I’m going to NAB!


Are you going to NAB in Las Vegas?

If so please stop by the Adobe booth on Tuesday and Wednesday for my presentation! I’ll be on around 2pm both days. Come one, come all, I’d love to have a chance to meet some of my digital friends!

Plus you can hang around the show floor and see many great new gadgets! Should be fun!

2 years ago
Free Star Wars Model Pack!
Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate our love for Star Wars we are giving away a sweet collection of 3D models that we built so you can learn to create your own visual effects! Our goal is to show you tips for Lighting, Rigging and animating so you can learn to create exciting visual FX too! These are […]
NEW Plug-In: SABER Now Available 100% Free!
Watch Tutorial on Youtube in HD Our sweet new energy plug-in is available right now for free! Check out the tutorial and start downloading! Staying up for two days straight is not ideal but happy to have it up! Key Uses: Create Energy Beams, Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze & more Features: Create High quality energy & lights beams Realistic […]
VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
Here is my Star Wars hologram presentation. I get into the design process a bit and focus on some of the challenges and interesting techniques we used. Including the time I met Harrison Ford… kinda. NAB was a lot of fun this year. Fun to see many of the design friends and all of the people […]
An Unstoppable Force!
  It’s been a crazy year! Getting an opportunity to work on Star Wars and learning how many days you can survive with no sleep.  It’s been an incredible honor to work with J.J. Abrams and the amazingly talented people at Bad Robot and ILM. To see the love an dedication that went into this film […]

2 years ago
NAB is one of my favorite to see
2 years ago
Fox Tv ekranlarinda kadim dostum dizisini ucretsiz olarak izleyebilirsiniz.
I'd love to see you
2 years ago
wow that's cool.i'll always praying for you Andrew.great time
2 years ago
See you tomorrow, Kramer-licious!
2 years ago
Element 3D Titles & Motion Graphics Video (Rendered inside AE)

2 years ago
Infected Portal Created In Aftereffects with builted plugins.

2 years ago
In Vegas, it will show?
Ben Jones
2 years ago
N 4K'n AB... sounds like fun. Would love to go and see our new 4k world, but alas, Vegas is in a country far far away. Hope you have a good time. You streaming?
Stan Arthur
2 years ago
I met you there in 2012. Looking forward to seeing you again this year.
2 years ago
Will be at NAB as well. Am looking forward to meeting AK and learning more about what he/VC has in store for us! Hmmmmm.
2 years ago
I will be there too! Promoting my 4K film. Will stop by and see the awesomeness that is Andrew Kramer ;).
2 years ago
Hi Andrew
I cant see you this year, well i wait interesting announcement.
Good luck for your presentation !
See you next year
Jimmy ( GoPro Boy )
2 years ago
hi!Andrew!(sorry my language is french;i'm in TOGO "in west africa")i leaarn the most part on AE from your website.
GOOD LUCK for the NAB.i hope you will be enjoy.
2 years ago
Que grande Kramer, felicitaciones.
2 years ago
This is my short film used fottage Of VideCopolot ^^
HULK BABY VIET NAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjU2QkE5MO4
IRON MAN VIET NAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjU2QkE5MO4
2 years ago
There he is! https://vimeo.com/89771293 :)
2 years ago
Element V2??? cool? what time?
Zach Schuyler
2 years ago
I will be there. Saw you back in 2012. Was a great presentation, although you seemed a little nervous.
2 years ago
I'll be there! Looking forward to meeting you.
2 years ago
Which camera on the photo?
2 years ago
great share your experience after .....take care pal :-)
2 years ago
Why NAB and no SXSW?
2 years ago
Will there be a livestream?
2 years ago
Wonderful! Hope I can have a chance to see you in real person
2 years ago
The worst part of NAB by far, is the lack of moving sidewalks.
In fact, most everything would be improved with moving sidewalks.
2 years ago
AGH! I can't go, but I'm praying that your presentation will be on Element V2. Good luck, Andrew!
2 years ago
Its one of my ambitions to go to NAB, maybe one day :(
2 years ago
Andrew kramer can u pls come to Nigeria
oh my god its wonderful
2 years ago
Hey ANdrew I would love to see ur presentations but when u announce them its always a few days notice. would there be a chance to announce your upcoming yearly presentations that's way proper scheduling can be made for those who really want to go, thanks
2 years ago
France is sooooooo far......
2 years ago
When are you ever gonna come to Europe?
2 years ago
You look too old in this photo! Maybe you should be Santa or somethin' like that in presentation! lol
Papa Smurf! I'm comin' for ya!
2 years ago
Wanna go but...just too far away...
2 years ago
Can't wait to see you there!
2 years ago
The Adobe booth!

