The New After Effects

So I’m a couple days late or so but I’m sure you’ve heard the news about CS4. Seems there are some solid features added and some great integration with flash and PS which will help a lot of people. Check out the Adobe product page for specifics.

Here are blogs to check as well.

Admittedly I haven’t reached the depths of every new CS3 feature but Adobe maintains the core functions of the application so that even our very first tutorial can be followed with the newer versions. One thing I heard is that CS4 should work better with larger projects and I hope that is true.

If you look at the big picture, After Effects 6.5 has enough capability to create things that would stop time and newer versions regard this as well. After effects is a compositing application and it is up to us to build amazing things. No new feature is going to do that for us…

Of course all of our products work with future versions of After Effects if you plan on upgrading now or in the future.

11 years ago
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It's kinda crazy how fast they come out with new versions.
11 years ago
by Michael
October 10th, 2008 @ 11:55 am

Please beware, that CS4 is not compatible with Red Giant Software yet…. if you upgrade, you may not be able to use it! Just a FYI for us guy’s!

It doesn't seem like it'll be a big deal, most work already and they say updates will be out for all products in November.
11 years ago
Please beware, that CS4 is not compatible with Red Giant Software yet.... if you upgrade, you may not be able to use it! Just a FYI for us guy's!
11 years ago
WOW!! I guess my latest project has kept me out of it...CS4?! I just got my hands on CS3 (still uninstalled even) I've been working with 7.0 and doin well to move to CS3...cannot wait to see what 4 can do... thanks again AK!!
11 years ago
Looks great! The 3D part is amazing.

Though I am a little low on knowing things about upgrading from AE 7 Pro, if I upgrade directly to CS4 (if I can from 2 versions down), will I not have CS3 tools?

Either way, this sounds awesome!
11 years ago
This is awsome. I think the new features are great. Especially if you were hoping for adobe to add them. I like
their improvements for non destructive working in PS, like vector mask feather. The 3d guys like me are now closer to heaven now that you can paint on 3d models in PS. I will have to see how much better AE has become, not to happy with the (semi) 3d layers hurry and give us real 3d
11 years ago
Yeah, super, can't they just issue patch releases instead of raping those of us who just recently cobbled together the cash for CS3?

I've seen nothing in CS4 that will drastically alter my workflow on a daily basis. Adding a few new features isn't worth the cash to upgrade, IMO.
11 years ago
wow. it looks BIG! also, 3d painting in photoshop???!!! i can't wait for cs4.
11 years ago
when exactly is it coming out???
11 years ago
Um you can upgrade for free, if you meet the terms and conditions! if you have cs3
11 years ago
hey that YouTube video is funny, I can't wait for CS4!!!
take a look :))
Pablo Mora
11 years ago
I love the new look of CS4 and something that I love is that now we are capable of use 3D objects in After Efects and photoshop like if we where on 3D Max
11 years ago
very good. It really surprised me
11 years ago
Imagineers Mocha and Monet absolutely wipe the floor with AE's motion tracker, to now get that included is worth getting on its own. Seriously the Imagineer part was written by aliens you'll know what I mean if you ever use it(100% perfect tracking) whilst the AE tracker is that bad it shouldn't even be in the app at all.
11 years ago

CS4 Looks great been watching some videos of it.

I won't be upgrading just yet as i havent had CS3 for very long. But i will in a little while hopefully.

Have you upgraded yet Andrew or will you soon?

