Beware of the new QuickTime 7.4

There have been several reports of major After Effects issues after installing QuickTime 7.4

I’m going to hold off updating for now.

There are other discussions about this issue on various forums as well.
Thanks David for the heads up.

14 years ago
Thanks for the heads-up
13 years ago
Hi, first of all THANK YOU REALLY MUCH, Andrew, your effort is priceless for me.
I'm experiencing some problem with AfterShake preset combined with render multiple frames simoultaneously. Well, it doesn't render all those fantastic shakes i put on my camera. When i render disabling multiframe processing everithing works fine. Any suggestion to manage this limitation
thanx in advance
13 years ago
I've also heard that the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader had some major issues as well.
13 years ago
Thanks for warning us.. We should be very careful in these issues. Be alert and avoid these like situation.
14 years ago
I found another post, they've just released 7.41 - and this apparently fixes this issue. (just a day late!)

14 years ago
Well, I'm new to this Mac business - so I'm likely a little slow, and I'm getting that loveley After Effects error: opening movie — you do not have permission to open this file (-54
looking to render a high definition video. I of course went and upgraded and even went the Pacifist route to re-install the older version of QT. (In about Quicktime it's back to 7.31.)

The bad news? I'm still getting the same error even with the "old" version of QT in there. Any ideas?


Great site btw!
14 years ago
hey Andrew! when will you give discounts to customers who already purchased like at least 4 products? like me :p
devils reject
14 years ago
Mr.Kramer I stumbled upon your site trying to create a more effective muzzle flash for my movie. When I found your site it was like I just found gold. It opened my mind to after effects and what it can do. Ive seen what other tutorial sites offer but yours take it to a new height, with entertaining tutorials and awesome products, your like the class that everyone wants to get into. Anyways one word to sum it up. . . BADASS!
14 years ago
I did the Pacifist solution to remove/replace 7.4 and saved my project! Yay! Brilliant! this has been dogging me for over a week now on a Final Cut Pro project.
14 years ago
I run ito the same problem as everyone installing QT 7.4 on my Intel box.
Here are the resolution steps to roll back to 7.3.1 succesfully:

- Download Pacifist ( and install it.
- Download the version of QuickTime 7.3.1:
- QuickTime 7.3.1 for Tiger [10.4.11] (
- Drag the QuickTime 7.3.1 package onto the Pacifist icon, or choose "Open Package" from the File menu in Pacifist; select the install package and you get a window in Pacifist showing the Package (with its 'open carton' icon). If you click on the arrow to the left of the icon you will see the package's individual folders. Click on the top line with the icon and then click "Install" from the Main Menu in pacifist (the downward arrow) making sure the "Use Administrator Privileges" box is checked, and the installer will install everything in the correct locations.
14 years ago
thannnnnnx anderw u the best
14 years ago
A refinement to my previous comment. The .mp4s that I had further edited in Quicktime just to set start and end loop points and trim parts out etc etc and resaved as mp4 embedded in the default quicktime .mov file format work just fine... apparently. :O

Too bad i threw away a few .mp4 files before I knew there was a bug. I was blaming iSquint on bad encoding! ughh..
14 years ago
I wanted to add my issues: Videos reencoded into MP4s using iSquint nolonger playback in Quicktime on my MacBook. Funny thing is that they play fine in VLC. I was going crazy trying to figure out why they all stopped playing. Now I know.. I've been zapped by 7.4! Ugh..come on Apple! geez...
14 years ago
Hey AfterShock,

Thank you for responding to my problem so quickly and resolving it!

This guy sure knows what great customer service is about, I would recommend purchasing every product. woot!
Jim Colbert
14 years ago
Wow...It figures. Update the computer in the AM, find the mess it made in the PM. Thanks for the heads-up Andrew and to all of you who knew about Pacifist and reloading QT 7.3, another big thanks! Because of all of you Video Copilot fans, my computer is up and running again.

Andrew. Great site, great products. All of you out there. I own all of the VC products except for Evolution and they're fantastic! Buy them!
14 years ago
Hey guys - I too had the same problem after upgrading to 7.4 - I also downloaded a trial version of pacifist and re downloaded 7.3.1 from here if you are running Tiger (or you can go to the apple website and do a search for whatever version you are looking for) worked fine for me after replacing 7.4 with 7.3 I think I will pay the 20 bucks just to have pacifist on hand for times like this. Im a bit new to the MAC world, but I do gotta say I really like working with one.

Later - hope youre feeling better Kramer, we are needing more tuts!! ;-)
14 years ago
man thank you so much for the audio tutorial i just got adobe after effects and was wondering how to do it so thank u again and again your the coolest
14 years ago
Hey, I just received an email from Adobe about the multi-proc thing...