Please tell me that Video Copilot isn't going
the way of Serious Magic...down the
bottomless rabbit-hole of an Adoughbe
false promise filled buyout
followed by neverending
nda's and non-competes.

Mark Randall used to be a tech force
to be reckoned with...
...now he writes a
'disruptive influence' BLOG! :P

You won't be putting you kids through
college writing a BLOG!!!

2 years ago
I wanna see you someday!
2 years ago
Excellent! I'll make a point of dropping by the booth. Love your tutorials and products, and it's my first time back to NAB in probably a decade.
2 years ago
I will be there too Andrew Kramer. This is awesome news to me. Your tutorials are awesome and it would be awesome to meet you. Your the man! You inspire me! I am Digital Media student at FIDM in Los Angeles and Video Copilot is one of the reasons why I love Adobe After Effects etc.... 2 questions - What will we have to look forward to at the Adobe booth? and are you bringing along Sam Loya for the fun? Haha
2 years ago
I was going to write something about hating creative cloud and sticking with cs6 forever and i hate adobe blah blah blah, but even I'm tired of complaining about that now, and clearly no one at adobe gives a patutie
2 years ago
Wahoo! See you there!
Jason Coblentz
2 years ago
Videocopilot has been the core of my education in AE. I live in the Las Vegas area and go to NAB every year. I look forward to seeing you Andrew and maybe even meeting you. I have been following your tutorials since the days of creative cow and just want to say thanks for your contributions and for keeping the tutorials interesting. And lets not forget that witty sense of humor that keeps me rolling on the floor laughing.:) I also love the products you and your team have put out as they always have enhanced my projects. I haven't been able to purchase element 3D yet but I have an independent film project coming up in the next year that this product is an absolute god send to create and pull off the vfx that otherwise I don't think I would be able to do without a serious budget. This product makes it affordable for an independent film maker like me to be able to produce Hollywood caliber visuals straight from my desktop at home. So I will be purchasing Element 3D in the near future along with the Metropolitan pack, Jet Strike and the Flight Kit plus a few other assorted packs. It's really a good thing to have people like you in this business who are willing to share the knowledge as I could never afford to go to school for this. Thank you...
By the way, I never post comments on the blog, but hearing that you are doing a presentation at NAB, I got excited that I get to experience that witty humor in person:) and just had to share the excitement.
2 years ago
Awesome Andrew! I look forward to seeing you in Vegas and at the MediaMotion Ball!
    Russ Fairley
    2 years ago
    It's always great to see Andrew at your amazing event, Carey! See you both there!
2 years ago
I'd totally come if I wasn't stuck in this damn country :( But is there a way so we could see live stream or videos or like anything?
2 years ago
could you please record one of your presentations, and then post it online here? :)
2 years ago
I would have come if i didn't live at the opposite of the earth lol
2 years ago
I´d love to! the problem is i live a little far away from there, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It would be great that you guys come here to make a presentation. You can count on my presence!
2 years ago
can you make a private invitation for vc peeps....i'm going NAB i'm for Georgetown Guyana south america
2 years ago
Followed you for years. Look forward to seeing you there!
2 years ago
I'll be there this year!

Will it be a different presentation on each day? Or the same on both?
    2 years ago
    Same presentation, but likely a different T-shirt!
    2 years ago
    Can the shirt please be a "This is the only shirt I own", both days?
2 years ago
Andrew Kramer sir please come to London too
2 years ago
will there be a video for those who couldnt come? :(.. I would love to see your presentation :D
2 years ago
It was great meeting you last year at NAB. Thanks for taking a few moments to talk with me and others after your presentation. Looking forward to chatting again this year!
2 years ago
It's really grat opportunity xD Hope I can visited in the next years
2 years ago
I will be there and will definitely stop by.
2 years ago
I would very much like to visit NAB in Los Angeles, but unfortunately busy with other delami.Nuzhno perform several orders of ecclesiastical direction. Good luck to you, Andrew. And we are all waiting for Element 3D v.2.
2 years ago
que bueno andrew, felicitaciones, la verdad es que sos un icono de after efects, etc. Me gustaria mucho estar ahi para conecerle personalmente, un gran abrazo desde Argentina.
2 years ago
Awesome.! Do you know if will be livestream?
    2 years ago
    Yes....would like to know as well. livestream?
2 years ago
Sweet, one of the firsts to post. I should be attending NAB this year myself. Hope to see you again this year. Could I maybe set up an interview for a college assignment I am going to have?
2 years ago
Element V2 announcement? ;)
    2 years ago
    I REALLY hope so...and a side order of some freakin' helicopters!
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