Top 50 Countries Visiting Video Copilot

I was checking out a list of countries I could visit where someone might be willing to give me a place to sleep and a warm meal. So naturally I checked the list of visitors of Video Copilot by geographic location! I actually found it very interesting when I realized that we are connected so prominently across the world in such a unique personal way. This is truly an amazing time and incredible to be part of this community. Thanks to everyone for making this site what it is today and what it will be in the future!

Check out the list to see who’s visiting and from where!
In order of website traffic by location:

List displays countries & regions.

1. United States
2. Germany
3. United Kingdom
4. France
5. Canada
6. Brazil
7. Netherlands
8. Russia
9. Italy
10. India

11. Poland
12. Spain
13. Australia
14. Mexico
15. South Korea
16. Sweden
17. Argentina
18. China
19. Philippines
20. Japan
21. Turkey
22. Norway
23. Thailand
24. Ukraine
25. Belgium
26. Denmark
27. Taiwan
28. Portugal
29. Colombia
30. Romania
31. Hungary
32. Malaysia
33. Israel
34. Egypt
35. Czech Republic
36. Chile
37. Austria
38. Switzerland
39. Finland
40. Vietnam
41. Indonesia
42. Hong Kong
43. Singapore
44. Greece
45. New Zealand
46. Venezuela
47. Pakistan
48. Serbia
49. Saudi Arabia
50. Bulgaria

10 years ago
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7 years ago
though this a late comment, i should say coz i am only 1 yr old in after effects, our country , NEPAL, not in the list though , i would appreciate if you would even search for Nepal on the net... as u will surely not be coming to the Himalayas,
8 years ago
Ok, ok... You can come here. There is a couch in the garage for you. In there I also have a lot of guns and swords to play, since you like it. LOL
Greetings from BRAZIL!!!
8 years ago
I am glad that Bulgaria is ranked somewhere, doesn't matter if it's last at the list ;(
8 years ago
Wow. Philippines hit the 19th spot. Brilliant! :D
You're always welcome here, Andrew. And there is no visual effects artist here that doesn't know you. Here, when you say "After Effects", the name "Andrew Kramer" automatically registers. Again, you are very much welcome here, Andrew. Or should I say, we would be dying to see you. :)
8 years ago
i'm egyptian ...and we won't be like you...totally ...american artists
if after 100 century
8 years ago
Counting that Portugal only have 10 million people, being 28 in the word ranking it's almost unbelieveble.

I'm proud to be part of that number.
Thanks for everything Andrew :)
Mike Koudenburg
8 years ago
Nr. 7 *pokerface*
hahaha and even my birth country (if you called it that way) Colombia is in !! =D
9 years ago
As an independent filmmaker with high interest but little professional experience in VFX except for reading fxguide, awn and watching your tutorials daily, I actually reorganized and rewrote all my recent films simply because you showed some impressive new ways of making filmmaking easier and/or more effective to me. And I wouldn't even consider my films to be effects-driven.
Therefore I will NOT invite you to my German gingerbread house where you can eat an Apfelstrudel und another und another... Becuase I figure that could possibly end up to be creepy as shit. If you ever come to Germany... take a regular hotel, man. Just a sound advise :). Anyway, a big 'thanks' from someone whom you really helped a lot.

9 years ago
i love VC
Greeting from Iran
9 years ago
One of the best Sites.. i visited since knew what is the INTERNET.. Awesome TUTS..

This is Aashish from INDIA....

to say in Indian Style - "Bohut Aatcha" (Very Good/Awesome..)

Andrew Stones.. since everyone else Rocks... u Stones.. or may be mountains... umm yes.. Andrew Mountains... hah..
9 years ago
Greeting from India
9 years ago
yap, me too from Georgia With Love :D
Jbal Tero
9 years ago
IM one of the Philippiines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Selva Kumar
9 years ago
Proud to be within Top 10 ... India

Andrew Rox
9 years ago
i'm from serbia and i'm visiting VIDEOCopilot every dat becaose i makeing films for my school and i'm one of the best programers in my afterEffects = VERYCOOL!!! sorry for my bad english!!!
9 years ago
hi andrew kramer .im from india and im very much interested in working with after effects after seeing yo tutorials ..thanks a lot and im yo biggest fan :-)
9 years ago
Nederlands :) your welcome!
9 years ago
Yeaaaa, germany loves this website.
I'm a german too!
9 years ago
Greetings from the Netherlands! :D Allways welcome here :)

thanks for doing all the free tutorials and making the best there is, i've learned alot already and i'm still practising :D

9 years ago
it would be interesting to know how much visits from the US and from Germany. why dont you publish the graphs of our webstats?
    9 years ago
    oops, of your webstats :-)
9 years ago
What about Morocco :s
Wow, that's a cool idea. I bet most people don't have 10 countries visiting their site regularly!
Abdul Latif Soomro
9 years ago
Hey What's Up This is Abdul Latif Soomro from pakistan and i really love I got great bundle of knowledge through your Video Co-Pilot very exciting tutorials. keep it up man
9 years ago
greetings from germany :D
9 years ago
No Merci! Iran MUST be in this List :D
A.S Films
9 years ago
Hola! Soy un seguidor fiel de Video Copilot! encantan los proyectos que preparais! gracias!
9 years ago
you can hang at my place if you want to... (sweden) you don't have to pay rent for living at "my" place ;)
9 years ago
EN: Greetings from Poland :P
9 years ago
andrew just one question. is this list alphabetical order ???

im from pakistan, and allot of ppl visit from pakistan. and its still on 47th :(
9 years ago
#35? Yep, thats good :) greetings from Czech republic, Brno :)
9 years ago
Hey... my country on the list... YaHuuuu INDONESIA
9 years ago
I'm a proud New Zealand Kiwi! I love After Effects and Co Pilot!
9 years ago
i just have 4 words :

Akani castro
9 years ago
Hi Andrews,
U r realy awesome.
Actually i'm frm India...
In my past years i dreamt to do multimedia designing.
First, i came to know abt sony vegas and later i came across riot gear..
You're my role model and i wanna become lik you and i also wanna say tht ur products are really awesome..

