NAB 2014

Today I’ll be presenting at the Adobe booth at 2Pm but you can also catch my other presentation tomorrow at 2PM!

I’ll be talking about my recent work on the show Almost Human and I’ll be hanging around the booth afterwards to say hi!


2 years ago
In addition to posting on the blog more frequently, I plan to post more photos and experimental renders on the new Instagram account! Check us out on Instagram! Also on Twitter!
NEW Plug-In: SABER Now Available 100% Free!
Watch Tutorial on Youtube in HD Our sweet new energy plug-in is available right now for free! Check out the tutorial and start downloading! Staying up for two days straight is not ideal but happy to have it up! Key Uses: Create Energy Beams, Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze & more Features: Create High quality energy & lights beams Realistic […]
VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
Here is my Star Wars hologram presentation. I get into the design process a bit and focus on some of the challenges and interesting techniques we used. Including the time I met Harrison Ford… kinda. NAB was a lot of fun this year. Fun to see many of the design friends and all of the people […]
Render Challenges!
I’ve been playing around in Element 3D a lot and I was thinking about starting some kind of animation challenge. It’s actually been a fun free-form exercise to create something without specific parameters or rules. To design this way feels very organic and mistakes help to drive new ideas. Plus it’s an excuse to practice new techniques. […]

Prasanna Sahu
2 years ago
Hey Hi Andrew,
First of all Thanking you a lot lot from the deep heart.
I am struggling a lot in the institutes where no single faculty is well trained to train the students,after watching your tuts i can say those faculties are just playing with the careers of the young artists.They said you are taking a wrong step leaving the institute, u cant get a good job.
But, I took the step n left quit the institute in between and started
watching your tuts n precised a lot in a yr at home.
And you know what, I made it, i got a well good job.
All thanks to you Andrew. You made my Career. God bless you dude.

Prasanna Sahu
2 years ago
Gutted to hear Almost Human has been cancelled!
2 years ago
Hey Andrew, do you travel everywhere with that Flight Helmet? Also, I'd like to meet with you someday. I'm your biggest fan.

2 years ago
I'm in the same situation than Christopher. Thanks to Andrew's tuts, I work in VFX por TV nowadays. Andrew, you are a guru for thousands of new motion graphers and VFX professionals. Thank you very, very much.
Christopher Scott Knell
2 years ago
It was great seeing you at NAB and finally getting a chance to thank you for getting my new career started...
As you said, it was ME who took the first step... but it was your early tutorials and the fun you were having that got me on the track I'm on now.
Thanks again Andrew.
Burbank, CA
2 years ago
It was nice meeting you at NAB and the MMB! Thanks for all you do for the motion graphics community. It's well received and appreciated.
2 years ago
Hey guys check this out i made this myself
    2 years ago
    This video is just to test how massive simulation a PC can do but still Andrew Kramer rocks because after making very poor quality titles i realized how much effort Andrew and his team did...salute to you Andrew Kramer.
2 years ago
I keep looking for the thumb up "like" button, maybe you need integrate one, either way always my two thumbs up for you Andrew.
2 years ago
Hey what's up Mr. Andrew Kramer!!
2 years ago
Yes the romours are true! Andrew is the best! respect and cheers! :o)
christian apaza
2 years ago
Cool, congratulations andrew kramer
please link more videos and photos about it

Republioca Independiente Arequipa Peru
Eric Lin
2 years ago
this photo just show you the spirit of visual effect ;)
2 years ago
I got to see you present both days.
It was great to finally meet you m'friend and thanks for everything you do for us!
2 years ago a great post!!! Thanks for sharing Lj
2 years ago
Andrew Kramer Discusses After Effects and the Evolution of the VFX Industry NAB 2014
    2 years ago
    Thanks for the post, Lj!

    So, basically, AE CC has not any interesting new feature for AE users. Only the possibility of using single masks for each effect in the same layer. That's useful, but not enough. It seems like the best new features are actually for Premiere users, and not After Effects.

    The new tools for Spill Supresion are useful, yes, but the Red Giant Keying Suite already had those with the great Primatte Keyer, so... that's not something really new neither.

    I don't know. It seems like the evolution from CS5.5 to CS6 was HUGE, but not as much the evolution between CS6 and CC.

