Element 3D V1.6 Now Available!

Watch in HD on Vimeo!

Element 3D V1.6 is now available!  Previous customers can upgrade for free by logging into download system right now.

To purchase Element 3D, please visit our Products Page Here!

View Element 3D V1.6 New Features & Video Demos

Previous Projects with Expressions: Some Property names have changes which may cause expression links to break. However this change will help avoid expression conflicts in the future now that every parameter have unique names. If necessary all older versions of Element 3D are available in the download section if you need to revert to an older version temporarily.

Please note the updated GPU Requirements that have raised slightly after further testing.

3 years ago
Element 3D V1.6: Top Features!

Watch in HD on Youtube, and change quality to 720p to see the detail!

Watch in HD on Vimeo!

I was not expecting to make such a in-depth feature video but please check out what is possible with the new World Position Mattes and the fantastic 3D Position Utility. Complete feature list and changes will be posted soon, some features didn’t make in this video and will be posted soon!

The theme of this update is better integration with After Effects, better compositing and better control!

Element 3D V1.6 will be available as a FREE update to customers.
To purchase Element 3D please visit our products page!

3 years ago
First Look: Optical Flares for Nuke!

Watch on Vimeo in HD

Us After Effects users have been rolling in Optical Flares for years but now our powerful lens flare plug-in has been built to work directly inside of the compositing application Nuke!

The new plug-in, Optical Flares for Nuke includes many of the same great features as well as some new stuff that connects seamlessly with the node-based workflow.

Of course, getting this plug-in finished has been a massive project that has required major customization, including rebuilding the UI to work on linux and working with Nuke’s 3D space.  But we extremely thankful The Foundry and those individuals and studios that helped beta test to get this tool production-ready.

In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate the basic setup of the plug-in and mostly pretend like I know what I’m doing inside of Nuke.

I think I’ll just stick to After Effects tutorials

PRICING: Optical Flares for Nuke is going to be $199.95
The Release date is planned for the end next month!

*Since this is a new product, we do not have upgrade pricing from the AE Version but all After Effects presets made with Optical Flares can be exchanged back-and-fourth between the Nuke Version.

Site Licensing:  We are...

3 years ago
Presenting in LA tomorrow! Come say Hi!

If you are near LA tomorrow night please drop by my presentation for After Effects and whatever else is going through my mind!  Last year it was great to meet so many of you and see your real faces!

We’re going to talk about some recent title work and some new features of Element 3D V1.6 that will be out soon.  One new feature includes the above image for creating an elevation map. Lots of possibilities! Plus I’ll take questions and answers from the audience, always risky!!

Currently there are less than 90 tickets left and it usually sells out pretty fast. This month especially because they have really great prizes and food  We’re even giving away several Element 3D bundles too!

DMALA: Tuesday 3-12-2013 At 6:30pm to 10PM

Get your tickets now and save a few bucks!

3 years ago
Particle Experiments + Project

Just another fun day playing with Trapcode Particular!  I basically linked the particle emitter to a Null Object with a wiggle expression then start playing with the turbulence and auxilary particle creation.  Then I added some lens textures from Optical Flares and various images in Photoshop.  Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve jumped into Particular with spare time to play around with all the settings since Element 3D usually keeps me pretty busy these days. Fun to break away from making software and just try to be a little creative.

If you want to play around with the project and see my settings you can download below. Just beware the render times can be slow with millions of particles being emitted.

Download Project CS5
Sample Video

3 years ago
146. Fancy Bevels
Create detailed bevels with Element 3D
149. Solar Atmosphere
Create a powerful sun effect in After Effects
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