Hats off to u and ur team....
Thnk you once again...
9 years ago
I'm Malaysian
Thank you for coming my country
9 years ago
We're #1! We're #1!
Dinesh Kumar
9 years ago
I'm proud to be an INIDIAN 3D designer and VFX artist. At first i was doin ma Graphics and Web design and then switched to 3D Modeling. But only the two things pushed me into VFX as well those are -

- Adobe After Effects and
- BOOM! VIDEO COPILOT. ( Thanks Andrew for this!)
9 years ago
Hi Andrew, I think I'm the only one from Singapore. hehe I love your tutorials and I've done some it. It's very easy to follow and all are so unique that I got addicted. Keep it coming bro. If you really are visiting, just let me know. haha
    9 years ago
    Hey dude, where you belong doesn't really matter. "What you do does matter". So do some cool things and show the people who you are.
9 years ago
no prob lol.. :)
9 years ago
Ohh wow thailand *0* I'm thai ^w^
9 years ago
Hey! Where's California? I'M KIDDING! No one get mad please. California is not a country, I know; but we should be!

Video Copilot is a super site! Just wanted to join in the cheers.

Los Angeles, CA
9 years ago
9 years ago
Damn! No Peru.
Well, unless you know someone in Peru is watching this :)
Good luck, I love your web, tutorials and... all!
9 years ago
VideoCopilot Crew are the best.. Greetings from Germany

come to Germany and i give you a place to sleep and 10 warm meal's ^^
9 years ago
I'm from india but i stay in singapore........i was your fan......i am your fan.....and i WILL REMAIN your fan :D
9 years ago
Videocopilot is the best!!! Keep up the great work Andrew :)
Greetings from MACEDONIA! You have fans even here :D
9 years ago
so i look that im only from Ecuador well... im here so.....congratulation to u site now im fallow tutorials thanks
9 years ago
YUPEEE! Romania is on 30's place. La mai mareeee!
9 years ago
From the UK here! Huge fan of Video Copilot and Andrews Tutorials!
9 years ago
top 10 =)

9 years ago
Sweden got the 16 place damn!
9 years ago
I from israel :)
You are great!! Your tutorials ares awsome!!!
Thank you for your great work!!
You are the BEST:)
9 years ago
oh man ! where is tunisia!!
Teófilo Segovia
9 years ago
Hola Andrew, bueno nunca crei que venezuela estaria en la lista, peor bueno aqui en Venezuela tienes una casa y las 3 comidas aseguradas :). Seria un honor estar al lado de un maestro de las artes gráficas como usted. Saludos desde Venezuela. Que Dios te siga dando la sabiduría, creatividad y entendimiento que te ha dado. Dios te siga bendiciendo.
9 years ago
"I was checking out a list of countries I could visit where someone might be willing to give me a place to sleep and a warm meal"... you could have a place to sleep and warm meal if you come to Vietnam :D.
9 years ago
you forgot Switzerland :)
thx for everything!
9 years ago
smile.. great to read the posts here..
Germany is 2nd on the list, yeah..

greetings from Berlin!
9 years ago
Wuhu! I didnt tought denmark was on the list! :D
9 years ago
heeeeeeeeey :) EGYPT is here
Greetings from EGYPT
Deep Biswas
9 years ago
Hey Andrew, Why don't u republish the names of the countries again, the updated list i mean. India is in 10th position. i hope it shall be in top 3 by now. Thanks
9 years ago
Hi Andrew,
I agree with your tutorials amazing you are genius
Thanks i have learned many thing from your tutorial its easy to understand.
9 years ago
Hi Andrew,

We love u in Algeria too, thx for what you're doing.
9 years ago
thankx lot andrew.... u r my Vfx GURU (teacher)
9 years ago
Loving this site, thanks for all the free help..


From England and Pakistan
9 years ago
Hey Andrew!

Where is Afghanistan!
9 years ago
Kazakhstan!!!)))) Is here too) but not in toplist))) :P
9 years ago
woo I cant believe Im the only one in chile see your page!
but it's great! has served me a lot!

greetings from chile!

9 years ago
In Flensburg, Germany is always a Place for you ;-)
9 years ago
I have to point out one thing that Hong Kong AND Taiwan are not among the rank of countries.What would you feel if someone you admire claimed Alaska was an independent country. And I can never understand why you Americans are so disrespectful for our Chinese feelings! SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH
9 years ago
some post crack me up! with all the amazing and exciting! stuff you put out there for free... and people complain about their country not showing up.... LOL unbelievable

anyways... I wont even tell you what country I'm from or where I live... just a big THANK YOU, because you have inspired me to make a career change!
9 years ago
Hello Andrew Kramer
I'm Amir Pa'afshar from Iran
I think a good MASTER is whom has no diffrent idea between his students and don't think about their geography limits .
you are a good master but you ignor your students from iran.
But your students in iran respect to their master(Andrew Kramer) however he's not an IRANIAN.
9 years ago
In Serbia, 50% of people have dial-up internet! 48 on the list of 50 countries ... magnificently.
Best regards from Serbia!
9 years ago
Good stuff,

Well im from the UK.

Ive got a spare room, and the gf is a great cook, Welcome any time :D
9 years ago
Maybe cuba it´s the number
great work andrew
9 years ago
Philippines! :)
9 years ago
Good to see my country made the Top 50 just ... Must of been all those times ive hit F5 haha.
Greeting from New Zealand ( That little dot on the map by Australia :) )
9 years ago
greeting from Philippines (19)
I hope someday i can make what you made (i will, hehehe)
great tutorials, great products
9 years ago
"I love Colombia" Saludos Andrew
9 years ago
Greetings from Mongolia. Thanks for the all the tutorials!
9 years ago
Wooohooo!! 19th placer! =) Go here sometimes andrew.. =)
Lucas Kuhn
9 years ago
We love Video Copilot! I've learned english at internet by myself just for video copilot and Andrew Kramer fun jokes! S2 Video Copilot! Greetings from the Brazil!
9 years ago
i am from bangladesh.But my country is not Top 50.But i visit this website every day.
Muazzam Naseer
10 years ago
I am From Pakistan.
I realy inspired by your Hard Work, respected team VideoCopilot the best of yours that You help me directly or indirectly.
First Of all May God Help You and Your Team in Your work and in Your life. And also in Your Life After Death. Dont Mind Plz about the Word After Death, I Am A Muslim and Our Belive is that the real life is After Death So i wish good for u and your Team my wellwisher.
Actually your efforts are unremarkable means Extremly Good. So Except my Thanks and regards For Ur All Tutorials and all of ur guidence. God bless you for ur Hard Work.
yours unknown Student
Muazzam Naseer
10 years ago
Glad to see Brazil in 6th place!
Here we do love motion graphic and for me this site is the best so far, not only for its seductive layout and graphic, but also because here the tutorials are made by experts who dominate the entire software!