● Multiprocessing performance issues with multi-core machines, especially high-end 8-core hardware. When all 8 cores
try to render a complex or memory intensive composition with Render Mutliple Frames Simultaneously, the application
can become memory starved if each process has insufficient memory. To remedy this, there is a text preference to
control the maximum number of cores that Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously will use. Open the text preference
file and look in the ["MP"] section for: "MaxNumberOfProcesses" = "0". "0" is the default setting, which disables this
preference setting. For better performance on an 8-core machine with 8GB RAM, for example, change the "0" setting
to "4" and save the preference file and restart After Effects. This restricts multiprocessing with RenderMultiple Frames
Simultaneously to 4 cores, each getting approximately 2GB of RAM.

So there's the work-around.

Jim Andrews
14 years ago
I upgraded to 7.4 Pro and had 2 issues none related to AE, What I got was buffer overrun, and crashing of QT after viewing mov files on my comp (WinXP Pro-SP2)

Here is what i found posted on another forum and it worked!

"I had the "Buffer Overrun" error as well on my 2k,XP, and Vista machines. I deleted C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User Name)\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer, then deleted C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer, and when I tried starting up Quicktime, it said some stuff about reinstalling. While it was doing that, I deleted the contents of C:\WINDOWS\system32\QuickTime"

the last part I found 2 QT files in system 32. I deleted them both and tested
every conceivable file and all is working fine!

I hope this helps someone else.
14 years ago

"Adobe After Effects (the loving companion to any motion graphics pro) has been crippled by the new Quicktime DRM. When After Effects renders out an animation Quicktime throws up an error telling you that you do not have permission to view the Quicktime movie that you just created."

Thank god I didn't bother "upgrading"
14 years ago
Danmm. i was just to late. I have some problems with quicktime but i hoop that with the comments here I will make it work again.

Gr. !!
14 years ago
i believe all you have to do is:

1. go under QuickTime preferences
2. go to the advanced tab
3. under media encoding, check the box to enable encoding using legacy codecs

that fixed the problem for me.

hope it helps~
14 years ago
i was able to render just fine.
14 years ago
Where do I go to Apple's site to find 7.1.3?
14 years ago
@ Matt

Nice work, but add some sound FX... You could you Copilot's product...
14 years ago
Mr Kramer, what do you think of the magic bullet plug ins? Are they worth the money?
14 years ago
That's bizarre...I don't seem to be having any render problems in AE CS3, and I'm running a Quad Power PC.
14 years ago
To dennis L.: LOL, I don't watch music videos so this is new to me. I think the idea of Andrews tutorials are to use them in new and crative ways. Not cram them all into a video with a straight-out-of-the-tutorials look. But, in the end, he is indeed doing what andrew asks of us, making money.
14 years ago
no probs here. Im good
14 years ago
mines good
tell me wat u think
14 years ago
I also experience having a problem with QT,
my solution was to download media player classic..i use that to play my QT files!
14 years ago
Dang, I updated before I read this post. Good thing I don't have any projects due anytime soon.
14 years ago
I think I've already done the update... oh well.
Matt, UK
14 years ago
Seems to be a few system specs being posted in this thread, understandably.
How about this for a 3DMark06 score for my laptop: 9103
"...back of the net...." ;)

Thanks for the heads up on quicktime AK, just had auto update ask me.........

This time last year AE6.5 (Torrent) looked a blur, thankyou AK for paving the way for my AE understanding (altough the new Adobe production suite set me back a few quid)

It goes without saying that AE can be found for free, but as we're (I'm) on the subject: Adobe (legit) software is the only way forward.

Keep working hard AK it's appreciated, and readers decipher these ramblings if you can..............the upshot is "stick at it"
14 years ago
luckly i didnt update... thanks David, you're a good man
14 years ago

no problem with quicktime, i am lucky

win XP SP2
after effects cs3
2go RAM
intel core duo E6750 2*2.66ghz
14 years ago
Just to reiterate in case some of you didn't understand the bug...

Its Quicktime 7.4 on Mac OS X only, and only effects After Effects if your RENDER time is MORE than 10 minutes. When the render time hits 10 minutes the your movie will crash and you will get the "error opening movie" pop up.
14 years ago
I got this problem and it only appeared when the rendertime passed 10 minutes.

However the solution was to download Pacifist ( ) and download Quicktime 7.3.1 from Apple. Once installed Pacifist, open it and drag the Quicktime DMG into the Pacifist-window. Then click Install. After that, when asked, always choose to replace. Finally - reboot and repair disk permissions.

