Room Idea.....?

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Room Idea.....?

Postby JoeClark on 08/22/2017, 3:30 am

So I think I am in the right channel for this question but if I am not I am very sorry. Alright let's begin. I will do my best to explain the idea I have in my head.
So I am trying to make an animated scene where I have a "camera" in AE that sort of slowly pans around the room. In the room I (would like to have) hanging lights that emit a soft/warm glow and in the middle of the room some text that says "All I've Ever Wanted". Now I have taken several stabs at this on my own, using youtube vids and some video copilot vids, to no avail. Here's the problem I keep running into..... When I try to import a 3D object from PS in to AE the import works, however when the object imports,if I change it to a 3D layer it becomes 2D. If I unmake it a 3D layer then it looks more 3D dimensional but my "new camera" that I added to the project, when I revolve around the object it just stays in the center of the screen and no field of depth can be seen. I know the mistake is on my end I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong. So again, the final product that I am trying to achieve is a room filled with hanging bulbs, Edison style soft/warm lighting and the camera slowly revolves around the center of the room and the text "All I've Ever Wanted". Thank you so much for any assistance on this issue.'
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