Thanks a lot man and feel free to come to Brazil! My home is your home..... hehehehehe
10 years ago
i'm 24/24 on videocopilot :)) great work andrew!!
greetings from romania.
10 years ago
50.Bulgaria .... Oh, my, Andrew...Are you shure you want that?
...actually I'm from bulgaria and here we have a really nice nature, but now it's not the right moment for visiting us...definetly

Keep doing your great job!
Juliano alvs
10 years ago
Fico feliz de ver que o Brasil está na sua lista e gostariamos muito de ter vc em nosso país, vc ia ficar deslumbrado com a diversidade cultural.
10 years ago
Many thanks for this site !!!

keep doing GREAT job!
10 years ago
Well India will soon be in top 5 for sure....
Hey, good stuff.

10 years ago
Poland 11, almost 10
Greetings from Poland:)
10 years ago
Romania - always welcomed :)
10 years ago
My suggestion would be to you. Turkey has very good shooting locations. traces turkey expect you to come.
10 years ago
Greetings from Indonesia!
Feel free to stop by!
Thanks for the all the tutorials!

PS: Your website is the best kept secret among Indonesian compositors... (heh heh)
10 years ago
Greetings from Algeria !!

you are more than welcome here in Alger !

You will find here a nation of fans !
10 years ago
Hey andrew thanks to show our`s country here i m from pakistan and i daily visit ur web site and also friends visit...........thanks love from pakistan..?
10 years ago
Yeah, filipino here too.... Maybe we can serve Andrew balut here in the Philippines!!!! haha!! thanks for your wonderful site people here are inspired to pursue VFX career.. rak en rol!!! =p
10 years ago
Pakistan! thats what im talking about, just shows Video copilot is bringing the world together!
10 years ago
From Venezuela!!! Happy new year 2010 Andrew!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Pietersen
10 years ago
Hi Andrew you for got on country South Africa greatest fan's keep up the good work.
10 years ago
Hey andrew ,
Where is Costa Rica dude???
Hello there , great tutorials
Sam Oliveira
10 years ago
Brazil is in 6! :D
10 years ago
Welcome to Malaysia!
10 years ago
hmm.....poor andrew

dont u no im frm Sri Lanka?
10 years ago
not one african country and i know you are well known in south africa we have kramer meetings where we talk tutorials
10 years ago
hi Andrew Kramer,

Its very nice to hear that you are coming india.If you need any help contact me......
10 years ago
Wohoow! Russia's in the list too!)) Шикарно :)
10 years ago
I andrew...
im'simon... from Sicily
i follow you in every yours adventure...
you make me dream (you and your staff)...

im 23 years old, and if you want i can offer you a place to sleep, some food ^_^, and a guide to the volcano etna, and the tipiacal sicilian place...

you're welcome...
if you want other info contact me...

tanks for the dreams...


Ps: sorry for the languages, but i dont speek wery well..
10 years ago
Greets from Holland! and keep on with yout site!

De groeten uit Nederland, en blijf doorgaan met je site!
Tring Hoang Nhu
10 years ago
Yeah Kremer,
I'm your fan, you student.
I'm Vietnamese
10 years ago
Thanks from Greece. I 'm making a low budget movie and I found you tips helpfull. You're great, Andrew!!!
I 'll send you a reel when I'll be ready!!!

10 years ago
Cool site greetings from Ukraine!
10 years ago
Wow, China is the 18th !!!
10 years ago
Philippines!!!yeah! not in the Top Ten but good to know my fellow Kababayan's Watching Video Copilot...way to go Andrew! thanks a lot! ur d best! (♪♪start spreading the news♪♪)
10 years ago
merry me... and u'll have place in Russia not for a one night ;)
10 years ago
Don't forget the Dutchmen! ;P
10 years ago
HAHA, Poland is 11th :P
almost made it into the first 10 >:(
It's probably cos i go on VC from UK, love Video Copilot, always easy, informative and funny.
Andrew is teh man!
10 years ago
A place in Greece too man.Great job
10 years ago
Dear Andrew,

I would like 2 ask U something about new creations..
I'm a Breakdancer living in germany right now..
your works and tutorial's are really cool and excite me all the time BUT !!!,
can U pleaaaaase create some cool tuorial video about a breakdancer ?
im so confused i dont know where to begin..
just small little idea please.
i've the video copilot..
thank you so much
peace erkan
10 years ago
what about morocco ? :'(
10 years ago
Serbia is 49,but it's a great thing that we are on the list at all! :) Video Copilot is THE BEST site!!! :)
Keep bringing that tutorials,we are ready for them! :)
Tariq Aziz
10 years ago
Hi Sir Andrew Kramer!
I find you a great teacher.
thanks a lot Sir
.....Tariq Aziz...Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
10 years ago
Wow, alot of posts :P UK FTW! 3rd on the list :)
green home
10 years ago
I'm happy that my country in your list..

I appreciate your Excellent work.

greeting from Indonesia..
10 years ago
Hi Andrew, Hi VC!

