Off the Chart Feedback

At Video Copilot, we do a lot of project-based tutorials but our goal is to provide useful techniques and tips that you can use on future projects as well.

I received a nice email from a customer regarding our Dynamic Bar Graphs Tutorial:

I found you guys by watching your tutorial about creating dynamic charts in After Effects. I did a set of animated charts last year for one of our clients without a slick method like yours. Instead I created a dozen different 3DS animations. It was so painful…

I am about to start on a new project which will be LOADED with charts. Your technique will come in VERY handy.

Thanks Again.


I know this technique is somewhat specific but after doing a fair amount of graphs in the past I’m glad it was appreciated by others as well.

10 years ago
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Hey Andrew...I wanted to tell you. I'm a drilling engineer...drilling oil wells...yap..nothing else further than "post productions, and FX"...So, I found this tuto...AMAZIN and HANDY...finally I can use this AE that I love, and your training for something specific for my work! It total happyness! And don't forget about the "boring tehnicians" like us in the future and keep give us thing like this! THANX!!
10 years ago
thank you, :), very helpful.....thnkx
10 years ago
I just realized that this is tut #99! I bet tut #100 will be as great as the lighning tut!
10 years ago
Great tutorial. I'd like a tutorial on how to make the same graph as your title bar at the top of the page because I think those look really cool and modern
10 years ago
I love andrew kramer
10 years ago
I really enjoyed the tutorial thanks andrew. from nigeria
10 years ago
not so much information in this tut,,
10 years ago
Thanks for these tutorials, free project files, and your motion graphics products. You've helped a bunch of people learn some daunting software.
10 years ago
Hey Andrew,

first of all I would like to thank you Andrew for your awesome work. What you are doing for free is simply amazing.You're the professor that I always wanted to have in college. But in all these college years I didn't learn s*** about VFX and After Effects. I mean I don't need a college that shows me how to install and run the software...and that later on wants some fees for it.

The key to learning is humor, that is how man learns. But I think most of the colleges throughout the
world will never learn that...I am spending hours on your site just to get better, even if I don't have a
current project, which course in college also created such passion - right: none.
Andrew, thanks for this passion! And hell yeah to all the sexy girls out there:

Last week I bought two of your t-shirts and I'll buy some of your products this week just to give
you something back of the money I made with your tutorials. You're truly a role model, because
your giving so much to the community.

And of course nobody here in Germany knows s*** about VC. But hey, the few who do are jealous as hell when they see me in my VC-shirts. haha!

So keep up the good work, stay healthy and
also don't forget to get some time off for yourself.

10 years ago
Nice tut like usually. What I would recommand you to do is to have a portfolio about your works because it shows your clients what you already achieved in real world projects and also to inspire us. Anyway, great work, can't wait to the 100th tut.
10 years ago
I've been following video copilot for some time now and all I've got is video copilot. Even though the idea is to have them and build upon them, I watch stuffs on TV and I see amazing stuffs so different from stuffs on video copilot. If Andrew can give different stuffs, that will be cool. I know Andrew love flashy stuffs, like hard coded sound effects, flares, motion blur, fast motions graphics and so on - but anyway, they are all good.
10 years ago
haha i wonder if AK gets any bad feedback. It would be pretty funny to see those.

AK i wudnt be anywhere near as comfortable in AE as i am now without your help :D
E. Drake
10 years ago
even though I do this for fun and not to make money, my wife alway looks at me and says, "why do you do those STUPID programs... I simply say, " Sweety....It's After Effects time!!!" lol
E. Drake
10 years ago
Hey andrew, I feel that I am a king at looking up tutorials on EA. There is only one major reason you are the number one source... You do a lot more for the AE community than most. I try to look up different effects for title effects and in movie effects and you just keep popping up. What most people charge for knowledge, you give it away like free candy. And whats great about that? No matter how busy you are or get, you manage to update your site ALL THE TIME!!!, free tutorials, advice free stuff that you should charge for (thank god you don't) But you do it with a smile.
Navarro Parker
10 years ago
Video Copilot -- your source for glorified Power Point charts. ;)
10 years ago
"thats cool"

( ua )
10 years ago
once again andrew.....thank you! you are the best...
Emerson Paul
10 years ago
VIDEOCOPILOT is one of the best site i have ever visited!..
FOR REEEEEAAALL!! Tutorials of Andrew are very helpful!
Steve J
10 years ago
This tutorial like many has served as inspiration for many of my projects. But more importantly, Video Copilot has been instrumental in taking my work to the next level. Next year I am looking at what could be a 30% increase in my business.

