Free Plug-in Development

Some of you may have noticed a new plug-in called “QuickMatte” while watching the Energy tutorial a couple months ago. Now that it we are nearly finished, I can talk about it. Basically this plug-in allows you to refine mattes and transparency with some unique settings and results. This tool is a great asset for working with our design elements like Evolution and Riot Gear but it will also save you time with your own projects too.

Other Exciting News:

  • T-shirts winners have been contacted and will be announced soon. (I know it’s taking forever! but we’ve been doing big things around here.)
  • New site launch is tentatively planned for August 1st 2008. (Yay!)
  • A brand new online training package will be available soon. It’s also going to be FREE! We’re very excited about this, we think you will be too. Let’s just say it has to do with *BLANK* Tracking… that’s too obvious, let’s call it 3D *BLANK*
  • Also, I recently had the opportunity to create a TV intro for a new show on FOX. I can’t talk about this one just yet but I’ll let you know more soon. Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed to be part of the project.
  • More practical expression tutorials coming soon. Be sure to brush up on number 69 and 70.
12 years ago
SHOWTIME: Slime VFX! FREE Slime PACK: 3GB of Stock FX!
A new Video Copilot show has splash-landed! We showed an early version of the SHOW at VC LIVE in January so we are excited to show it to the world! We made a mess so you don’t have to! Just download the FREE stock footage collection and use in your own projects! Watch on Youtube […]

Did this plugin ever come out?
10 years ago
Just saw a promo for Fringe on FOX, nice work
10 years ago
I like your simpsons reference
10 years ago
I like your simpsons reference!
6hGood idea.8f I compleatly agree with last post. rml
паркетная доска 3q
12 years ago
Hey !

Just to tell you that the first channel in France (TF1) use your tutorial !

PS : The new design is very excelent !
12 years ago
Andrew Said:
"Also, I recently had the opportunity to create a TV intro for a new show on FOX. I can’t talk about this one just yet but I’ll let you know more soon. Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed to be part of the project."

I work FOX5 Las Vegas, I think I know what show is that you are talking about... I knew it from the moment I saw the promos!
12 years ago
Hey, just saw the new promo for fox. it looked really good.

great job!
12 years ago
Come on, we all now that show is Fringe. Especially since youve created their promos!! hahaha :D
12 years ago
I am interested to see what program AK uses as well.

Voodoo is a free one, but you get what you pay for. I was learning Syntheyes, which is a great program and pretty cheap ($400), but I think I may be moving on to PFTrack. I have a copy of PFHoe that I got out of a magazine a couple years ago and it is pretty good. PFTrack is a bit pricey, but it looks like it can do a lot of advanced things and looks relatively easy to use.

I haven't really had a chance to try Matchmover or Boujou.

If you are doing very basic 3D tracking, PFHoe is actually pretty decent and really cheap. Very simple to use. Best bang for your buck if you have a bit of money, but not a lot is Syntheyes. I can't believe it's only $400.
12 years ago
Don't laugh.. it works! :) and people buy as long as it's true.

Earthquake, Floods, Fire, Tornado, sales.

All kidding aside...
I hope you had no Damage from the Quake Andrew, and of course your Wife & Baby Daughter are safe and happy!

Pete Valcanas
12 years ago
It's always easy after you learn how to do it! DOH!
I hope whatever Andrew uses has a demo version. I gather from what i'm hearing here is that you can't do it in that correct?
12 years ago
Just saw a promo for Fringe on FOX, nice work ;)
12 years ago
Hey Andrew, I'm sure this isn't the place to ask this but I'm going to be purchasing a camera soon and while I don't have the funds to buy a truly professional camera, I'm for sure making it into the prosumer range. I want HD capability, XLR's built in, and of course the best I can get in whatever else. Is there anything you can recommend in the Canon-GL2 price range? I was looking at the Canon XH-A1 and that really seems like a great fit. I'll be in NYC soon so I can check out the camera at bhphotovideo's actual storefront. I want to be able to work with hd images and I just wanna make sure the camera I buy lasts me for a while. I'm an independent filmmaker and editor who works in a variety of different realms of media (but this camera would be used primarily for my own films and such). Thank you for your time.
Andrew Grey
12 years ago
This sounds great!!!! I can't wait to see this exiting tutorial (smiles)
12 years ago
OK, im going to be in 12th grade in high school this year, i have been wondering, how much money do VFX artists make, or motion graphics designers make.