Interesting stat. It would be nice to know the population of the countries as well, may be it would make it more interesting...
Greetings from Hungary! (pop.:10 million, so 31 is not that bad...)
10 years ago
Brasilia!!! Every body must come here...i love Brazil!!! Lula is the hope!
10 years ago
not in first 50s
But we like verrrrrryyyyyyyy VC

gOOOOOOd LuuuuucK Andrew

We are from Uzbekistan
10 years ago
andrew , you are the man , I visit this website everyday , I learned many tricks in AE , keep the good work

greets from Bahrain
10 years ago
dont see south africa listed, whell you are welcome to vissit bed and breakfast and offcorse ae. andrew do you work on pillusion also? I just got the genarts beta testing from wondertouch so i am gona start testing today, if that works well imagine the easy diff. particles. soon we all will find that we are in the matrix k lame joke. cheers and again You are invited to south africa, have a few beers and you can teach me some ae tricks sweet.
10 years ago
Hi Brother,
Can you add After effects morphing tutorials in your website.And how to take snap shot from the aftereffects.
10 years ago
You've a Home in ALgeria Andrew Keep it on & Thanks
10 years ago
glad to be on top 19/50!

10 years ago
AK If you need a place to stay WHEN you come to New Zealand I have a spare room that's all yours bro!
You rock dude!!
10 years ago
Ireland's not on there, it shows from our crappy crappy effects in movies!

thanks guys! soon I'll be the best in Ireland (which isn't saying much)
Wilson Reyes
10 years ago
yeah! philippines at number 19! i'm spreading the word about this site since finding out about it like almost 2 years ago.. keep up the good work guys!
10 years ago
Hi Andrew!!
i'm DGT from Italy
I wish to thank you for the many tutorial that allowed me to start using AE ....
Soon you will show a little footage inspired by one of your ....
I would be honored to receive very bad commment to learn more ..
no mercy please!!
thanks again and go well!
Hello from Rome!
10 years ago
Andrew i think Ghana is missing from the list in Africa, i do luv your works......
10 years ago
Greeting from Malaysia...
you after effect is the best!!
10 years ago
So many countries... What you think about creating a new one?))) Let's declare our independency and make Andrew our president =) Just joking... Or not?..

Anyway, Mr. "president" is always have a place to stay in Russia...))
10 years ago
35# thats good for us :). Greets from Czech Republic Prague
George Andreoni
10 years ago
Forgive me for being in Brazil only sixth in his audience, try to do more next month.

10 years ago
Venezuela! here we go! Congrats Andrew...
A have already learned your dialogue(from the begging of each tuto, and the ending)! xD greets 2 Sam.... xD
rithychit In
10 years ago
I'm coming from CAMBODIA, I'm very happy for your web side,
I love so much!
10 years ago
I'live in istanbul and whenever u want,u can come to my house and stay.By the way we can hang around :)
10 years ago
Where is Azerbaijan ;)))))
10 years ago
Argentina #17, yeahhhh!!!! :D

Greetings. E³.
10 years ago
good to see India at the top 10 :P
10 years ago
u are awesome i like you did!!!!!:)
10 years ago
can u make a tutorial of ANDROMEDA STARS?
10 years ago
hi andrew
i'm from iran and i faind your website but in iran we have a lot of problem with internet liks samll band low speed and ...

i try to see evry thing in your web site and but now for many things in iran evry thing's ...

nevre maind i like your teturials and evry time i see i learn from you many things ...
i watch you and can just tell you thanx

if you can add my cuontry in the list
10 years ago
I m 4rm Pakistan
Learn alot 4rm u Andrew

thanx Alot
10 years ago
am so glad to be leaning from the best
Andrew you are the best
May GOD bless you with more production and creative ideas.
With love from Italy.
10 years ago
indonesialulz :P
10 years ago
Hi Andrew u r awesome!
Greetings From Peru
10 years ago
Hi. greeting from Mongolia
10 years ago
Go chile!!! 36 its a shame, but still on the list so...

10 years ago
Greetings from Moldova! AE tutorials is the best! Thanks!
10 years ago
Hey Andrew Where is Kenya Stop Being Mean! Be Generous As in Tutorials Add Kenya i watch your tutorials.
10 years ago
Andrew if you plan to come in Greece send me e-mail to tell you the best place of Greece
10 years ago
that's because you are amazing guys ... I'm one of those people who are addicted to VideoCopilot ... beleive me more than 3 hours a day ... jsut on ...
10 years ago
105. Venus

hello from Venus

we are going for you!!!

10 years ago
32. Malaysia..

Malaysian Supporter here!!! GO Andrew Kremer!!
10 years ago
Greetings from Bolivia
10 years ago
28. Portugal
29. Colombia colombia colombia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. Romania
10 years ago
You’re the best Andrew!!
i realy love this site
10 years ago
im from china,ur AE tutorials is the best of i have seen,good luck to videocopilot ~!
10 years ago
hi Andrew.I am from iran.I wonder how u could prepare this list!!!??because i think Iran could be in your list.My friends and I Always Check your site.By The Way your are BEST
10 years ago
Wow Philippines is there. And I'm one of them! You're the best Andrew!!
10 years ago
Too bad there are no Lithuanians here o wait thats me :)
I hope there will be more of us soon becose i just love to make videos with AE, AND i would like to share ideas with others. :) Write me!!!!
10 years ago
LABAS (hi) from Vilnius, Lithuania! could you post TOP 100? hope we are there :)
Dave U
10 years ago
Talofa from Samoa!
Inspired is an understatement. Not on the list but eternally grateful for VC! Ia faamanuia le Atua ia oe ma Video Copilot!
10 years ago
hay great india on 10th place...........i love this site amazing work ............
10 years ago
hi from Turkey. videocopilot is awsome. tutorials are so clear. thanks.
10 years ago
i came from Indonesia and proud in 41st place, i must stay to visit this site to known better about awesome tutorial from u thank bro...
10 years ago
Mabuhay from the Philippines!

