Experimenting with realistic Water Drops!

Experimenting with realistic refracting water. #aftereffects

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I love using native effects in After Effects to create more realistic effects… Although I love some CC Mr. Mercury, I wanted to try to create something more realistic. Look for the Tutorial soon! In 2017, I’m going to change the meaning of the word soon to actually mean SOON!

11 months ago
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7 months ago
Nice water drop look awesome.Nice work and very impressive.
Thanks for sharing
    6 months ago
    Yes you're right Kunal. These are looking amazing
9 months ago
very good.
tank you.
10 months ago
the water drops look so real.
11 months ago
Wow, I've allways wondered about how to do that in After Effects. The fake caustics are really great. Please, explain...
11 months ago
Extraordinary, like everything You made ;-)
Gabriel Vörösmarty
11 months ago
I had an idea how you did it, but I am sure your way is still a touch better.
11 months ago
As soon as intercept?
11 months ago
Don't you have some major blockbuster work to do? Tutorials? That's all behind you now.
11 months ago
axe-stremely phenomenal work...more so because of the self-posed "all native" exception.

What a great way to challenge the creative mind...ask it to review what is already there, and find something NEW... :)

Thank you Andrew~!
11 months ago
11 months ago
Where we can found your
Seminar in japan (2016) ?
11 months ago
Very nice
11 months ago
Really impressive ! Mercury is a cool effect.
Element V3 for 2017 ? héhéhé
nick b
11 months ago
im interested to see your method.
11 months ago
Looks great!