Element 3D V2 Revealed!

Check out the new features coming to Element 3D V2 coming out this November!

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2 months ago
My First Keynote: Becoming a Better Artist!

See the awkward comedy stylings of Andrew Kramer as he… WAIT! Wrong press release!

As promised, here is my full Keynote Speech from the 2014 AE World conference! I really put a lot of thought into this speech and I hope you guys check it out!

Join me as I discuss my motivation for becoming a better artist with fun stories, personal challenges and my advice for all Digital Artists! See my original Demo Reel from 2002 and hear the story behind my first big job with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot.

Plus my thoughts on tutorials, distractions and what I  think is the most important skill for every designer. Hear my tips on how to stand out, manage priorities and avoid getting burned out!

Watch on Youtube in HD

PS: I want to thank my younger brother Matt for helping me prepare for my first keynote speech!

2 months ago
My After Effects World Conference Visit

I’m excited to tell you that I had a blast at this years After Effects World conference and met a lot of great people.

I was also given an opportunity to do a keynote presentation which is much different than sitting behind a computer and demonstrating software. I talked about what motivates me, personal challenges and what I think are the keys to becoming a better artist.

The good news is, this time we filmed it. Now that the footage has been downloaded safely, I’m happy to announce we’ll be posting it online this week, for all to watch.

I hope you will check it out!

2 months ago
Announcing Element 3D V2!

It has been a little over 2 years since the release of Element 3D V1 and I still remember it quite vividly. I recall staying up all night before the launch, trying to get everything done.

I was nervous and excited.  My son Josh had just been born a week earlier and I was working from home at the time. The pressure was on!

Finally everything was in place and we hit the GO button. The page went live! I exhaled with a strange form of guarded relief. There was no turning back.

The next thing I remember in my semi-conscious state was the absolutely incredible response from the community.  The heartfelt comments and appreciation.  Even to this day, when somebody gets a chance to use Element 3D in their project, I’m truly excited and thankful.

At Video Copilot we know the bar is raised high and we accepted the challenge.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the next major release of Element 3D V2!  This November, we’re thrilled to bring our latest plug-in to the world!

Our team has worked exceptionally hard to try and bring you incredible new features that will save you time and create impressive results without a SHADOW of a doubt.

Join Us October 6th for the first sneak peak and some...

2 months ago
Pixel Screen Experiment!

Here is a fun experiment I created to simulate cool LCD Pixel effects using built-in plug-ins only! It uses the Camera Lens Blur effect along with a depth map to create realistic DOF.

Watch Breakdown on Youtube

Download Project File (CS6)

Sound FX Created with MotionPulse!

2 months ago
139. Translucent Glass
Create a cool title design using a 3D displacement map.
143. Advanced Spin FX
Create spectral design elements and light FX.
Stock Footage