It's pretty cool to know that we're in the list. #19 at that! Anyway, Video Copilot, the team and Andrew Kramer is the best! Try going here to our country and everything will be accommodated red carpet style. And we mean "Everything." LOL. Kudos to you guys! :)
10 years ago
United Kingdom 3rd! LoL videocopilot has taught me a lot I'm a professional editor/gamer and I'm 14 LoL :)
10 years ago
Andrew Kramer,
If you guys ever visit Indonesia or want to do some work here, you all can stay at my place anytime and I'll give you that warm meal... of course if you teach me a thing or two :)
10 years ago
place 38, love your plugins your toturials i love everything on your page =)

come and visit me in switzerland ^^ i can give you a place to sleep ah meal, and you can give me somme private lessons in after effects ;-)
K Duke
10 years ago
Greeting from Vietnam. Happy to see my country's on the list :)

Your tutorial give me motivation to work for the developing film industry of my country.
10 years ago
hello! i'm from the Philippines..

good job andrew!
you are the best!
10 years ago
I bet You Iran Is top of the tops for this list !
its sad ... watch it andrew watch it !
so many persian FANS are here !
I suggest you to create a tutorial that shows one of the Iran's streets or old building ...

God Bless You
10 years ago
Haha, Singapore is ranked 43, lols. Probably It's only me and my fren that found out about Video Copilot in Singapore! Anyways I love the products offered here. I am thinking to purchase them once I enrol into filming course at a polytechnic. Now currently still a student. Surely I'll support you guys!
Just for your info, my country is now starting on investment for film industry. The Gov is supporting and would be completed around 2013 somewhere there. Its a urban city here. We're small country but just made a mark for hosting first F1 night race in the world.
10 years ago
Hi. i´m from El Salvador, I started using AE about half a year ago, and already produced some amazing videos thank to you
thank you so much andrew for all your great tutorials..
Though my Englishman is not very good your video tutoriales are easy to understand
10 years ago
Hola, que tal Andrew, saludos desde Guatemala...
10 years ago
Sénégal love videocopilot too
10 years ago
Yeaa Andrew, Im a one of many 6st place.

All Brazilians fans say: "Hey whats up Andrew?!"

Yes we "créu"!
10 years ago
Yeah! Poland eleventh!! :D Pozdrawiam wszystkich Polaków! :)
10 years ago
representing from Tanzania, Africa - videocopilot is ma hompage...
10 years ago
Hi from China Welcome to my hometown JiLin you can sleep my bed 哈哈
10 years ago
I'm Vietnamese. Proud this rank!
Lubomir Yonchev
10 years ago
Hi Andrew
when you'll come in Bulgaria
10 years ago
When you hit Australia on this round the world foray of yours, look me up in Brisbane. I'll be happy to take you out finishing on Moreton Bay.
10 years ago
Hi there from Georgia, my country is too small to make it in the list probably. Thanks for the great job you're doing WORLDWIDE indeed.

Greetings from Tbilisi, Georgia
10 years ago
... and where is Slovak Republic? I will visit your site more often....
10 years ago
Hey Andrew,

I´m happy to see Germany on your List!
If you want to visit Munich it would be a pleasure for me to give you a place to sleep and a good german meal.
Just write me an e-mail.


10 years ago
I was actually surprised to see Israel in the top 50.
I started using AE about half a year ago, and already produced some amazing videos thank to you (and google for finding this amazing site)!
That's for sure my number 1 site for video editing tutorials, and I proudly show my friends & collage classmates where I'm learning all I know about AE.

So keep on your great work, and a big thank you.
Ron, Israel.
10 years ago
do not forget Morocco
10 years ago
Thanks for all the info you put up here. Greetings from Argentina!
10 years ago
hi sir im from INDIA i talk about you every time (nearly i take your name approx 50times a day) i am THE BIGGEST fan of yours across the globe ,no words to explane my fleeings.

thank you sir for all the tuts you gave to us. B-)
10 years ago
Hi Andrew

How are you.Let me know which redering settings is better in after effects.
Actually i need low size with better quality.Please add this settings in your website.

Thankyou and takecare.
10 years ago
Woww #48 is that possible :P

You are more than welcome here in Serbia at any time ;)

All the best man,

Mateus Ferreira
10 years ago
Yeah! Brazil in the Top 10!! huahuahu
10 years ago
hey... what about indonesia?
:( sad.. just kidd lol..
btw.. thank you so much andrew for all your great tutorials..
the truth is i've been working so hard to learn AE since i watched your video!!!
you are the best!!
honestly, you just saved my life :)

thank'x dude!
10 years ago
Greets from Romania :D
10 years ago
All of us love video copilot in our department! You've got a bed in Hong Kong!
10 years ago
Heiiii... Portugal in the 28th? bahhhhh
Heiiii Portuguese ppl...
Hey hooo let's go!
Andrew Thanks for all your work and praise you 'cause you SHARE knowledge!
Thanks from... PORTUGAL (Lusitanian ones) \m/
10 years ago
Hi Andrew,
you have place to sleep everery where in the world, by this site, include my home in Portugal.
I belave you was the first guy, to make free advanced toturials with all material you use to make them. That´s a fantastic filantropy atittude, and we all thank you very, very mutch.
Thank´s to you, i work now in After Effects quite well and professionaly.

Once more, thank you very mutch, and i´m sory about my english.
10 years ago
It's gawsome
when i saw the "Taiwan"
is inner the fifity
Moiz Ahmed
10 years ago
Hi Andrew Pakistan will be happy on your arrival.

Don't worry about your place to live and sleep, I have many great places where you can live your best on these days.

Love you & Keep it up.

10 years ago
hihi, im from colombia, you are awesome!
Muhammad Usama
10 years ago
awesome tutorials... and i am proud that i found such an amazing site... i have really learned alot... thnx for such an amazing tutorials... Thanks and GREET from PAKISTAN
Jhoney Selmer
10 years ago
wow!! nice.
I`m from Brazil , but live in Mexico right now and love AE. congratulations Mr. Kramer, your site is great very very great. ty friend.
10 years ago
Argentina #17???

ohh my list is...

1# Jesuschrit
2# Andrew "videocopilot" Kramer
3# Lionel Messi

great Andrew!, i love this web!
Nicolas Arias
10 years ago
Nicee #46, andrew i follow since your second tutorial!!! greetings from Venezuela and keep going and going!!!
10 years ago
Go Mexico, videocopilot is great
Nike Solo
10 years ago
Hello Andrew! I'm from Brest(Belarus).
And my english is not good... So, you help us so much.
Thank you!

