyo weird...
10 years ago
excellent work andrew, now u have to tell me where did u get the soundfx,
10 years ago
i like the first and the second sound from the video, but the last sund is obviously a fake and it doesn't look real
10 years ago
@arvin, yeah there ya go. reverse of what i said. the torn shirt would be in the footage and then track the unslashed shirt over top.
Han Solo
10 years ago
Did you film yourself in front of a green screen and then overlay the footage on T to the No? The keying or roto work on you looks a little off. It could use a little better color correction. The shirt could have been done a couple of ways.
Aegis Kleais
10 years ago
Nothing beats, the hobo life.
Stabbin friends wit my hobo knife.

That kinda reminded me of Roberto from Futurama. Bustin out the ol stabbin knife. ha HAH!!!

Was it me, or did the audio come in a smidge early? What the heck? My browser's telling me "smidge" ain't a word. OH YEAH!?!? *Adds to personal library* TAKE THAT!
10 years ago
now, who would dare slice a video copilot shirt?? hahahah great effect though
10 years ago
I'm gonna say the guy already has a torn shirt and you used Mocha to put a layer of the guy's uncut shirt on top of that, which you have in the beginning and mask out when you do the slash. Either way, very effective!
10 years ago
first i'd wait for the tutorial....
which might include tracking the footage.
taking a photo of a slashed shirt worn by tino
dropping that photo on top of the footage and link it to the null..
then use that one transition (wipe?) to reveal the cut with the knife slash.
10 years ago
in this case i would prepare te slashed shirt, talk him into wearing it (and keep a perfecly good one for myself) and hide the cut in it with some graphic which is tracked to it.
easy as pie
10 years ago
There are two layers that I noticed. One was the whole shirt and the other, the footage. It was shot when the shirt was already torn. Then he takes the untorn layer and puts it on top of the footage and blends it together.
You can see how the untorn footage doesn't react when he moves around (the wrinkles/waves) while the live footage layer shirt is reacting to the movement.

Did I get that right?
Took me a few replays to see it. Good job!
    10 years ago
    Yeah I figure this is the way too... you could have the actor getting slashed act out the scene twice, once with the shirt fine and once with it slashed. That way you would have a bit of movement on the shirt when you mask it..?
    8 years ago
    Phil - i think youre right. I noticed a disparity between the relationship of the logo to the shirt's neckline before and after the slash.
10 years ago
haha you could have been a comedy writer if you didn't get into after effects.
10 years ago

1) Take knife
2) go to friend's house
3) approach victim
4) slash victims shirt

trick complete.
    10 years ago
    Thats sounds like Troll Logic.
10 years ago
Cool and very good :)
10 years ago
This is awesome.. thanks mr. kramer
10 years ago
That's cool. I think I might have to do something like this for an upcoming episode of my web series My Ghost Sister & Me, but that will involve a stabbing so it's a bit different
10 years ago
"nice,i’m the first.and the sound fx is amazing!" i am never first to comment...
10 years ago
nice,i'm the first.and the sound fx is amazing!
10 years ago
Amazing, but I think the sound effect is not sync, could be even better
10 years ago
Cool. Love to see how it was done :)
Jeremy Romero
10 years ago
Looks good. The shirt isn't on him or you have a partial shirt on - am i close?
10 years ago
Nice! The sound was a bit early though...
    Manjeet singh
    9 years ago
    its not ryt actually sound of the wholt clip is early if u watch clearly
    9 years ago
    yeah ethat its bit early.......
10 years ago
Looking forward to seeing how you did this--especially how you turned Tito's chest into metal to deliver that slicing sound. ;)
10 years ago
yeah...i never seen that!
10 years ago
Super cool dude xD
10 years ago
Lets all go to a friend's house right now!!!
Dave B
10 years ago
lol haha that was pretty cool
10 years ago
WOW!!! I like it! Amazing work!