Plane Hits Building

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Plane Hits Building

Postby lou4uandme on 02/6/2013, 8:52 pm

Hi Guys,
I've been working on this project for several weeks. It still needs some work.
I want to replace the Boulder that Hits the Camera with a more "detailed-less CG looking" Rock.
I also want to fix the dust that falls off the bottom buildings. (its too contained for my taste)

It would be very helpful to me if I can get some "constructive criticism" from fresh, new eyes.

Most of the fire, debri,smoke & explosions are created in MAX however I did use AK's ACTION PACK to "fill in" some areas.

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Re: Plane Hits Building

Postby Thallis on 02/7/2013, 5:07 am


first of all , good work.

As you say, i think the dust should be more spread all over , i also think you should add some more dust from the hit. At the impact i could imagine before the big debris explode out there would be a big "fast moving" shock-wave containing a lot of dust and maybe a displacement map. Add more camera shake right after the impact. I don't know if it is possible , but try to get the building to look like it is moving a bit from the impact also.
And finally let the big rock that hits the cameraman come more from above, so it has more a curved fall line, i think it is all to straight down in the camera, and it looks like it is fading in. And instead of a rock , maybe use a part of the plane or something, Where did the rock came from anyway ?
The sound could also be adjusted, add a hit in the end, and at the plane impact , maybe simulate the mic peaking or something so you get the feeling that it is serious ;D , i like the "oohh shit" comment.

that would be my comments
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Re: Plane Hits Building

Postby lou4uandme on 02/7/2013, 5:54 am

Well, the rock was suppose to be a large section of debri. BUT I really wanted to have it as an INNER WALL of the building and have a man holding on screaming as it came towards the camera. (it would be funny) Kind of like in a "X" pose

But that's a great Idea about the plane parts. I think I might do that.
As for the addional smoke impact, yes I agree. I was getting lazy at that point, because of render times "Simulations & rending"
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Re: Plane Hits Building

Postby Faust on 02/7/2013, 9:44 pm

I think you need lots more smoke and lots more fire. If we take a look at some reference footage:

You'll see how huge the smoke plumes are. If course, that's not as big of a building, and speaking of which, that plane seems a little small, doesn't it? (Also wow, that cameraman gets around)

Other than that, very nice rendering and compositing. Good job!
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Re: Plane Hits Building

Postby lou4uandme on 02/7/2013, 10:39 pm

Well funny story.... I started out by modeling the MET LIFE building (the old PAN AM) And I made the plane a "Pan Am" plane. but I still needed some footage. When I shot this footage, I realized that the building was way too large for the space. Also, The pan am logo at the top of the building would have been cut off.

So I had to make a basic building but it had to be scaled down along with the plane to fit in the camera shot. So yes, the scale is incorrect. Again,...lazyness, I didn't want to reshoot.

I already swapped out the boulder and replaced it with the Engine of the plane.
I guess I will work on the smoke fume next week.
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