11 years ago
CS4 I could use some 3d inside After Effects and Photoshop......
11 years ago
That is needless,I use Eyeon Fusion.
11 years ago
OH NO!!!!
I'm getting sooo behind!!!
CS3 wouldn't work on my computer, I need to update my processor, or my motherboard or something! :(
Now theres gonna be a CS4???
Wish I knew about self upgrading :(
11 years ago
hey Andrew i was just wonderin if u plan on puttin out any tutorials on how to use each individual effects in after effects and also some 3rd party plugins if not cs3 probably the new cs4
11 years ago
When you think of it, adobe should meybey make ther own 3d program, rather then just mix it whit photoshop....
11 years ago
The link to ProLost is apt. Over the last year and a half no 2 people have inspired me more than Andrew and Stu Maschwitz in terms of filmmaking and post production. Get Stu'd book The DV Rebel's Guide, watch Andrew's tutorials and use Videocopilot's prooducts. All essential. Thanks Andrew.
11 years ago
I second that. But then most people would use After Effects to edit thus losing funds in there top selling editing suite Premiere. Thus why using dynamic link will be as close as you will get to it.
11 years ago
I cross my fingers for the day we get a true non-linear, nodal interface instead of just a 1-way schematic view. CS10 maybe? I can dream...
11 years ago
Perhaps you can give us a demo on all the new features AE CS4 brings on a tutorial video for us, so we can see wether the upgrade is worth the money Andrew.
11 years ago
ADOBE is trying to make more money again. They seem to have a new version to buy every 6 months with only a few extra functions.

I have the production CS3 bundle..... I love it mainly because I can use dynamic link and integrate Photoshop, Premiere and After effects into one program.... it's a godsend and I emailed ADOBE 5 years ago to have something like this to save on lossing render generations and to improve work flow. I think they either listened and or where already working on it. I was emailed back by them though thanking me for the suggestion. I only wish i kept that email!!!!!!!
11 years ago
sorry for writing your name wrong!
11 years ago
if mr. Krames will make tutorials for CS 4 will we be able to make them also in CS 3?
11 years ago
Finally. The need for a update is long due, i was getting really annoyed with the Vista bugs and so on.
11 years ago
Theres is no 64bits version? Well I'll stick to the CS3 for a little longer. Hope it takes a while till Andrew starts to make the tutorials at CS4.
myst production
11 years ago
i pre order it cool
11 years ago
Looks like a great update! The price for the student edition of the Production Premium is very tempting, but I think I'll leave it until January or something.
11 years ago
Seems really not worth the $$ to upgrade. I really don't see a whole lot of new features in the whole MS that make me want to go out and blow all my money. I will definitely be keeping with CS3. Use my money for better things. Like ways to take over the world.
Greetings from Sweden!
11 years ago
well... I don't really look forward for this... I just got cs3... And i thought that now I can keep up with Andrew Tutorials... And then BOOM! The cs4 comes out =(... Please don't make too many tutorials in after effects andrew... And if you do, hope that they will work in cs3 too =/ ... And if you want to reply andrew... Use my email I sent with this above. Any ways. Good luck Andrew!
11 years ago
I can't wait....
one day...the software can do everything...from 2d to 3d to making it's own music..all in one....can't wait for that!!
Thorsten Miess
11 years ago
"After effects is a compositing application and it is up to us to build amazing things. No new feature is going to do that for us…"

yea, but new features make it easier, just like your tutorials
Bader Ahmed
11 years ago

Have you Pre order for it Mr.Andrew ?????
Jorrit Schulte
11 years ago
I Think one of of the coolest things is The 3D Photoshop Layers For After effects!
11 years ago
So Andrew do you think your going to get the newer version? and will you work on the tutorials with the newer version?

if so then il buy cs4 also.
11 years ago
gr8 news, thnx for the updates Andrew!!!!
11 years ago
wow, adobe literaly holds the world in its hands even though "microsoft" and "google" think there all that, hollywood and all good film studios are 95% of the time using adobe products, wether its PS or AE or IL or FL or wowww
11 years ago
the 3d objekt thing and mocha is fantastic !!!
11 years ago
I got IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! :):)
so coool
11 years ago
Nathan DuMoulin
11 years ago
I'm convinced that the individual who wrote this update was drunk at the time. It's barely legible. :S

I do however look forward to CS4. Too bad I just bought CS3 Production Premium 3 weeks ago, unknowing of the new release.
11 years ago
awesome man!
11 years ago
The "Mocha" for new After Effects CS4 is sweet!!!
check it out here is link.