Now it works like a charm. :)
14 years ago
So I just bought EVOLUTION. If you haven't bought it yet GET IT NOW! Its amazing, were here at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL this week (and I'm spreading the VCP word Andrew) on some of our live projects were using EVOLUTION to get the point across. Monday were at the Boxcar where some stars are coming through; Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Al Gore. I will be posting any and all film on our site, I will bring a Movie Trailer SFX and Riot Gear disk for "product placement" during the interviews if they happen.

Anyways, greeting from Park City, Utah.

-James Cawley
In The Dark Studios
14 years ago
ps did you guys know that auto-desk is giving out a free version of maya...? its called maya ple... the only you cant do is render... buts its a great way to learn the interface...
14 years ago
i haven't had any problems...
14 years ago
i dont bother updating. my quicktime does exactly what i want it to do
14 years ago
Thansk for sharing this information. I hope they'll fix it.
Matt Weeks
14 years ago

You should do a tutorial on rendering videos from After Effects to HD quality videos for web publishing just like the HD Apple trailers.

Keep up all the good work,
Matt Weeks
14 years ago
....Motion works fine with the QT update along with the entire FCPS2 / AECS3Pro / C4D R10.5 and FlashCS3.

The little twirly beach ball spins faster too.

4 Gigs RAM
George Stoll
14 years ago

I googled this one site that offered the only help, because I did upgrade and did have several issues with rendering out in AE.

If you download the shareware program "Pacifist" then download the older 7.3.1 version, install the older version using Pacifist and it will give you an option to "replace" the newer one. This is the only clean way to properly revert. I got error after error by simply deleting the new version and trying to re-stall the old one.

14 years ago
I have upgraded and i dont see any problems yet... but i have not tryed exporting any *.MOV files yet.

14 years ago
Thanks Andrew for the heads up. Would be out of luck if I installed this update. There is really no time at all in our industry to sit around and trouble shoot bugs. I find it as no surprise though, Apple release something that destroys anything important. I'm sure Motion works just fine with the update. That company is so shady and I wouldn't be surprised that a fix isn't available for a few months or longer. Or the only way to fix the issue is to make some purchase of an apple product. I can't stand these Apple jerks. I have to work on Macs everyday at work, I can't see how anyone would ever want to work on these horrible machines at home as well. They are all about ripping off the consumer and I'm sure this bug is an attempt to take more of the consumers money. If this updates affects After Effect, stay far far away from it. They are fully aware that there is a huge industry that relies on After Effects "working" and their inability to create a fix right away just shows the tactics that they are willing to use.

Jeff -
A Forced Mac users - A PC user who stays happy with his system that doesn't lock up with a little twirling beach ball, but will freaking crash when there is a problem. Not make you think that it is doing something and sit there. Twirl, Twirl, Twirl, Twirl. Is it doing something? Is it thinking. Oh my PC crashed and restarted and I'm back to work.
14 years ago
I've been having all kinds of problems with quicktime since i built a new 64bit vista PC.

Out of sync audio, blacked out player controls, and blue screen crashes.

Endless fun!
14 years ago
As I posted there, this should work if you upgraded and you're having problems. It worked for me previously when I had a problem with quicktime upgrading.


You can download the old versions here.(oldversion DOT com) incase links are blocked.

I'm not sure if its windows only or not, sorry. Hope it helps. "
14 years ago
AHHHH !!!!

I updated quicktime a few days ago !!!

But i think it works alright..... :(
14 years ago
Thanks for this news.
It works with my Windows XP system.
Dennis L. from Germany
14 years ago
Thx for the advice ;-)
And hey, I just saw an Musicclip on MTV about the song
"Simple Plan - When I´m gone"

I noticed some AK Tutorials like "Light streaks", "Light streaks 2" or some Splatter Images of Riot Gear :-P

Ok, have a great day everybody
I love you AK :-D
Your work is amazing!
14 years ago
@ clight : I didn't heard about that ; indeed renders are really optimized by the eight cores (and if you have a lot of ram) if you turn on render multiple frames simultaneously, cause CS3 creates a new render process by core, and can allocate 2GB (or 4 GB ?) BY CORE, so if you have 16 GB it's fully used. Crazy.

I'm on a PC but have a strange issue since some updates of QT : now when I explore my disc, if there's a QT file in a folder, a process called WLXQTControl or something like that appears, and take a lot of ressources. Looks like it's reading the file. After a moment, when it has finished, the process disappears and THEN he can display the first frame to make the icon of the file. Sad. So that's a PAIN when I've got to explore Andrew's products :/
14 years ago
Wats up Andrew? I just wanted to say thanks for all your amazing work and your free tutorials. I learned how to use AfterEffects just from watching your tutorials and my movies seem to get better everytime I watch your videos. I know you're busy but if you get some free-time maybe you could check out some of the stuff on my site

Kepp up the good work.
14 years ago
I do thank andrew for taking the time to post this info on his blog, so thank you andrew! But the real man of the hour has to be David. So, thanks bro! :D I almost updated but fortunately I was too lazy xD

