sure target : how to loop between targets?

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sure target : how to loop between targets?

Postby peorthyr on 05/7/2012, 4:04 am

i have an animation where i start from a null object called "target 1" i show my contents, then with sure target i navigate trought target 1 to target 7, then i have done a target 8 exactly in the same place of target 1 to get back (i remember i saw this technique in a tutorial here on the site, instead of setting the next target to 1).

now, if i want to loop the movement (i change the contents on each stops, so basically i want to make the same camera animation for a number of times, with different contents) if i put a keyframe with the target 2, the camera makes something like all the reverse path...
i must duplicate all the null targets all the times?
do i explain it right? :P
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