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When a new tutorial is available we will post it in the blog as well as on the tutorial page. Hopefully by the time you are reading this we will have the RSS feed fully integrated and you can subscribe to it and always know when there is something new.
We will be launching some new tutorials soon, we just had some development to get done and we will be back on track.

12 years ago
SHOWTIME: Slime VFX! FREE Slime PACK: 3GB of Stock FX!
A new Video Copilot show has splash-landed! We showed an early version of the SHOW at VC LIVE in January so we are excited to show it to the world! We made a mess so you don’t have to! Just download the FREE stock footage collection and use in your own projects! Watch on Youtube […]
Incredible Paris Opening Titles!
Just got to London to begin the Video Copilot LIVE! Tour. Sleep schedule is almost adjusted! Saturday we’ll be in London and Paris is next week! There are still some tickets for Paris if want to come! Video Copilot LIVE! 2019 Show Tickets and Information! Beautiful Title sequence created by: Mehdi HADI Please follow!   View […]
Title Sequence for London Show!
One of the more exciting things about our upcoming Europe Tour is collaborating with amazing designers to develop a unique Title Sequence for each city. We are thrilled to release the first title sequence right now! Cinema 4D, After Effects helping to make it happen! Tickets for the show are available now! Huge thanks to stuz0r […]
Bold Type Project!
Sometimes you need to create a title that feels IMPORTANT without making it too flashy! One way to do that is with a texture and a cinematic fade! Usually a simple opacity fade leaves graphics looking washed out, but by color correcting the fade out, you can add color and contrast to the fade! I […]

Whatever happened to Riot Gear 2?
10 years ago
Sounds good.
But I have to ask, what happened to Quickmatte?
Those short tips do sound useful (Somehow not suprising).

Also, woohoo bar graphs!
I hope I'll learn some more 3D stuff from it...
10 years ago
Some more tips would be great. Any more information and experiences are appreciated.
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12 years ago
riot gear 2? how that so? but I'm really looking forward to the new tutorials. I think I check the site 30 times a day. love it.
12 years ago
Riot Gear 2!!! Cant wait!
12 years ago
Hi! I'm a big fan of you and I visit your site almost every day. I think that all your tutorials are great, but it's one thing that is bad. When you use like Keylight or Trapcodes Particular they do a great work, but every one do not have those (including me) and when I watch the tutorials and try to get along I can't do it without having to do something that is a little bit more complicated or so. So if you could do like a greenscreen tutorial with the stuff that is basic in After Effects would be great. (I'm kinda new to greenscreen and bluescreen so I don't know exactly how to do)

But other than that your site is great and all the stuff you do is even greater!

Good bye, or like we say here in Sweden: Hejdå :)
12 years ago
Hey Andrew! Really happy for you, your site is the best find on AE tutorials and the products you make...sooo helpful. Designer Sound FX looks like another MUST. Keep them coming, as we all check your site daily, lol.
12 years ago
Awsome job on your DVD's and tutorials. I have been addicted to your site for the past month doing all the tutorials and have found them so usefull. I also check the site a few times a day. Keep up the good work.
12 years ago
Hi there,
U really do have great tutorials. Also, like many others, I check your sitre many times a day. I show your promo videos to some of my friends, who aren't in the field of filmmaking, and you should see their jaws dropping at the end of each video. Great job. keep it up. Really looking forward to more great tutorials from you.

from Singapore =)
12 years ago

Great stuff! I now have sound fx dvd on order and it will join the other dvd set i have purchased from you over the time. I'm dl the content right now as well. As i log into work each morning your site is my first hit of the day for new content/tutorials. Keep it coming and we will keep on buying/reviewing your work. I saw a commercial the other day on cable station previewing a TV show and noticed they had used one of your ink elements in their promo.
12 years ago
Awesome! Love the site Andrew. Can't wait to see more tutorials. You have a way with video tutorials that makes your site one of a kind awesome!
Devon Talbert
12 years ago
Congrats! on your new Designer Sound FX. Your doing a hell of a job with the tutorials-Like Brad I also visit your site evryday to check out your tutorials, new or old. I lov'em all. keep up the FANTASTIC JOB!
12 years ago
Thanks for making this great site, and now this blog, thanks a lot for sharing all these awsome tutorials and products.
Like many others, I check the site every day, looking for new cool stuff :)

Thanks for everything,
12 years ago
Always a pleasure to check your new stuff Andrew. Keep it coming; I think we'll always want more. This is the magic of AE, You can't get enough of it, no matter how much you use it.

From your AE fan in Israel,
12 years ago
More tutorials?! GREAT! I have to check the site at least twice a day to see if there is a new one popping up... you've put so many up in the last month or so, I try my best to keep up.
Jesus Ramirez
12 years ago
Thanks Man, for the tutorials, and for now having this cool blog. its great to have a site where aspiring artist such as myself can get cool ideas, and buy cool tools to help us improve. keep it up and thanks for everything.