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Turn positive keyframes in alternating positive&negative...

PostPosted: 11/7/2017, 2:45 pm
by mika1977
Hi guys,

I created keyframes with soundkeys and I want to apply them to one of the distort features in E3D. I connect the two with the pick whip tool.
in Soundkeys I can create custom keyframes for the bass frequency, let's say from 0 to 40.
I apply it to a distort value inside E3D and I get something like:
0 - 40... 0 - 40... 0 - 40... 0 - 40... 0 - 40... in the rythm of the beat, great.

can I add an extra expression where I can change the generated keframes into
0 - 40... 0 - minus40... 0 - 40... 0 - minus40...

with only the positive values I can only animate to "the right side" of the model...

is there a way to alternate the values? first pass: the keyframes are positive with the second they are negative and so on...
so I can animate first 0 - 40 (positive) to the right side
then 0 - minus40 (negative) to the left
and so on...

is there a way to get this done with an expression?

Thanks for helping out,