Shatner killed by Action Essentials 2!

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Video Copilot finally helped kill off William Shatner! Sort of. Love him or hate him, TV personality Captain Kirk was just exploded for a Priceline commercial and I couldn’t help but notice the explosion looked somewhat familiar.

Turns out his gruesome demise was enhanced with a clip from our very own Action Essentials 2 pack! I sometimes see some of our products used commercially which is exciting but when they kill off William Shatner… that’s worth talking about!

Now if you want to see Sam Loya being killed check out this Video and this one!

Emergency Landing!

Watch as Sam & Tino take-off in this new short video for an upcoming tutorial that will be landing soon!

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The Last Element 3D Update…

UPDATE: Now Available

This will be the last “update” before the official release date & launch cycle for our upcoming Plug-in Element 3D. Over the past couple of months, I let my excitement and ambition overshadow the time requirements for building such a powerful plug-in and I had to hold off on releasing it. Not just a couple of weeks but a couple of months which is not characteristic of myself or my company.

This community is a big part of why I get to go to work and develop such fun and interesting projects so I apologize for not keeping everyone better informed. I definitely learned a lot about building software of this magnitude and will be much better prepared in the future.

We recently overcame an unexpected but important rendering milestone and we are now polishing the remaining features.

My hope is that when you see the amount of work and careful planning that went into this plug-in, you will understand where that time went and realize our vision together.

The above examples were created inside of Element and I can honestly say that this is only a small part of what this plug-in can do.

I really want to give a time estimate but that always gets me into trouble!

So until then, let me finish-up and launch this baby!

Humbly yours,
Andrew Kramer
Video Copilot

There’s someone on the wing…

There’s someone on the wing, some……thing! Actually it’s a new VFX test I’ve always wanted to do involving an airplane interior. So yesterday we shot this plate of Sam & Tino on the greenscreen with a slow dolly movement. But, while enjoying the in-fight entertainment, they see something outside. Don’t worry it’s not snakes, but I’ll be posting the final shot next week with some tips and a breakdown. See ya then!

New Tutorial: Grenade Throw!

Get Down!! In this exciting new tutorial, we will build a super-slow motion grenade-throw entirely inside of AE with green screen footage. Learn to build a 3D nodal camera from 2D Tracking data (that is, create a camera that pans and tilts to match your footage) and simulate camera depth of field.

Be sure to watch for additional ideas on capturing moments in super-slow motion towards the end.

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Pick a Grenade any Grenade!

As I was working on this new tutorial that involves a flying Grenade, I realized that I could create the entire tutorial without the use of any 3D software like Cinema 4D or 3D max. So that’s exactly what I did! Now if you looking to create some live action elements for compositing, the key is to try and match the lighting of your original shot. If you watch our recent video Shell Shocked, the sun is coming from the top left side of the frame, so I tried to match the look on the green-screen. This same principle applies in 3D animation if you want to composite that futuristic grenade too and I’ll be sure to include some tips for those interested in the 3D workflow! No matter which way you use, do your best to match the lighting and you can use After Effects to blend right in. Stay tuned for the action packed tutorial!

Before & After: Shell Shocked!

Here is a side by side comparison of the original footage and the final output for our recent VFX short: Shell Shocked. By viewing the original, it may help those interested, see how I planned the shots for the final FX. The sound may be slightly out of sync due to layering in AE so please watch the original if you haven’t already.

When it started to get dark, you’ll notice the color temperature was shifting badly as the sun disappeared. To fix this, I was able to use Curves and Hue/Saturation to bring the tones back to match the previous shots. I’ll try to put together a basic overview of my color process, (which is not that complex) along with the main FX tutorial of the Grenade flying.

If anyone wants to try and practice color correcting, you can download the clip and start playing around!

Watch Comparison Video

Shell Shocked!

In the spirit of kicking things off with a BANG, here is Sam Loya in our latest adventure, SHELL SHOCKED! As you might expect, we will be creating a few tutorials based on this video so you should probably check it out!

Watch Now on Vimeo!

Watch on Youtube!

We shot this with a Canon 5D and an 85mm lens, I also want to thank my friend Eric for letting us film at this location!

PS, the back-story is Sam was doing something else and then he did this.