One Week!

Element 3D V2 is almost here and we have been holding back on a few cool features!  Be sure to check back on Monday as we reveal several new features! Be sure to Follow us on Twitter for additional updates!

Updates from twitter:
 New for C4D Users: Element 3D V2 let’s you import most materials and textures from C4D automatically!
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E3D V2: Option to convert any image to a normal bump map.
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Launch sequence underway!

Element 3D V2 will be available Tuesday Dec 2, 2014

18 hours ago
Element 3D V2 Official Release Date!

Element 3D V2 will be available in 2 weeks on Dec 2!

Yeah! I know I’m 2 days past my November goal but we are really happy with the progress and we needed the extra time to get everything dialed in! This update is insane!

What can I say, we like to push the limits of technology and features, but at the end of the day it is important that we release a product that is high quality!

Stay tuned for even more announcements as we reveal other big features!
(and you’ll see why things took a little longer!)

Additional Product Announcements:
We are also excited to announce the all new Pro Shaders 2! Now with massive 2K Maps and physical shaders plus the new Motion Design 2 model pack that was designed for Element 3D V2

If you haven’t watched our first look video, check it out Now!

In the mean time:

  • Make sure your Graphics card driver is up to date!
  • Maybe check out a new graphics cards to get the most out of E3D V2
  • Think of all the cool things you will be able to create with V2!

PS: We are still tweaking the website and hope to have it dialed in this week too!

1 week ago
Sporting a New Design!

I’m not really sure how long it has been since we have redesigned the website but we thought it was time!

The new design is focused on content so we finally made the page wider. We’ve also updated the tutorial section so that you can watch the tutorial you click on with few clicks. The project file and related information is all in one place too. One of the bigger new features is the tutorial playlists. Right now, I’ve just created a few playlists of some of my favorite tutorials but what this mechanism will allow me to do is create more in depth training that has multiple parts and still fit into our typical system. Lots of important stuff behind the scenes!

Noted Features:

  • Wider page width! (Dynamic sizes coming for mobile)
  • Fewer clicks to access tutorials and content
  • Tutorial Playlists
  • Better resolution for embedded videos on blog

We are still transitioning so please give us time to get through all the small bugs, we’re working on it!

2 weeks ago
Element 3D V2: New Specular Model!

Of the many new features announced with Element 3D V2 (so far), there is one I am particularly excited about and that is the new specular highlight model.

The new spec model takes advantage of the new physical shader system and features a natural light falloff  helps create more realistic shaders! You can even get the specular to be much smaller and sharp or large and diffused. May seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference!

1 month ago
Technical Details about E3D V2

Now that we have released the first look at Element 3D V2, you can see that this is not a small update to our plug-in. It is a massive overhaul with many big features. So, I thought I would take a little time to answer a few technical questions.

NOTE: Pricing information and upgrade paths will be announced soon!

With all the amazing new features in Element 3D V2 (why, thank you!), do I need an insane Graphics Card?
Not at all.

Our render engine is actually more efficient than V1 but we also added many new features  so we recommend having at least 512MBs of video memory and 1GB is even better. Certain features just use up memory, so you want to have enough memory to keep things running smoothly and allow more complex scenes. Plus if you are creating 4K stuff, you need to be able to have enough memory for large renders.

What graphics card should I get?
Nvidia and AMD cards have shown very nice performance with E3D V2. Even the mid-range GeForce graphics cards have plenty of power to run V2 with great speed. If your card is more than 4 years old, you can REALLY speed things up with a new graphics card! A decent $150-250 graphics card will go a long way.

Intel cards are not...

2 months ago
138. Simple Car Rig
Create a Simple Car Rig with Element 3D!
139. Translucent Glass
Create a cool title design using a 3D displacement map.
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