Well the thing is that i LOVE the stuff that Andrew does, i dont know what's the name of the kind of job he does.
But i would like to know... what is called and how much do they pay in this job in south california.

any help will be appreciated. I'm not very interested in the salary but I really would like to know that carrier to study.

Please, somebody help me.
or just post a comment here.
Josh Johnson
12 years ago
highdefw I would hardly call good 3d tracking easy. I'm am curious as well to see which app he uses hopefully syntheyes the cheapest and extremely powerful!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Hi Andrew,

a bit OT but: Just have read the news about the earthquake near LA. Since you guys reside a few steps from there I hope you and your families are fine.

And since I'm leaving a comment here anyway I can also want to thank you for your good work here for all the graphics, movie and motion graphics enthusiasts!

12 years ago
Earthquake Sale?
12 years ago
@ Daryl Booth

There is a short tutorial on the Pro-Cutter tool for 3DS Max, which can be found here > <. Gives a good base to help with creating possible videos, such as Speedbreaker's.

@ Speedbreaker

Very good, liked the use of the textures on the text, made it just that more realistic.
breaking news
12 years ago
there was an earthquake in South California!!!

5.8 epic center in chino hills next to los angeles!!!!!
12 years ago
3D tracking is easy once you learn it. I'm interested to see which app Andrew chose to use as a guide...
12 years ago
3D tracking YESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks man!
p.s. Lookin forward to that new site.
12 years ago

it's done in 3Ds Max in exactly the same way Andrew explains here:

hope that helps.

12 years ago
OH GREAT! I knew Video Copilot was too good to last!!!

You're working with FOX? I give it another month before we log on and see "Video Copilot presented by Adobe Systems".... DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

It shouldn't be too difficult from your side Andrew. Just send your server logs to Adobe. Look... I make tutorials for AE and I get more hits than

12 years ago
HOLY CHEESE SAUCE BATMAN!!!!! I am so hyped...
Derrick van Niekerk
12 years ago
Hi Fabian (SpeedBreaker),

in what program did you do that collision?

12 years ago
just wanted to give a sincere thanks. I can't say enough for how much I've learned here and applied to my work. Because of you my boss absolutely LOVES me!! Anyway, keep up the great work.
Moca MX
12 years ago
Man i hope new site will have forums, it would be grait!

3D Tracking FINALY!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
Thank you

sorry for the double post.

But I forgot something. :-)
I posted this already but if you are interested in shattering glass or text, or you want to blow everything up :) you should check out Sidefx Houdini it's about 8000 $ BUT on you can download a personal learning edition for free!!! There are only a few limitations like a small watermark and a maximum render resolution of 720X576! There are also some tutorials on the page for that kind of effects!
I hope that helps!
12 years ago
@Daryl Booth
unfortunately I don't think there is a tutorial for that.
That's why it took quite a while to figure it out.
But perhaps Andrew is still planning a tutorial for it. I could record one, but I'm afraid I'm not that good in explaining than Andrew is and english is not my native language. Basically it's done like that: create your objects, pre-break your objects, link the fragments to a particle system.

@Alex 77

Thank you very much.
Andrew M
12 years ago
AWESOME. i'm exited bout seeing *cough*tracking, or in other words, 3D *cough cough* Tracking*cough**gag* *splat*
12 years ago
Speedbreaker ---
That was an awesome effects shot!!! I would love to hear how you did that!! Maybe you should give tutorials a shot! GREAT WORK!!!
12 years ago
I'm a new comer to the site and I can't tell you how much I LOVE IT! My buddy at work showed me some of your tutorials and all I can say is that I use my video editing programs MUCH more now! I'm so excited to keep learning! Keep up the great work!!!
12 years ago
Thanks from Russia!!!
12 years ago
Speedbreaker, that was sick!!
Good job!
12 years ago
I work for a FOX affiliate and have been using your tutorials to improve my promos greatly! I've even gotten the other guys in the production department addicted to VCP! Keep it up!
12 years ago
You guys rock. Thanks for all the free (and not so free) stuff from VCP!