    Anyway, CS6 still being an awesome software (I still realizing new things on it each day), so maybe we'll not need the CC version.

    By the way, here there are my two latest videos, made in CS6 with a lot of Video Copilot stuff (plug-ins, like Element, Sure Target 2 and Optical Flares; and some free materials, like their lovely paper textures pack).

    - "The Grid" with some new tweaks and improvements:

    - And this motion graphics for the intro of an Spanish new TV series:

    I hope you enjoy! And please, as always, forget my poor level of English.
2 years ago

Cool mind :)
2 years ago
i wish i was in America.....
2 years ago
Hey Andrew not sure if your in the mood to be leaking any info about Element 2.0, but I was wondering if there will be a basic gravity system?
2 years ago
Andrew appreciate your time after the presentation. Not only did you take the time to answer questions but you gave us good in depth answers. Much respect.
2 years ago
Great presentation yesterday, andrew. It was a lot of fun, and it was great to meet ya.
2 years ago
Awesome! Wish we were there.
Beats sitting home trying to figure out how to track my extremely blurred shaky footages..
    2 years ago
    Shwines shines shwines!!!!! lol
    2 years ago
    2 years ago
    The BRAINTRUST !!!
2 years ago
super po it will nicela :D
2 years ago
Hi Andrew,
what's about any NAB News from your side?
Like release date for Elements V2??
Justin Melson
2 years ago
I hope yo hang around for an hour! I have to run from the Go Pro booth all the way to Adobe and I hope I can find you!
2 years ago
Andrew, y u so awesome. You make me laugh all the time.
2 years ago
Hee Andrew.. That is a neat trick!! Holding a picture of a helmet agains the window.. Now it looks like a aerial shot.. pretty cleaver.. See that's a Yoda thing...
Have fun and make no mistakes..
2 years ago
oooh boy... this is amazing any chance where i can watch live stream or offline stream or something .... i just wanna see you no matter how :-)
2 years ago
Love me a bit of Encore! The view is mesmerizing. Good times.
2 years ago
hey, did you record your presentation? we love to watch it somehow
2 years ago
Dude, are you holding a basketball and a bra?
2 years ago
That's some fancy helmet... you have self restraint Andrew... if it was me I would selfie with that helmet in it and beside it...
2 years ago
I'd say it went well. The audience treated you like a rock star with all the cheering, standing room only.

Your procedure for the iris graphics was good - gives me a few creative ideas, and I'm curious if this in-house circuit layout plugin will ever see the light of day. Or one could use real circuit layout software, but that was really cool.

Thanks man.
jo pi
2 years ago
any live feed available?
2 years ago
Just one question: Will there be a season 2 of Almost Human?
2 years ago
Andrew is there any chance that you are going to give a tutorial on VFX from iron man 3 or ghost rider that kind of stuff like taking tutorials to next level maybe premium DVD thing like serious FX?????????
Chet T.
2 years ago
Andrew, I wish I could be there. I didn't get to go to NAB last year, either. But I promise, if you come to NAB next year, I will be there to shake your hand and thank you for the many years of great tutorials, products, professional work on movies and tv, etc.
2 years ago
What are you cooking up there, Andrew? From those pics in your post, I suspect that you will be doing some 'aerial' work in LV - a virtual fly-by, perhaps? Have fun :)
2 years ago
I really wish I could be there, I'd love to meet you, your my idol!
2 years ago
Goodluck man,You can do this presentation.
2 years ago
I see the top image & am like "He's always in a chopper now." ..Scroll down, haha
2 years ago
Lovely! I know your presentation will be gr8 + don't forget 2 give out improvement tips on d software. Wish u all d best AK.
2 years ago
Andrew is there anyway we can export a model that we extruded with Element 3D(text or logo) and use it with another 3D application such as 3ds max or blender?
2 years ago
Thank you so and to more of your work
2 years ago
i wish so bad i could be there. i have a friend who's there. he'll be looking for you!
    2 years ago
2 years ago
That's cool, and hope to see you soon
2 years ago
Nice! is there any chance to get a link for the streaming?
2 years ago
Hi Andrew,

Yeah I wish I could be there too! But I hope one day I will.
2 years ago
Did you have room service bring you a fighter pilot helmet? If so, that's awesome.
2 years ago
That's awesome! I Wish I could be there!
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