Need to blur left side of drone shots

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Need to blur left side of drone shots

Postby blue edge on 10/31/2017, 3:22 pm

Been honing my drone skills with a real estate job. The disgruntled neighbour wants all reference to his property deleted from the shots.
This is major undertaking for me as Im pretty new to AE - Im using AE 2015 on win10 pro.

I can either delete whole shots or blur his property.

For asthetic reasons I choose the later but dont know how to do it.

Here is a link to two of the shots that need left side blur...where the 2 white lines are (a driveway) and all to the left of that -

Id really appreciate it if someone can help me achieve the aim.

Im doing this to keep the peace for my friend, whose place I have filmed, otherwise it would remain.
thx blue edge
blue edge
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Re: Need to blur left side of drone shots

Postby JPT7505 on 11/1/2017, 11:57 am

Just mask the area and add a Gaussian blur, most likely use an adjustment layer.
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