"Hi, my name's Stephen.... I'm a VCP addict..."
12 years ago
Thanks Andrew for sharing your skills with people like my self who cannot afford the hundreds of pounds it cost to learn this skill. I also like dare I say it, your humour. I hope you will continue to provide this tutorial for free. Once again thank you very much.
12 years ago
Hah, it is my birthday on the first of august, pretty cool gift if you ask me ;) I'm also psyched about the 3D tracking tutorials, I have tried it before but never got really good results. Maybe you could also teach us how to make shots that are suitable for 3D tracking?
12 years ago
It's really great news about all the good stuff!Congratulation on a FOX project!I can't wait to see the new site,T-shirt winners,new tutorial...etc.

A few days ago I almost got a heart attack.I am getting every few weeks a Victoria's Secret newsletter.So ...I wanted to make a quick check if there is something new in my inbox.In that rush instead of Victoria's Secret I saw Video Copilot...I dont think I have to explane how I felt :)...I'm sure the winner is one of a great design...and I hope it's my favorite one.

Thank you one more time for everything!!!
Nick S
12 years ago
It has to be Fringe. It looks just like something that Andrew would do in a tutorial.
Daryl Booth
12 years ago
@ Speedbreaker

Now that WAS cool!... Please tell me there is a tute somewhere?
12 years ago
very interesting...
12 years ago
Amazing! I'm realy looking forward to the new site!
But I can't imagine it gets even better!
There is no other website I check abou 10 times a day. :-)
Great news with the Fox intro, I hope they show it on the German Fox channel, too.


After I saw your 3D Text Shatter blogentry a few month ago, I've tested a few techniques to archiv that effect. And I think I came up with a cool method!

hope you like it!


12 years ago
hey is it a red one i forgot what the ad was for but is it red and its basically like the colorful universe, is it that one? I saw it on fox
12 years ago
Great news :)

I hope the new training about TRACKING is about a thing that I've been trying to do but that I didn't succeed so far :
create a sort of 3D tracking to recreate a camera move and use it to put some objects or graphic stuff in the footage without any 3D software but just after effects :(
Paulo Renato
12 years ago
First, sorry for my English.
I am Brazilian and I started to follow your blog recently.
I hope one day come to their level of development.
I love it the news. It will be very important for the community that works with After Effects these new plug.
12 years ago
I hope you've found a way to extrapolate a corner pin into a 3D camera. I've often thought that it might be possible to do that somehow. Sort of like Mark Christiansen's technique, only done 4 times based around a single pivot point that is calculated from a reference frame you would pick from the sequence. You would pick the reference frame, and it would calculate the position of the camera, then it would use the changes in the data to move and rotate the 3D camera.

Does that make sense? I sure hope that's what you've made. :)
HIStory [Germany]
12 years ago
That's awesome News here ! WOW ! I am lucky...

I will hope your FOX-Intro(Project) will bring you more Works and Contacts!!! (you know)
Let us see what you have done when ist time to show...

I am a little bit dont contact me, so i dont win the shirt-contest...huuuuhuuuu ;)
But anyway i am lucky with the winner.

A new Site...that's sounds good! Needed?! Or Pushed?! ;-)
Selfmade or an ready to go system?

And you will bring a new FREE-Online-Training-Pack?!
WoW...that was amaizing!
I hear about your Free Stuff from all around the globe (from my friends)!
I think this is the right way...for you! ;)

So, i will wish you all my best for your FOX-Project and for your future!

Greetings from Germany
12 years ago
Sounds great. Looking forward to the changes in the website :>
12 years ago
cool, grats on FOX,
and looking forward to the new site, and 3D tracking is always nice

i assume you'll cover depth matte too ;)

any ideas when you would do that "folding out" animation? or post a source file?
i know a few approaches on how to do it, actually its very simple but it would help me in learning expressions.

12 years ago
A Simpson's reference and a job a fox. Nice!
12 years ago
Congratulations Andrew! Big perspectives.
12 years ago
I just love you man! You're great! You are my no. 1 idol!
12 years ago
That is great news Andrew, thanks for keeping us informed, it is appreciated.

Also when the time is right it will be awesome to know what show intro you worked on. Contgrats on that by the way!!

- Derrick
12 years ago
That are some great news andrew and as always i cant wait.
Thanks very much!
12 years ago
شكرا (choukran) means thanks in arabic are the man !
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
12 years ago
woa, much new news around here! congratulations for the Fox thing, you will show the spot here once it is released, right?

