OpenGL Programmer to Expand our Team!

Hey everybody! Video Copilot is looking for talented programmers to work with Video Copilot and we even made this graphic for you! (Yes we used our new Element Plug-in to render it)

We are dedicated to expanding our 3D technology and need to build our team to push the limits of 3D capabilities! Are you a C++ programmer with 3+ years of experience using Open GL and want to do some exciting creative engineering? We need you!

Skills needed:
-Expert Open Gl 3D programming with C++
-Optimizing code for real-time rendering
-Attention to detail!
-Team player with great communication skills (English)

This is a remote position, a fast internet connection is required along with Skype account and microphone.

Email Submissions:

Use the subject “OpenGL Programmer” and email resume and related experience to:

Please include any related project experience or information that is relevant to this position.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!


2 years ago
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Stock Footage