Thats a great problem to have during a really tough economic time.

I can't say thanks enough.
Rogier Colijn
10 years ago
I remember one day when it all started in the "basic training" section, i worked my way up with your tutorials and some of ae.tutsplus. Altough im still kid, getting A's on school project's is nice :D Most of the time this is because of the fact that i made a nice video with mographics, and the teachers are like... holy cow :P
10 years ago
You've inspired me like none other!
10 years ago
Kramer. You simply rock. Me and my other colleagues just love your tutorials because they are not boring. Instead I we enjoy your jokes with extra topping of knowledge and techniques.
Thumbs up for you man.
10 years ago
Andrew, without you ... I would still be a primate !
10 years ago
hi thank for your every tutorial.

10 years ago
it's very helpful,Thx
10 years ago
All the tutorials have a very important tips, advices and different points of veiw. That's the important fact. Thank God Video Copilot exists! :)
10 years ago
Nice pun..... Awesome
10 years ago
I think some day the videocopilot can do the number 200 of tutorials!
10 years ago
all of your tutorials provide something helpful and you definetely help lots of ametuers, pros and its just awsome to see what you can do.
also i might be wrong here but did you create the intro for the show Fringe? idk it just looked like something you would create. thanks a lot for the wonderful tutorials
VCP’s Biggest Fan
10 years ago
This a nice thing you do for people man. I respect that. Take care
10 years ago
is there a christmas special 100. episode tutorial?
10 years ago
Why not, perhaps, organize your tuts into categories, and devote one for business/"real-world" career applications, such as graphs (different types, if possible) and diagrams and such.
Just an example and a thought.
10 years ago
Sergio's photos not appear on this page:

Andrew, can you update that?
10 years ago

very very useful, thanks man...

Clone #3327
10 years ago
You're an educater Andrew!
10 years ago
I consider your site to be a key part of my growth as a VFX designer. I own most of your products and look forward to purchasing more when they become availible. Thanks for your incredible work!
10 years ago
Yes, if it weren't for your fantastic tutorials (and products) my videos would be lame compared to where they are at now. You are truly the go-to site for all After Effects learning.
10 years ago
This site is LOADED with EXTREMELY useful tutorials, without it i wouldn't have made $2,000 using after effects and VC products!
10 years ago
Your tutorials are useful, amazing, but most of all inspiring. You've inspired me to explore after effects and I'm even currently creating a website where I can create tutorials myself. Thanks for all the support and keep up the good work!
10 years ago
This site brought me... about $400 in payed work... And that's just the begining :)) Ill be purcasing some products here definatley
10 years ago
Without this site I would have never learnt AE or any other Post Production Programs.

Thanks for spending the time on VC, because without it I would be lost.
10 years ago
Obviously a neat idea and great presentation as usual. Interestingly, Serge Hamad just did a Zaxwerks tutorial
which allows me to make the 3d columns using Zaxwerks Invigorator Pro.
Thanks again.
John Rich
10 years ago
Yeah, the Dynamic Bar Graphs it`s so useful for college!!!! :)
10 years ago
We always appreciate ur tutorials.
Please keep it up cos we're all depending on u for highend stuffs like this.
Alex Wedlake
10 years ago
About 2 years ago i picked up a copy of Adobe After Effects and didn't have a clue what to do with it. I found you guys and now I am doing the occasional bit of work as a VFX artist and Compositor... THANKS YOU GUYS!
Slobodan Todorovic
10 years ago
I appreciate every one of your tutorials. Your tutorials are so entertaining! I just wish I could do more than buy all of your products! Thanks!
10 years ago
Number 100 is going to be legendary...
10 years ago
Thanks for the great tut's Andrew, certainly help a lot.
Looking forward to no. 100!
Choose carefully!

Clayton Light
10 years ago
I actually got started in motion graphics because I was commissioned to produce a video for Home Savings and Loan (many years ago) that required many animated graphs. I was worried that the show would be boring so I went to Hollywood and met Quantel Paintbox artists and later Harry artists. Graphs are great! Without them I wouldn't be an AE guy now. I was okay at AE until I came across your tutorial on Creative Cow called Serious Effects. Suddenly it dawned on me that I no longer needed others to do the work for me. Thanks Andrew. My life's a better place. Thanks again.
Michael (From Denmark)
10 years ago
Andrew! You are an inspiration to us all! Even for us who have many years of experience... Your tutorials can be related to many projects. Also in our professional life.

