Improved 3D Tracking & Shadows with Boujou

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Improved 3D Tracking & Shadows with Boujou

Postby Zebarcode on 02/11/2013, 5:38 am

Hello everyone,

I made this tutorial as an update to Andrew's tutorial about the 3D Crater (n°74,75,76), wich seems to have evolved since 2008.
Learn how to 3D track your footage in Boujou, and export your Camera to After Effects & 3ds Max. You can then cast shadows and make your animation in 3ds Max, and make the final compositing in Adobe After Effects, using Z-Depth & Ambient Occlusion renders. Adding 2D elements like the Video Copilot Action Essentials, tracked onto your live action 3d environment, is easy and a great alternative to the built-in 3D tracker included in CS6 version of AE.

What do you think about this? Which 3D tracking program do you use? What do you think about CS6 built-in 3D Tracker?

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