P.S. hello wats up)))
10 years ago
I'm from Mexico you have here a place to rest :) greetings! Good Luck!
10 years ago
Here in Alicante (Spain) you and your family has a place to rest

thanks for all
10 years ago
from Quebec,i love vc... you make this happened
10 years ago
Hey Thanks for your excellents tutorials and FX's .
The best of the after effects tutorial !
Thanks alots
Argentina Presente !
10 years ago
Greeting from Chengdu China!
Andrew u r so awesome!
10 years ago
Yes, Brazil is getting to the top not only of the world, but most important the top of video copilot dot net.
Your your is very important to a lot of people, you had a vision and you are the man. I m gonna start my business in a couple of months and I hope we can work something out that will connect the two countries even more. I mean, I am thinking about bringing video copilot to another level when it comes to make the community reach even more people.
well take it easy. abracos mario
10 years ago
Awesome stuff! Keep it up guys
Where is Costa Rica in the list? Should be #1!!! HEHEHEHE
Pura Vida!

10 years ago
greeting from 台灣!
I have learn so much from here,more than from college!
10 years ago
Greetings from the Czech republic. We are 116th in area km2 and 79th in population of the world, and 35th in VideoCopilot visiting - great!:)
10 years ago
Great Videocopilot

hello from Chile
10 years ago
Dear Andrew,

You are like a teacher sir, really appreciated your help for those who want to be like a professional.

Really sir, I am a big fan of yours.

Greets from Pakistan.
10 years ago
haiiiiiiiiiiii man... my home is opem for you! send email for me
10 years ago
a k......& team
i am indian..........
i wish u all the best.........
pls visit kerala(god"s own country)......
very nice
thank uuuuuu
10 years ago
Woo! Representing the UK here and at number 3!
Lenny Forest
10 years ago
A vote for Vietna. I visit VC everyday...
10 years ago
that's good to find our country in the list
but the wierd thing that you put Israel instead of Palestine ... Hey Andrew ... you have to correct that and put Palestine Not Isreal ... You know that Israel occupied the land of Palestine and the whole world knows this fact ..

Be with us Andrew we love you and your works ;) :)
10 years ago
Un venezolano por aqui! We are only a few around here, at least fro my country :P
Alvin Yong
10 years ago
10 years ago
Romania only on 30 ?! :( I don't believe it!

PS: Andrew, if you want to come to Timisoara, Romania, you'll have a place to sleep. Although very probably you'll show me cool tricks on AE all night long :))
10 years ago
:D im from spain xD

saludos a todos hehe

puesto 12!!! :O
10 years ago
I can´t believe Argentina it´s not in the list..
So i´m one of the few that is watching this web in my country.. i feel kind a special
Elvis Gon̤alves РBrasil
10 years ago
cara no dia que você quiser vir no Brasil pode ficar aqui em kza eu banco tudo sem problemas...face the day you want to come in Brazil can be here in kza I bank all without problems ...
10 years ago
Greatings from France, you're always welcome in Avignon!
10 years ago
Best AE teacher I had! You can stay at our place when you're in UK!
10 years ago
hey...soon india will be at 1st position and vfx training will too be included in the basic education....
10 years ago
Where is ALGERIA :( we're from Algeria :( n' we don't figure in the list Andrew! c'mon put it in :D
10 years ago
You are the best! as simple as that.

Greetings from Honduras!
10 years ago
hey from germany - there's this TV Channel called "Kabel 1" here that uses your tutorials allllll the time - sometimes they don't even change the design .. oh well ;-)
10 years ago
wow India is in 10th place...(im indian)

By the way im using VC from Philippines (19th place)...

Love this site...
10 years ago
howdy from Romania! :P
10 years ago

keep going Man...
Expecting some tuts on Particle flow, motion camera tracking, rigging, IK control, rendering, and ofcourse Animation(my fav)...n bla bla bla....

i wanna see VC more bulgy with AE n 3dsMax tuts...

Good wishes for all ur future projects...
God bless u..

Biswabhanu Panda
Orissa, India
Nelo Maningas
10 years ago

In the Philippines, it means "Welcome" or "Long Live!" it depends on whatever the situation is. But whatever the occasion, you're always welcome here and may God give you more creative inspiration as you are our inspiration.

Thanks for sharing the love man. Peace out.

Neloman (Andrew Kramer follower since

btw. did you do some work for the tv series called FRINGE? I noticed some of your stylings on their vfx especially your new optical flares.
10 years ago
Hey "MENTOR";;;;;;;;;;;;;
How are you.I always learning from you every day.I realy enjoy. Actually I am a 3d animator.But I think i will be a vfx artist.Hi.... Hiiiii.And i need your email id.I have some doubts reagarding after effects.I would like disscus with you.My id is

Many Many thaks Andrew.....
10 years ago
Arriva Arriva Mexico Its Watching
10 years ago
well, I have been jumpin around between India-Canada... join me in Canada n then will move move on to India.... I bet u gonna have gr8 time here n in India...

10 years ago
special salute for U (Andrew Kramer).
I am iranian and i expect U that concept differentiate between Iran Regim and Iranian People.
However Iran is the first of the top 50 for reception of U.
Best wishes my friend.
10 years ago
Brazilian doing my part here! keep going Andrew
10 years ago
Venezuela #46. Al menos estamos en el Top 50.
Creo que lo importante no es de donde nos conectamos, si no que todo al final somo una comunidad que tenemos los mismos intereses y que podemos compartir nuestras experiencias, no importa el lugar donde estemos. Seamos 5, 10 o 1000 personas, lo importante es compartir y aprender.

Saludos Andrew... Keep going
10 years ago
Best regards from Poland!
Juan Pablo
10 years ago
Greetings from Argentina.
10 years ago
Hey man, you can not die without visiting Guatemala jaja, a great place with a culture that neither you think.
10 years ago
People love their counties...but...

but the existence of this site shows that borders and boundaries are really just lines on a map.

