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I went to NAB this year in Las Vegas and attended the Media Motion Ball, it was great to talk with many people in the industry and eat a delicious meal. One of the highlights was a funny and meaningful speech by Brian Maffitt of Total Training, and it was about the issues that arise when artists starts thinking they know everything. You can imagine the issues that might come up but I won’t go into the specifics of the speech because I’ll probably screw it up 🙂

However, it did remind me of a interesting piece of advice I heard a few years ago…

“Don’t let what you think you know, get in the way of learning things you don’t.”

In other words, if you start to think you know everything about one particular subject, it might be difficult to keep an open mind when it comes to learning new techniques and solutions. When I do VFX work, I always try to think about the objective as freely as possible so I don’t get stuck working around a technique that causes problems in other areas of the shot. Not every comp will have the same requirements so it is important to identify all of the problems and objectives so you can design a more efficient solution.

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5 years ago
Just so you know…

I’m currently working on some VFX for an upcoming feature film and we are finishing up this month on about 50 shots.

I’m still very anxious to show you what we have been working on at Video Copilot and I think this will represent a solid direction and a new level of content on the site. Needless to say it has been busy as of late, from finishing the FX on my “Magic Orb” project to getting involved on a feature film that actually requires the FX to actually be good. Obviously it has been really fun and sometimes really late but I’ve been exploring some fantastic new VFX and workflows so I can’t wait to share them with you.

Of course behind the scenes, Video Copilot is moving forward on 3 new plug-ins, one of which is being shaped around the needs of real film work and experiences. I believe they represent the next-generation of tools that will open up some amazing possibilities…

Believe me, I don’t mean to tease but I just want everyone to know what we are up to and what we are working on!

Until soon, All the best!!

5 years ago
NEW TUTORIAL: Procedural Crumble

Build a procedural crumble effect in After Effects using the shatter plug-in in a unique way. We also composite dust elements from Action Essentials 2 and talk about following your dreams.

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5 years ago