Still alive!

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things!

Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so I’ve really had to focus!

So it’s been tricky to explain what I’ve been up to and why, since I can’t really say exactly… yet. But I know I need to do a better job of keeping you guys updated!

My Intercept short film is coming along but because of the demands of my studio work I’ve been finishing the VFX at night and weekends and it’s been hard because I’m trying to do some bigger visual FX than usual.

So… I know I owe you guys some awesome stuff, as soon as things cool down in about a month.  I will be making it up to you guys with some cool Free Plug-ins (3 almost finished), some insane tutorials and of course my Short film that I’m excited to release!

Believe me, I understand the frustration some of you are feeling, I get it! I’m putting everything I have into my work and I don’t want to just throw things together just to be done.

I started Video Copilot because I love creating visual effects and design and now that I’m in the middle of some incredible projects, I’ve been pushing myself ever more. My plan is to be able to share all of the challenges and solutions from this experience and continue to help everyone get better, including myself and I hope that will make Video Copilot be even better!

3 months ago
Element 3D V2.2 Now Available!

Element 3D V2.2 Now Available!
Element 3D V2.2 is now available and free to V2 users!

Top Features:

  • Group Symmetry Creation Mode
  • Dynamic Group Folder Reflections
  • Matte Reflection Mode
  • Updated UI with speed improvements
  • Matte Shadow with Alpha Channel
  • Improved material visibility options
  • Save Group Folder as E3D file
  • Export OBJ Utility
  • Improved C4D support file support with animation
  • Randomized Raytrace samples for multi-pass motion blur

Video Copilot Plug-ins updated for Adobe CC 2015
Element 3D V2.2 (V2.2 required for CC 2015)
Optical Flares
Heat Distortion
Element 3D V1.6

DOWNLOAD UPDATES: (Licensing requires log-in)

UPGRADE Notice: Adobe recommends keeping your older version of After Effects installed. Read More.

5 months ago

Here is the teaser for a short film I’m working on: INTERCEPT! Coming in 2 weeks.

Lots of behind the scenes and tutorials to follow!

6 months ago
Announcing Element 3D V2.2

Super busy but I wanted to share some exciting news, Element 3D V2.2 is almost ready! We’ve added some very cool new features for compositing, rendering, workflow and design!  Plus some improved C4D integration.  There are at least 5 impressive new features in this update!

The poster graphic was also created entirely inside of Element 3D V2.2 using the Motion Design 2 pack!

Element 3D V2.2 will be a free upgrade from V2!
If you are still running V1.6, you can upgrade to V2 now and receive the new update when it is ready!

Needless to say we have been working hard, developing new plug-ins, I’m directing a new short film and working on some great new tutorials! Now I just need to finish them!

7 months ago
Presenting NAB 2015 in Las Vegas!

If anyone is planning to go to NAB in Las Vegas, I’ll be presenting at the Adobe booth! This year I only have time to do a single presentation so grab some lunch and then go to the Adobe Booth!

Presentation Time:
2pm on April 14th

See if you there but if not, I think Adobe will be posting the video online after the show!

8 months ago
153. 3D Pre-Compose Script
Pre-Compose 3D Aware effects with ease and link expressions
156. Classic Car 3D Text
Extruding Text & Adjusting Bevels
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