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In this free training series we will be covering the steps necessary to create 2 visual effects shots seen in the film.

1. Crash Landing:
In this tutorial we will be modeling street debri and creating a 3D particle system in 3D max and integrating in After Effects. Once there, we will use Particular to create a meteor crash landing using standard 2D Tracking.

Tools Used: After Effects, 3D Max, Trapcode Particular

2. Smoking Crater:
In this tutorial we will use Boujou to matchmove our live action footage and generate a 3D camera. This data will be integrated in 3D Max where we will create a crater along with street debri. We’ll render the scene and import into after effects where we will add additional textures and multiple layers of smoke in 3D space.

Tools Used: After Effects, Boujou, 3D Max, Trapcode Particular

Premise: The most important thing to understand about this series is the workflow of integrating 3D elements into After Effects. Any matchmoving software can be used to calculate the camera in 3D. You can also use any capable 3D program other than 3D Max to create similar FX systems. Advanced visual effects sometimes require expensive software, but if you get a job at a big studio, you may be expected to know these techniques and this way you can pretend to know what you’re talking about.