Congratulations to you Andrew by helping so many people.
10 years ago
im proud 2 b malaysian(32) bcoz among the top 50 countries in the is the best website ever..awesome tutorials n products
10 years ago
Hi Andrew,

India is waiting for you and so am i
Pedro Brasil
10 years ago
hi! man my home is opem for you! send email for me

10 years ago
I'm one of the Chinese!keep going man~
10 years ago

Good number!
10 years ago
argentina! n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n n_n
10 years ago
im from iran , and iran national tv owe you more than money cuz they dont have any idea and just they use all ur idea and products ,
i love iran but i h@te the .gov
in iran they trakc what we do and ...
i love you andrew my mother know you very well. i talk bout u all the time in home work and uni they must know you sorry >>> F@#$ .ir .gov :D this is a cheat of mine
10 years ago
Hello and respect from Russia!
10 years ago
proud to be pinoy!
Philippines @19

Why not invite andrew in the philippines?
or lets setup a bootcamp/seminar and andrew as our guest.. haha.. just like wordpress, a wordcamp here where Matt Mullenweg attended last year..
10 years ago
Poland on 11th place ^.^ nice keep working in After Effects Poland !
10 years ago
hei Ak i come from china i love you know ?
10 years ago
Our small, little, rainy country is still on number 7 :D
10 years ago
Hey mate! greetings from should come and enjoy here! eheh
10 years ago
Hello Andrew

In french :

Petit bonjour de France !!
Merci pour tout...
You are the best...Tu es le meilleur
10 years ago
I am from iran, but no name iran :x :p
10 years ago
what, no ireland? thats a pity.

Don't worry andrew, im spreading the word over here. when im through we'll be in the top 50 :D
10 years ago
every motion graphics designer in jordan used your AE files including me :)
birdy from jordan
10 years ago
grettings from Mar del Plata, Argentina, I`m glad to see us in the top 20, and i hope we can see you here someday soon,
10 years ago
Hey Andrew,
If you are looking for a free bed & meal at Strasbourg, east of France, near Germany, you're welcome anytime. Just ask !
Cheers, Christian
10 years ago
you have a house in spain and uk.
i am not sure u will read all the comments...
10 years ago
Disappointed Norwegian guy here, am I the only guy from Norway checking in on regularly every twenty minutes?
Anyways, congratulations on extremely many replies!
This post and the post about you having a daughter seems to be interesting stuff for teh world.
10 years ago
Belgium - Antwerp is here...
10 years ago
We might not be there, but greetings from Uruguay!
10 years ago
Yeah! we're on 19th!! Proud of this site! Will share this to other pinoys! Four thumbs up for the VC team!

10 years ago
***I love Video Copilot***
***thank you so much videocopilot***
10 years ago
To MaxDiamond
Hi, I had visited your website. I saw the work done by you, really its cool. I am the person who asked "any one from Bangalore".
10 years ago
Around the world in 45 days is a possibility.
10 years ago
Epale! Where is Venezuela..?? We know that Chávez is loco, but you're welcome here, man! Come to Caracas!
Romel Perez
10 years ago
Great Work!
Thanks from Bahía Honda, Pínar del Río, Cuba!
Hermes Romão
10 years ago
Just a hello from Brazil...this is my everyday site!!!!
10 years ago
i change the proxy >>> then i increase the usa trafic:P

goood luck mr Andrew
you are the famous animator in the world
10 years ago
Hugs and thanks from Spain.
10 years ago
Do you know the polish TV use your products and tutorials :)
10 years ago
yess, Indonesia is on the list..! Thanks Andrew..:)
10 years ago
Ahaha Netherlands Rules
Such small country so high in the ranking
10 years ago
Andrew HI from Moldova (former USSR)
10 years ago
i love your site, it really helps me to improve my video editing skills. Actually my boss praises me for my improving works!!!
thank you very much and still waiting for your new awesome tutorials.

Andrew Kramer u rock!! \m/
10 years ago
Greetings from Slovakia! Keep your great work!
10 years ago
hi from malaysia.. i refer to your tutorial every time..its so exciting..your are amazing andrew !...very helpful!
Ferisa E.
10 years ago
Oh yeah! Singapore!
Rick ( Brazil )
10 years ago
Sup! Goodies!! Brazil #6... If you do ever come here we might organize a Videocopilot party! Haha!

I want a Tshirt too!

Best Regards
Arjun Yonjan
10 years ago
Hello AK-VC
So what if Nepal isn't in the list. The day will come when Nepal will be developed in the visual effects industry. Nowadays more and more students as well as teachers and professionals are using video copilot. Thanks for your support to Nepali motion graphics Artists. One day you will also have Nepal on the list.
ivan james
10 years ago
hahah indonesia is 41th, hahhaha....... i love this site andrew
10 years ago
I'm living in Canada but I am Chinese! Thank you so much for making this website, Andrew!
Mohamed Selim
10 years ago
The Pyramids awaits you my friend, least i can do for all your efforts.

# 34 (:
Embrace The Martian
10 years ago
Greetings from the Red Planet Mars.

I would like to say even us Aliens enjoy watching the After Effects Master. Unfortunately, mostly only the government, George Bush and your current president Obama know of our existence. Which is quite surprising considering we ARE living among you miserable, greedy, selfish pathetic humans.
10 years ago
i didnt expect the lineup to be that way.. but its cool ^^

of course youre always welcome to stay at my place and i will even cook dinner for you and share a glass or a bottle of wine ^^

dont worry, i'm not planning on marrying you or make you the mother.. ehmm father... ehm of my kids.

aheehhm this is getting weird...

but if you come to the south of germany anytime, just mail and you have food and lodging.. take it as a small repay for all the amazing ideas and knowledge you gave me :-)
Caleb Ungewitter
10 years ago
thanks for everything man. props from the US!
Filipr Souza
10 years ago
im one of those brazilians!


"A maravilha do cinema cresce cada vez mais na nossa terra!"


Filipe S.
10 years ago
You forgot Bosnia and Herzegovina...

hello from Sarajevo...
10 years ago
u forgote iraq
we love u andrew
10 years ago
WTH? Before this post about you wanted to stay in some country in the world, I already had this idea that if you wanted to travel somewhere, I would have invited you to be my guest.

