Alright, so decided to record this quick tutorial on using multiple strokes to build high-impact graphics in After Effects. This relatively simple trick is a great way to make your titles pop and stand out. All of the strokes are dynamic so if you change the font or text, the graphics will update automatically. We also use the Vegas effect to add dotted lines and even Vegas lights. This is a lot of versatility in this technique so get creative!

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PS: Some might be wondering why I made this a tutorial and the Tron Title was just a short overview… well the answer is simple. Most of the techniques in the Tron project are specific to creating that one look, where as this technique is more generic and can be used in a variety of ways to create many unique graphics.

Tron Project and Walk-Through

Holy Monday batman! I decided to release the Tron-Pilot Project file created in After Effects with a short video walk-through. I talk about creating the 3D text and building a few expressions. It doesn’t demonstrate every little detail but it should be enough to help you through the project file. For the background blur, try using a photo of a city with the After Effects lens blur.

Watch Tutorial Overview

Watch Sample Video
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C++ Programmer Needed

Video Copilot is searching for an awesome programmer to help build new amazing tools.

Galactic Orb

I’m brewing up a new motion graphics tutorial that features a super-zoom from the inside of this galaxy ball left over from the movie Men in Black or somewhere. It’s got some interesting tips for creating energy unlike anything we have done before, plus all effects done inside of After Effects. Stay tuned!

Sample Video

2D to Stereo-3D Conversion

Wow, I just found this great article at FX Guide on the state of 2D-S3D conversions. The articles points out some interesting facts about the necessity of this process, even for movies shot in stereo because certain shots can’t be done physically. It also points out how the tech has improved and the different tools and methods.

One thing is clear, there is no magic software for converting and rotoscoping is essential.

Check it out

NEW PRODUCT: Pro Presets 2

Our massive expansion pack for Optical Flares is now available. Pro Presets 2 features 50 new presets, Design Templates, Video Tutorials and $100+ worth of commercial fonts!

Check out the details!

Movie Magic

Just stumbled upon this cache of episodes of the show Movie Magic. A behind the scenes look at various aspects of movie production and special effects from a few years ago. Check out episode 9 “From micro-processor to the big screen!!!” Very high tech, if only they knew we would be watching them on the information super-highway.

Check out all 12 episodes! via SlashFilm

Signal Flares

Our new preset pack for Optical Flares will be on sale Tuesday, 1-11-11 but we thought we would tease it a little more. This flare is based on a real world lens and was recreated for the Pro Presets 2 collection. This is 1 of 50 all new presets.

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And if all else fails… launch green flares and wait for the cavalry.

Pro Presets 2 for Optical Flares

UPDATE: Pro Presets 2, Now available! Click Here

We’ve been actively working on a new volume of advanced Lens Flare presets for Optical Flares and the new product is finally complete. The PRO PRESETS 2 pack includes 50 all new presets, training videos and even AE Project files to jump start your creativity.

January is actually the One year anniversary for Optical Flares and we wanted to show you more amazing possibilities with this powerful Plug-in. This new pack will reignite your projects with a variety of stunning anamorphic, and stylized presets. Each preset features complex objects with dynamic triggers and many are based on real flares from high-end camera lenses.

There will be many new surprises this year and trust me when I say, “We’re not messing around!”