How to make fireworks [tutorial]

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How to make fireworks [tutorial]

Postby I Xyzyx I on 12/28/2008, 6:15 am

Well after I saw the tutorial about the text that starts emit particles at a certain speed I got the plugins that you needed for it. I started messing around a bit to try out what was possible and what wasn't possible, and after a while I found a way how you could use the starglow and particular plugin to make some real looking fireworks.

I will give a step by step discribtion together with some pictures to show how you can make it yourself and how you can change the effects.

Plugins needed.
- Starglow
- Particular world

(I know my englisch isn't my best language so please don't mind the spelling mistakes ;) )

Step 1 - Open a new solid wich will be your background.

Here you can put a night sky with stars or just leave it black like I do.

Step 2 - Create another solid wich you call fireworks 1 or something.

Step 3 - Add the particular plugin to your Fireworks 1 solid ... orial1.jpg

Step 4 - Go to effects, particular, emitter and then particles/sec.

Put the particles/sec to 0 and make a keyframe. Then you go a few frames later and make another keyframe with the particles/sec on like 20.000 and then a frames later you put it back to 0. You can make the time inbetween the keyframes shorter for a shorter "explosion" and the particles/sec either higher or lower for more or less particles. ... orial2.jpg

Step 5 - Go to effects, particular, emitter and then velocity.

This is the speed the sparcles will shoot out of your fireworks. I just let it stay at 100 but you can put it higher or lower for a faster speed. Fireworks that is "closer" to your screen should have a higher velocity then fireworks that is further away. ... orial3.jpg

Step 6 - Go to effects, particular, particle and then Life [sec].

This, together with the velocity, is how big you want your fireworks want to be. For this example I put it on 0,2 sec but you can put it higher for longer lasting sparcles making diffrent kinds of fireworks. Put random on like 0-20% so it looks a bit more realistic but don't put it too high because the sparcles usually last about the same time. ... orial4.jpg

Step 7 - Go to effects, particular, particle and then Size over life

I put this on the one that fades out with a few sparcles that do not decrease in size. But offcourse you can chose whatever you like. ... orial5.jpg

Ok now we have our fireworks effect, just check if it looks allright and if not just ajust a few settings till it works perfectly for you. You can also add in a colour but I just keep it at white since I think it looks way better but just try it out for yourself. Well actually we do want to have some colour so therefore we go to the next plugin: starglow.

Step 8 - Click again on your fireworks layer and then add in the starglow plugin. ... orial6.jpg

Step 9 - Go to effects, starglow and then preset

This is the easy part, just chose one of the presets wich you think looks the best with your fireworks. ... orial7.jpg

Step 10 - Go to effects, starglow and then Streak Lenght

Put this to like 5, don't put this too high since it won't look right. But offcourse it's up to you. ... orial8.jpg

And there we go, you just made some fireworks effects. This is just the beginning of what you can do. You can make the life longer, add some gravity and add less particles for the cheaper kind of fireworks, or put the life on longer and more particles for a bigger fireworks effect... also you can make arrow flares with the point that emits particles going up within a few frames and put in a high gravity etc etc.. Just think of some cool effects ;)

Oh and also I wish you a..
I Xyzyx I
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Re: How to make fireworks [tutorial]

Postby Mused on 12/28/2008, 6:59 am

nice :)
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Re: How to make fireworks [tutorial]

Postby Topher on 12/28/2008, 12:19 pm

Here is a tut from on how to make firewords from images... ... fireworks/
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Re: How to make fireworks [tutorial]

Postby theendisnye on 12/29/2008, 1:34 am

Hi I Xyzyx I, I like the font do you mind letting me know what it is? Steve
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