And to everybody else: Remember to buy the products. That will keep Andrew (VideoCoPilot) around!

A big inspired thanks, from Denmark.
10 years ago
hi andrew sir,

u r like a god to me, when i was struggling to learn things regarding vfx, i use the word struggle becoz i was going to do the classes 130 km from my home. i go there for six months n learn nothing instead of some photoshop n illustrator things. then i got ur site at late at night n i was so excited i watched the tutorials whole night. ur way of narrating is so friendly it seems like someone next door talking to me. u teach us like a big brother. now i no longer going to college n now studying from home through net..
thanks andrew sir, thanks 4 everything..
10 years ago
Hey Andrew I appreciate all the work you have done here with your tutorials. Thank you very much creating this wonderful website to stuff that we couldn't even think of doing in after effects. And also good luck on your 100th tutorial! Good luck my good man.
Comrade Grrr
10 years ago
AE was terrifying to me before I found VideoCopilot. Without this place I would have told After Effects to pack it's bags and never call me again, but instead we were able to work things out and are expecting a child which we will name Comp. Thanks AK!
Mike S
10 years ago
I definitely appreciate all of your tutorials. I've been doing special effects for a friend's video series for the past eight months, and whenever people ask me where I learned how to do it, I point them your way. They're surprised to find out I didn't go to school for it, which says a lot about your ability to teach. Every tutorial, no matter how ordinary it may seem, shows me something about After Effects that I didn't know before. I'm grateful for all of it, I just wish I could do more than buy all of your products! Thanks!
10 years ago
@ Bradley: I second that! Andrew thank you so much, I figure I must owe you thousands of dollars worth of teaching right now, you've given be a better education than most schools ever could, and your tut's are so entertaining! Sometimes I watch them purely for the entertainment value! VC 4 LIFE!!!
10 years ago
Without Andrews insparation, I would not be as good as I am now.
10 years ago
I consider myself to be a neophyte, at best, at using AE to create the enhancements to my raw footage. I need to get an audience's attention directed toward very subtle details in a given moment, as my clients require.
I used your Bar Graph Tut to create a completely different look than you displayed, but, trust me, it was only possible because of this site.
I feel I owe a debt, dude. You're making me look better than I am!
10 years ago
VIDEO COPILOT is a great website....
its very very great..................
thank u Handrew sir.............
10 years ago
Mr. K, without your tutorials and website, I would have never even KNOWN what after effects was.

10 years ago
Yeah, must co-sign on the comments above. The wealth of info you provide here is [ fill in creative explicative here ]. Just the free stuff alone is worth money aside from the commercial products you offer. The content. Your method. Your wit. Plus you seem like a really cool cat. Sorry I missed you in LA. Keep up the great work. Oh and thank Sam and the rest of the crew also.
10 years ago
we love all your tutorials, you are truly a talented graphic artist, you make so many peoples lives easier!
10 years ago
We appreciate ALL your tutorials. They are so easy to follow even if you are new and doing this for the first time. As long as you can read or listen you make it so simple to learn even a caveman could do visual effects with your simple but complex tutorials. Thank you so much and i look forward to many tutorials to come.
Happy Holidays to you and Your family and All your staff at Videocopilot... yes even Sam lol.
I was always afraid to approach these kinds of graphics gigs because I didn't know a smart approach, but now I do!
10 years ago
CANT WAIT FOR THE 100th TUTORIAL!!!I'm actually refreshing the page and checking several times a day!!!
10 years ago
I'm waiting for the 100 tutorial!
10 years ago
It's all about your positive attitude towards your craft and how you share with the community. I have to admit that you have a gift at this!

10 years ago
Just keep up doing tutorials if people don't like them thy wont watch it I would recommend to put everything you have done on the web site for people that want to watch more
10 years ago
Your tutorials are really as awesome as pie. Not just any kind of pie either, there the kinds of pie filled with a million dollars and gold watches. Which makes you sort of regret eating them. If only someone had just told me they were full of a priceless things that i can take to the bank and be rich off of. Who the heck makes pies full of awesome stuff but dosnt tell you how much gold and awesomeness is in them?! I tell you who, Andrew Kramer....
I still shouldn't of eaten it though. I dont think it was meant to be digested...
10 years ago
Every tutorial is usefeull and can be used for infinite diferent things
10 years ago
I think everyone appreciates the tutorials that are offered at VCP :] Any tutorial is welcome as long as someone in the world can make use of it :D
10 years ago
I appreciate every one of your tutorials. Without you, I would not be where I am right now. :-)