10 years ago
u mean all of Africa u saw only Egypt...Wow I cant believe that!!! Cos we here in Ghana are dying for Video Copilot Menn!!! Check the hits again people....Ghana shd rank...we a visiting here every hour...
10 years ago
Andrew U R the best!!!

Ciao from Sicily!!!
10 years ago
YH! I'm from AUSTRIA . Were 37th!!! °(*.*)°
10 years ago
BELGIUM my friends! But... That's part of the Netherlands isn't it?
10 years ago
Awww! So sad that South Africa does not feature... haha! Anyway Andrew, I'd like to thank you and your team for all the hard work and free stuff. I'll buy some of your products soon. Like soccer? Here's a place to stay for next year's world cup in South Africa.
10 years ago
Andrew your the best! Thanx
greets from the Netherlands.
Mauro Arsénio
10 years ago
Hello Andrew Kramer, I saw your tutorial and made it what do you think?
10 years ago
Tolle Seite. Haste gut gemacht, kleiner! *lol*
10 years ago
Thanx for this site Andrew!!

Greetings from Germany... :)
10 years ago
Last place FTW!
Washington Viana
10 years ago

Muito louco este site "Very crazy this site"

Congratulations for this web-site..good stuffs....
I am from Brazil, and always using this site. helping so much...

Patrick Verlouw
10 years ago
You are welcome in the Netherlands my friend:-)
10 years ago
Well you did all the work AK, we just use your knowledge :)

Anytime you need a place to crash in Indiana you're welcome to our couch...we will even provide beer! :)
10 years ago
Love Video Copilot!!! You are the BEST!!!
Greatings form Malaysia~~~
10 years ago
Dear Andrew,

if you are seriously looking for free bed & breakfast in Germany you are always welcome. Thanks for your work! It´s a great help and inspiring, too.

Best regards,
10 years ago
Netherlands should be on Nr. 1 :), you're always welcome here :)
10 years ago
WE always love YOU......

Indonesia AE user

Give me more arghhhhhh...

terima kasih banyak
10 years ago
Hello From Ukraine (Mykolayiv). Your Tutorials are Best!!!:)
10 years ago
Posting from Bosnia-Herzegovina! And I love VCP. Visit it every day!!!
10 years ago

As you can see in these comments. VC made all of us "one nation - one world"...

Interesting to see so many people of different countries sharing one hobbie/profession.

Keep up the great work.

Greetings from germany.
10 years ago
Andrew - in Denmark your always welcome!
I'd even throw on a hot meal if you got here.
10 years ago
i love you Andrew very well...
10 years ago
Hi Andrew! You're my new idol! I want to learn using After Effects at your level! Have you attended any course?

Greatings from Catania, Sicily, Italy!! Campioni del mondo! :D
10 years ago
It'll be a privileged for a person like Andrew Kramer visiting us here in the Philippines. I'm proud to be a Filipino and I'm proud to say that in his works, i have learned so much things about After Effects. The "Blenfx Society" is a proudly inspired blog/website by Video Copilot. Thanks Andrew..
10 years ago
yo men, i love you. you can stay at my house any time. i can cook really awesome meals, just like you make awesome AE animation. haha! you and your site is my new bestfriend. GodBless! -from Philippines or MD usa.
10 years ago
Great Andrew! greetz from Italy!
10 years ago
Greet from INDONESIA.... Nice Andrew
10 years ago
there is some blocks between we and Andrew, 'cause that, we are often not able to access the video server. and the slowest net speed make lots of Chinese fans be far from here. but for me, i can read English, and the tutorials are easy to understand for me.

Finally, type some Chinese.
10 years ago
Hey Andrew,
Egypt No 34. As many had stated. We would love to have you here. You just say the word and you'll have an amazing time in one of the most amazing places on earth. And Maybe you could do a tutorial later on of blowing up the pyramids!!!!
Thomas Strasser
10 years ago
Greets from Austria!!
10 years ago
hello.I'm mohamed abdi from algeria
I'm intereted for affter effect, Any one of you can help me in a smol book for affter effect withe exercise send me at imail.
thenk you for to encourage me
10 years ago
Erik, this is a list based on website traffic... It's just statistics :)
10 years ago
Hm, a list like this is a very precarious thing, since it could help seed spite between nations, as to "what nation is the best nation" and ultimately, it could result in war between our countries!

Video Copilot should be at the forefront of the "one nation - one world" sentiment, where the people of the earth share a common goal - to collect and process more tiberium.

--- end communication ---
10 years ago
Greetings also from Malaysia, hope to be as good as you, but knows it will take me light years ahead
10 years ago
wow..Malaysia no 32!!! i loved ur website and tutorials :) come to malaysia Andrew n teach us some nice tutorials!!
10 years ago
greetings from italy (island of capri), Videocopilot Rules!!
10 years ago
Greetings from INDIA!!! :)
10 years ago
Hi there! :) Just want to say that a lot of people from Ukraine is visiting this website too! You doing a good job, good luck Andrew!!! :)
10 years ago
Best wishes from Hungary(31)!!! U are the man Andrew! VC rocks! ^^ Jó látni, hogy ilyen sok magyar hozzászólás van :) sziasztok! ;)
10 years ago
I guess I'm disappointed that Switzerland should only be #38, but it's a samll country!
I'm kinda flattered to be one of the few swiss people to be a regular. =)
10 years ago
Videocopilot is great! Ukraine baby)))
10 years ago
Men, i'm part of a team (Captive - ESIGELEC) in an engineering school in France and we are teaching to the new members how powerfull is your site. We have a picture of you in our local !
We are following you since January 2007, and it's sooo great !

Thanks for all the stuff that you learned us and see you for the 100th tuto !
10 years ago
Greetings from Serbia
Praveesh KT
10 years ago
You are a God in India.
We bow before you Oh! Holy One.
Impart us your deep AE knowledge.
10 years ago
What you are doing on this site is at least to say amazing. You have takken me and many others to a higher level and me it is a good thing that there aint to many like you out there...then we all would be out of our jobs.
You are trully one of the most insperational people on the net.
Thanks for being so humble and leting us all know your secrets.

In Sweden you will find a place to stay in any ci