: ( no Email from videocopilot, nevermind I think the winners T-shirts will be great; in design and coolness, too.

exciting to hear about a free VCP Product about Tracking (awsm)

This site is so great!!!!!!!
12 years ago
Awesome, can't wait for tracking! Much love as always Mr. Kramer.
Morten Enoksen
12 years ago
I noticed it:)
12 years ago
Thanks for the update Andrew. Congrats on the FOX deal. I can't wait to hear about it once they "take the confidentiality away" and let you talk about it. I also can't wait to see the new tutorials. The speed particles tutorial was a lot of fun and I have already been playing with that one and will be using it for my band's promo video. I have tons of ideas for using that one. THANKS ANDREW!
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
wow, great news! keep up the good work

i can't wait to see the new design of the website:D:D
12 years ago
we love you andrew \o/
12 years ago
I am looking forward to listen to your knowledge about 3d motion tracking (Y)
12 years ago
WoW !!
You guys are amazing !!!
It's about 10:30 in
i read this wonderful news and...this is a perfekt morning!!
Thank you a lot !!
Daryl Booth
12 years ago
yay!!!!!!!! Christmas is coming....... around Aug 1st this year kids..

12 years ago
That's great news - you're really amazing! has grown to be my favorite site over all the net.
Gratz on to FOX job... I bet they're finally airing Homer's reality deal where a guy gets a million bucks for marrying Aunt Patty but they have to honeymoon in a box full of snakes ( )! :)

Looking forward to all the great stuff coming up soon!
Greatz from Germany,

12 years ago
Great news! Can't wait to see the new site =]
Monroe E.
12 years ago
i would be embarrassed to tell you how many times i check the RSS feed folder on my FireFox Tab bar for a new blog update from .... lets just say i check it enough.

:bang: cant wait for this new tutorial, website, and FOX?? lol.

congratulations on al of your success in the VFX world, I can safely say that we all admire you!
12 years ago
im not a winner one but i want my t-shirt. im from Mexico.
12 years ago
Haha really? Thats cool.

Maybe you could do some kind of video on how it was made like they've done before over at motionworks ;)
12 years ago
this is great news!!! thanx
12 years ago
Looking forward for the new site and the Tracking tutorials, awesome!
12 years ago
Lousy, you got it!
12 years ago
can't wait for the new website and training package! congrats for the FOX'll be so awesome if you've done it for Fringe!
thanks for the great site..

12 years ago
Perfect , Guess that's wat we all waiting for

thanks a mil
12 years ago
LOL let's call her Lisa S... no that's to obvious... let's say L. Simpson
12 years ago
You're so kind Andrew!! Thanks for everything!
12 years ago
YES!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! 3D Tracking Tutorial, At last!?!?
There is a GOD!! :]
oh man..ive been waiting for this one, Forever!
I just really hope, that youll mention in this tutorial, just some more ideas of how to use the 3D Tracking...just to open up creative ideas for we wont see the same thing over and over again in Youtube,or somethin' :]

thanx Andrew...U Rock!! :]
12 years ago
Hi Andrew and team,

Let me guess what we will see soon:

Sam filmed you with the RED in a new T-shirt while you recorded a new Video Tutorial on how to generate a 3D Wordpress Logo. The whole thing was so good that you made it on FOX. I think FOX has a show "gfx for blogger"




DFX (Digital Effects) VFX (Visual Effects) Photo Food Travel
Ori Lahav
12 years ago
Wow, thanks you very much!
I learned everything I know from your AE tutorials. They are easy to understand, funny and teaches pretty useful stuff.
Can't wait to see this 3D *BLANK* and the new stuff.
Thanks for everything!


I tried using a clean frame instead of greenscreen, but with no success. If its possible, can you show us an example?
12 years ago
Awesome Andrew this all sounds great and
I'm happy when your happy,
and I hope to be as busy as you... soon!

Thanks man, for everything.
12 years ago
Wow! Lots of Free being mentioned. Can't wait to the the Plug-in. I'm sure it will be as useful as everything else you have put out for us.

You should make the Fox thing a contest, Guess what I've worked on? See if we can figure it out.
12 years ago
omg when is it!
12 years ago
Is the new show on fox called Fringe?
12 years ago
*BLANK* Tracking?!
3D *BLANK*??!!
AUGUST 1st????!!!!!

Hmmm ......

12 years ago
Andrew, I don't know how you take a rest doing all this, even I can't always keep up with all your the new tutorial, I mean I just finished one tut and another two came up. It's just amazing. Thank you for all this. I salute you and all the videocopilot crew.