Also watch more videos(link below)for CS4 Creative Suite
11 years ago
If you check out student software sites like Academic Superstore you can get the student version of Production Premium CS$ for about 600 bucks! That's the same price as version CS3 student! You must qualify for it, though, and you cannot upgrade the student version.
Pat Norman
11 years ago
Just like Apple's decision to drop PowerPC support with their upcoming OSX update, Snow Leopard, Adobe's stance to make CS4 Intel-based only is both foolish and frustrating.

While I understand that the trend is supporting capabilities of the newer machines, there are simply too many PPC machines, expensive ones at that, still being used to justify this move now.

CS4 might have some cool new features, but it will be a long time before many of us get to use them.
11 years ago
I'm a fan of the Media Encoder and not having to buy an add on program like Nucleo to render and work (among other features such as Mocha integration) :)

According to Eran Stern (
"The Adobe Media Encoder is an independent software application, in all senses, that runs in the background once you choose to export a file from Premiere -- which means that it enables the editor to continue editing while the export is processing. There is no more “stop and wait” for a render to happen. You can continue working till your head explodes! Just kidding :-)

This is definitely a great application. It supports the Premiere timeline and After Effects compositions, batch renders... in fact, it serves as a super encoder for anything you would want to export after editing"
D4 Manager
11 years ago
@Kelley Muro: you mean Shake was more powerful than AE? I doubt that.
CS4 is out fast this time. It makes me feel like CS4 is a Service Pack of CS3 :))

Btw, the Flow Chart remind me of Houdini.
11 years ago
did you buy it Andrew?
Kelley Muro
11 years ago
After effects is becoming as powerful as products like Shake, or Autodesk Toxik. There's gonna be no stopping us.
11 years ago
AMAZING! just checked out the Adobe website, and as a student at university in UK I can get the entire CS4 collection suite for under £500! Every Adobe App... thats unbelievable!! If your a student then check out the education store for your country and save some $£'s!
11 years ago
BTW, there is no question the new version is worth the price. Mocha alone is a great tool plus the countless things that have been improved...
11 years ago
One thing I'm really looking forward is the native support for AVCHD so I don't have to transcode everything into dvcpro first. Now release CS4 asap!
11 years ago
i was thinking why i love Andrew so much. then i realized he has a lot in common with Dane cook .
Love u man
tnx for your great and cool tutorials .
11 years ago
I'd love to upgrade, but doesn't CS4 run only on the Mac-Intel and PC platforms?
I'm running CS3 on a Mac G4.
At present, I can't pay for an upgrade AND a new computer.
Someday maybe.

James Wicks
Zfx Studios
11 years ago
Another thing to keep in mind for all of us Mac users is that this upgrade is for INTEL Macs ONLY!!!!
11 years ago
@Peter Somers

The Mocha Tracker in CS4 is pretty powerful. It's a plane tracker from Imagineer Systems. I love some of their stuff but it's a little pricey. While I'd like something like PFtrack better, I dont think I'd use Adobse version of it for sometime. Not until it matched what I can get out of PFtrack.
From what I can see, CS4 Looks like a bonus for post-production artists and designers.

I can't wait!
I have already pre-ordered.
11 years ago

Peter Somers
11 years ago
It amazes me everytime again how people can be so hung up on having the latest greatest, when they can't even get the basics done.
It doesn't matter which tools you use, the real creative minds will find ways to produce something amazing. The rest will just rely on plugins and look like everyone else.
I still have an AE version 5.5 which I'll play with in my spare time, just to find out ways to emulate some of the common plugins. Masochistic? Perhaps. Educational? Absolutely!
Using less plugins forces you to think creatively, after which you then are able to use the plugin more focused and functional, rather than for the sake of it.

