Blog Rules


Welcome to the Video Copilot blog, a place for artists and individuals interested in post production and computer effects. Our goal is to provide an outlet for artists to collaborate and share ideas and information in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.


As a family friendly website, all discussions expected to stay friendly and professional. Please remember that we are a community of far-reaching talents and artists as well as individuals from all over the world.

Prohibited conduct:

  • Illegal mischief, offensive behavior, angry or hateful remarking is also forbidden. Think of it as a non-conflict zone.
  • Don’t post in all CAPS
  • Don’t beg for content or tutorials
  • Do not ask questions that are answered in the FAQ’s
  • Do not hijack posts with your own subject
  • Please email website malfunctions to Support
  • Don’t argue or be a troll
  • Please post in the appropriate forum
  • Don’t post your comment number!

9 years ago