-P.S. Excuse any mistakes - Ipod touch >.>
14 years ago
thanx for the warning...won't risk it!
Brian Murray
14 years ago
Guess I was another person who lucked out. I updated Quicktime and rendering still works fine... for now anyways. I'm running a MacBook Pro 2 GHz Intel Core Duo and using After Effects CS3. Thanks for the heads up.
14 years ago
::Sigh of Relief:: THANK GOD! Mine works fine. Wow Andrew you really gave me a scare because, and I am dead serious, just updated about 3 hours before I saw this post!I got so scared but I tested it and I'm fine! 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini, 1GB 667 MHz DDR SDRAM and on system 10.4.11. Anyone with those specs should be fine I guess.
14 years ago
Forgot to add that I'm on a mac.
14 years ago
For those that have installed quicktime 7.4 and wish to go back to 7.3.1, there's a program called "pacifist" and you can get in on Then go to apple's site and download quicktime 7.3.1. After that, just tell pacifist to install the 7.3.1 package and it will replace 7.4.

I just did this and so far so good.

Just thought I would let everyone know.
14 years ago
Mine works fine- updater yesterday
Marc Biorklund
14 years ago
@Jason Bourne
There is a dedicated support for any problems you may have using VideoCopilot Products. Support link it top right of the site or direct link:

14 years ago
Thanx! No issues here yet, though: Windows VISTA Business: 4GB ram, Quad CPU.
14 years ago
7.4 is the ONLY 7.x version that works for me (winXP/ AECS3Pro/ QuadXeon) so far.
it even allows me to watch quicktimes online after almost a year of nothing but trouble with .mov's !

for all this time windows users had to go through hell with the bloody quicktime updates (check the AE mailing list) and apple would simply ignore ... it only takes a few complaints by mac users for them to even issue announcements ... what can i say..
14 years ago
Crap! I already updated am having problems with outputting in premiere
14 years ago
I read about the warning a day or two ago on the Cow. My Software Update box appeared with the update WHILE I was reading a post about all the crashes with QT 7.4. Needless to say, I didn't update. Hopefully Apple will get a fix out soon.
I don't know about Windows machines. I use a OS X 10.4 Mac pro with AE CS3 and I get a permissions error every time I've tried to render (since updating QT). As for the 6 core issue, the computer I'm using is a 8 core and AE works great. I know there used to be problems with this and there is a way to limit the amount of processors AE can use. You have to edit one of the preference text files I think.
14 years ago
I made the mistake of upgrading. But, i was able to download the 7.3 installer from apple and install it using pacifist (mac).

Everything works fine now.
14 years ago
Wow....I must be getting lucky with something.

I have no problems here with QT Pro 7.4

I'm on a MacPro 2 processors/4G of RAM.

After Effects CS3 professional
Final Cut Pro Studio 2
Flash CS3
all working fine with QT renders.
14 years ago
I've also heard that there are issues with AE rendering on machines with more than six procs. That would make the newest MacPro a no-no as well. Has this been fixed, or can anyone confirm?
14 years ago
mybe i"m just the lucky guy but did the update this morning, so i'm running a MacPro 2 x 2.66 intel Dual-Core, os 10.4.11 quicktime 7.4 with after effect CS3, and i didn't experiment any problem by now!! can render, output movie, ram preview, but can't try the monitoring output, don't have any broadcast monitor!! maybe someday!!

But thanks for the comment..
14 years ago
Thanks David for the heads up and also thanks Andrew for the warning
14 years ago
Happens to me with almost every QT update! Thanks for the warning.
Morten Enoksen
14 years ago
To the batmobile!

Anyway, thanx for telling us Andrew:) How's it going with your little princess? And how about the new tut? smooth? ;)
14 years ago
Doesn't look like Windows boxes are affected, can anyone confirm?
14 years ago
thx. but why apple? i thought we can trust you! remember Final Cut!!

damn every human make a mistake, some make more of them, but apple not!

I think it will be fixed in 7.5 ;) it should
14 years ago
Too bad. THX for this advice Andrew! ;-)
Casey Millwood
14 years ago
To the wizard.....he'll know what to do.
14 years ago
Hey AfterShock,

One horrible thing is happening with Evolution in Adobe After Effects CS3,
I downloaded the full program, and took all the flourishes out of evolution 5 4 etc and put everything in a central folder just like in the 1st tutorial in the bonus stuff folder said. You mentioned in the folder that if nothing was showing up to use 'relink media' In after effects cs3 there is no such animal. and now the projects are useless.. I support you all the way, but my product isn't working.. and Exensions folder should be ExTensions. please get back to me.
Sebastian Tangen de la Nuez
14 years ago