And we want more design competition like the T-shirt contest, of course with more prize...

It would be great if you could show us how you make your own project from fox in a tutorial, if you're allowed to do that of course..
12 years ago
ok that was alot freaking out now A WHOLE NEW TRAINING SERIES!!!!!! wow and YOU WORKED WITH FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this site ROCKS
12 years ago
wow..i need to breath...that was alot in one blog posting :) you guys are GODS
12 years ago
Hey Guys, Love the site and tutorials, just wondering Andrew, why you can get into your Final Image Inc Website.. Really keen to see some of the projects you guys have been working on.
Josh Johnson
12 years ago
Kim A.

They are very different AE is 2d tracker. Boujou is a 3d tracker although I'm sure it tracks 2d as well.

I have synteyes the best priced 3d tracker on the market but also is used on tons of films and tv shows.
12 years ago
Keep it coming Andrew. I love your site its at the top of my favorites. You are a true inspiration...
12 years ago
Thanks alot andrew, you da man 8D!
I hope its the kind of 3d *burp* tracking i'm thinking off. I always wondered how to make 3d objects track to a moving footage; like 3d text or something.

And the new website seems awesome. I hope it has a forum section as i think thats the only thing missing from here.

Once again keep up the great work :)
Kim A. Strandli
12 years ago
Great news :) Looking forward to the 3D *random loud noise* Tracking tutorials. But I have a question about Tracking, can After Effects compare itself to other tracking software like Boujou? I know those are two very different things, but how much can Boujou do, which AE cant do? Is it worth learning?

Anyways, looking forword to all the great stuff thats happening on!
Josh Johnson
12 years ago
Wow! I must say that made my day and week and maybe month! Great news Andrew and congrats on the job with FOX.
12 years ago
Hi Andrew!!
I want to know if exist any expression to do the same thing of link, but only one parameter, like the position of a layer?
12 years ago
Hi Ak,

you know that guy from,right?
He has already developed a plugin which allows to motiontrack layers, based on their alphachannel.

Is it the same issue you guys at VCP are working on?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Hey, Andrew !

I´m a great fan of you and the website . I´ve been an usual visitor for months now, but I never left a comment here.
I just want to say congrats to your work and everything you´ve doing here.It´s all fantastic and admirable. I am sure you have inspired and will inspire lots of people.

Thanks a lot and keep up the great job !
St’ Carlo
12 years ago
3D tracking tutorial? Woaa..can't wait..

luv u Andrew :)
12 years ago
Great news :)
12 years ago
must be tyler perry's new show coming on fox.... i guess we'll see ;-p .
12 years ago
This is by far my favorite website! Every day I turn on my computer, check email, check this then eat breakfast and check CNN to see if anything happened in the 'real world'. Then I check videocopilot again.

I once went 2 days without checking videocopilot.

I was stuck overnight at JFK
12 years ago
WOW! Andrew, you've got alot of things for us this month.

Thank you.
Joe Avino
12 years ago
Nice, can't wait for the new site and training series!
Ben Wotton
12 years ago
Sitting at school supposed to be working again. Of course I can't as Videocopilot is here beckoning.

Can't wait for the new site!!
12 years ago
Awesome Stuff!!
12 years ago
This site continues to eat into the hours that I should be devoting to my business. I love it. Thanks, Andrew.
12 years ago
3d *ahem-cough* tracking?

Am I getting my hopes up too high to hope that this is a method of Camera *sneeze* tracking?

Well, either way, I find it exciting!
12 years ago
Very cool Mr K...congrats on the FOX job!

Also I am burning to know about your Red project, would be very keen to know what your post process will be and what experience you get from working with the 2-4k material.
Just Amit
12 years ago
YEA! this should be awesome!
12 years ago
Kick ass,
Can't wait for the new site, can't wait to see your intro, can't wait for the training package, can't wait for the new tutorials. Can't wait for any of it.

Unfortunately I suppose I'll HAVE to wait for it.
12 years ago
got to work with fox, thats awesome! keep it up.. if you have the time.
12 years ago
wow sounds cool! Can't wait for the great updates to come to VC!!!!!

Nice work Andrew & thanks!
12 years ago
hey, cool news. I've always wondered what goes into making plugins for after effects, do you know any places where I could learn a bit about making them?