The one thing however I hope Adobe will include is a decent 3D tracker.
Boujou is a fantastic tool, but unfortunately way too expensive for small to medium sized designer studios.
11 years ago
how should he do tutorials with cs4 right now? it's not out yet :D
11 years ago
I'm so sick of updates. Updates mean I have to pay more money, my software isn't compatible with the old version so I need to buy the entire production studio, and project files arn't compatible between versions...all for a few features I could probably live without!
11 years ago
3d manipulattive layers in After Effects, thats so awesome!

it's the next best thing that could happen (apart from a real 3d option directly in ae)
11 years ago
What Andrew said was definitely correct. No new version will make any difference if you do not have the creativity behind it to fully utilize it. Cool new logo though.
11 years ago
awesome, will you be doing tutorials in CS4 now?
jim schafer
11 years ago
figures... soon as i get cs3 the upgrade... reminds me of the onion movie
11 years ago
Yeah I saw that. Looks wicked awesome.
11 years ago
YAY :)
Jonathan ( Brazil )
11 years ago
E Eu que ainda estou tentando aprender direito esse
programa no CS2 e já vem o CS4, vai te catar ADOBE...
Espera o cara aprender primeiro lol lol
11 years ago
mmmmm, i guess this means ill have to spend more money to keep up with you lol i only just bought after effects like 2 months ago:(
Peter Wong
11 years ago
The flow chart looks interesting
11 years ago
The one thing i'm not looking forward to seeing is the cartoon effect. I challenge you to do something interesting with that. I say it can't be done and it won't my good man.
11 years ago
It looks nice, but VERY expensive : )
Dean Doll
11 years ago
Hmm, well I tend to buy into every 2nd generation of Adobe products, so I'll very likely jump from CS2 and AE pro 7 to CS4. But really, anything in the last 4 iterations is very powerful software in the right hands.
G Man
11 years ago
yea, im not upgrading any time soon...if andrew gets it and shows us how much it can handle big projects better, and im impressed, then i will think about it...but not any time soon...

plus there is still no 3D text =(
11 years ago
I just got CS3 back in March...and it was the first version of After Effects I ever had. I found your website this summer and it's been one of the biggest influences I've come across in a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time.

Thank you for your continued efforts and for such a terrific website, community and of course the After Effects Products!
11 years ago
I won't be upgrading anytime soon -- I don't think I've really even used CS3 for more than a year and a half!! I'm not shelling out another grand for an least not until its the standard!!
Some Guy
11 years ago
Photoshop CS4 looks great. I also like the Mocha tracker inside AE CS4.
11 years ago
So are you going to use cs4 in your upcoming tutorials. If so how far from now? (time)
11 years ago
I hope they havn't changed the software too much that we cannot apply our After effects knowledge like they did in flash.. (as3)... But anyways, I am sure Andrew will cover everything for us.. Right Andrew?
11 years ago
I was hoping for better 3D integration but some is better then none. Overall I'll hold on to CS3. Though the handling of larger projects sounds interesting. Im wondering if that means it'll render them out better or just make working on the time line better. I assume it's timeline related since there is the new search feature.
11 years ago
Hmm, some of the new stuff is good, but the most is useless for the most professional users.

I think i will upgrade to a never version when AE has finally a real 64bit core, that would be a great step.
11 years ago
The 3d import feature isn't that great, yet. You can't use lights with them. It seems that overall Adobe is really trying to get their ducks in a row, which is a good thing. Anyone that uses Flash can export AE comps with layers into Flash. I'm pretty excited about that, but as far as anything else goes, it might be a good choice to wait for the next CS to pay up.
11 years ago
cant wait for cs4 :D if its true that its gonna work better with larger projects that will be great!
11 years ago
omg that means you can intergate 3d things in after effects so that means you can do the bullet without animating it in an 3d progam
Mohammad dashti
11 years ago
Did you buy CS4?
11 years ago
it looks great! im goin to upgrade asap! :D
Anton Jansson
11 years ago
Sounds sick=D can't wait for it