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Video Copilot is a collaborative resource for training, design tools and artists. Our goal is to show you what is possible and how effects can be created so that you can apply these techniques on your own creative adventures. We strive to develop distinctive and innovative tools that improve the quality and speed of your production while offering freedom and flexibility.
About Andrew & Video Copilot
As the host of over 100 tutorials and creator of title sequences for TV’s Fringe and the film Star Trek, Andrew has participated in many forms of production from visual effects artist, to directing commercials and promos. His website Video Copilot has been a progressive force in the visual effects industry with his upbeat training style and innovative plug-ins.

As a freelance artist and web designer at age 20, Andrew began to work on the Video Copilot website from his apartment in Southern California. The website started with a single product and a handful of short After Effects tutorials that were featured on the Creative Cow community. His unusual training style and off-beat humor intrigued viewers by showing them powerful techniques for visual effects that were detailed and also entertaining. Not to mention the joy of collaborating with his friend Sam Loya for destructive and punishing effects.

In 2007 Andrew released a tutorial based on the Light Streaks effects from the recent iPod commercials that sparked worldwide interest and was even featured on the front page of the popular news site Later that year, the now 2-man team released the popular Riot Gear DVD featuring stock footage of paint and ink elements filmed in their garage. The products success had Andrew and his brother scrambling to fill orders to locations all over the world and helped fuel the company’s passion.

The sites online presence has also led to collaborations for Andrew to work with major companies and even the unique opportunity to work with Director J.J. Abrams on Film & TV Projects.

Video Copilot has since published over 40 hours of training and has over a dozen professional products and plug-ins used by creative professionals around the world. The Video Copilot team has grown to 6 full-time professionals and recently moved into a new studio space. Andrew continues to work in the film industry in addition to publishing new, exciting products and tutorials for the growing motion graphics and visual effects community.
Video Copilot Team & Contributors
Patrick Otten
Web Developer
Patrick organizes and maintains our website and databases. He also manages the powerful Video Copilot servers.
Matt Kramer
Operations Manager
Matt handles order fulfillment for all of Video Copilot, customer support, and also manages day to day operations at VC.
Tino Hertz
Project Manager
Tino is a creative designer and FX artist who is constantly creating new concepts and provides cutting edge design.
Sérgio Gil
Sergio is the lead plug-in developer at Video Copilot and has extensive experience with building custom interfaces for software & 3D games.
Bobby Hommel
FX Artist
Bobby is a talented FX artist that has been involved in many Video Copilot projects. His skills include compositing & 3D animation.
Alexander Alexandrov
FX Artist
Alex provides creative support for various projects from graphic design to 3d integration.
Dustin Hudson
Graphic Artist
Dustin is a talented 3D artist and graphics designer and is an integral part to all projects at Video Copilot.
Bryan Burkhardt
Music Producer
Bryan is a passionate music artist. He creates cutting edge music and helps out in various other areas at Video Copilot.
Marc Biorklund
Server Maintenance
Mark and his expert server knowledge help prepare, setup and maintain efficient website hosting and serving.
Vintila Stefan Marius
3D Artist
Stefan is a talented 3D artist that specializes in 3D modeling and texturing.
Lupu Theodor Daniel
3D Artist
Theo is a talented 3D artist that specializes in 3D modeling and texturing.
Sam Loya
Actor, Editor
Sam has contributed since 2005 with his presence in the Serious FX DVD. Aside from VC, Sam runs a successful editing business.