Macro Shots

I spent some time last week shooting cool macro footage with a Canon 5Dm2 and a 100mm macro lens. It’s amazing what you see at such close detail especially if you have some shiny objects to shoot. Also with the shallow depth of field, you can really create some interesting abstract effects.

Macro Sample Video

It’s been quiet for a reason, we are launching an updated version of the website and working on this new plug-in called Atom. More info coming soon including a fun blog show later this week. Just watch out for giant monsters until then!!

6 years ago
Still alive!
Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things! Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so […]
In addition to posting on the blog more frequently, I plan to post more photos and experimental renders on the new Instagram account! Check us out on Instagram! Also on Twitter!
All Nighter! UPDATED
Our new mystery Plug-in is not quite ready to launch! But almost there! I know, I know… Once I began working on the tutorial, I realized it needed a few new functions. Even though we are releasing a new free plug-in, it still has to be good! I guess I have a bit of a reputation for going over […]
Intercept update and a Look Ahead!
As I started work today I was overcome with a feeling of positive energy that real progress was underway. I got a chance to see major updates on some new plug-ins we’re developing and one high-flying model pack. Plus this week I had a chance to shoot a new Blog Show and make some big progress on my short film Intercept! I know there […]

4 years ago
i only came back because you said it was 2 years since you was talking about atom (im from the future)
5 years ago
andrew, I'll buy a camera to make music videos, which you recommend, "canon canon 5D or 7D?

disculpen el ingles google traductor
Rajesh kumar
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew Sir,

Its a greatful tuts for students for their future carier
am many effects had learned this tuts which is not teach in our Institues. So i shall be thankful to you.

Rajesh kumar
New Delhi
6 years ago
What is better? Canon 550D/7D/Sony A60 or HD camcoder
6 years ago
ATOM... yummi :)
6 years ago
What kind of lenses did you use to create that cool effect in the “Blurry objects”?

6 years ago
What lens are you using. I have been considering Canon's EF-S 60mm. Also do you transcode your 7D footage with something like NeoScene?
6 years ago
Well, DSLRs produce impressive film like footage at first glimpse but they are very hard to use, require a lot of gear to be able to film something right, and this DSLR movie fever will soon fade since main camcorder producers are starting to put on the market new camears with larger imaging sensors like Panasonic`s new AG-AF101 or Sony`s NEX-VG10 bouth cameras with interchangeble Lenses. A camera will always be more ergonomic to shoot with than DSLR. BTW BBC does not put on air footage shot with DSLR, they are against it due to the "moire like" problems that the DSLR`s huge sensor produces. It has 21 mpx sensor but it only uses 2 mpx out of that sensor and sometimes is prodces strange artifacts.
6 years ago
Oooh. Atom - I can't wait to see what this is (checks credit card....yup got credit)

I hope it's something to do with a smoke/particle system or something. I get really excited by your cool smoke trails/general smoke tutorials, since these types of effects are really tricky to pull off convincingly in 3D packages. I see your missile smoke effect popping up throuhgout the internet. May as well make some dosh out of those techniques :D

Whatever it is I'm sure it'll rock and I'll buy it anyway. :p
6 years ago
is this raw?? or you doing mattes?? can we have breakdown for this??
Feroz Quazi
6 years ago
The post by "Clemento" has an AMAZING video on macrolens and motion graphics combined. Do check it out.

And Andrew - you're the best at what you do - as always. Keep rockin' my friend. I'll support all your work.

- Fan from Vancouver, BC
6 years ago
tank you is very good
Onome Nwa Films
6 years ago
Beautiful shots, only one regret: The last one on the gun seems really out of focus, It should have been pulled all over the gun, IMO it should contrast with the previous ones to convey a stronger "revealing" effect.
6 years ago
very god videocopilot team
6 years ago
I've also made a macro video combined with motion graphics, please take a closer look
6 years ago
Hi dear,You know man i live in iran and we have problem for payment in internet because we have no credit card or sumthing like this in our country and i need your trainings also but it is so hard for me and i dont know what i have to do about that i wish you can help me or tell me what can i do .
6 years ago
A plug-in called Atom... an elementary particle of matter...

My guess is a particle generator suite to put Particular to shame like Optical Flares does with Knoll Light Factory?? :)
6 years ago

Would the Canon 7D with the 100mm lens offer the same optic look?
6 years ago
I have a Kodak Zi6 pocket cam, kinda like a Flip. This thing has a macro feature that works great for a decent 720p HD cam. ANTS FEAR ME AND MY STICK. under $100
6 years ago
hey video copilot is the best^^
and thats my 3ds max animation

what do you mean^^
6 years ago

Can't wait anymore.
I'm fed up of wondering myself about my sexual orientation. Yes, i dream about vectors, shapes, masks, drag (and drop), fill, embed stuffs, layers, and worst of all: Null objects.
Andrew, I miss you and your fun way of teaching, the way I expected to meet when i was a teenager student...few...few years ago.

But from now, I may dream about Atom things...wich is pretty weird, regarding the fact that I don't know anything about it but its name. It's like a Radio voice on wich you can image any fantasy face and at the same time, being afraid to be disapointed when it comes the time to discover reality....

Yeah pretty weird indeed...

Come back, baby come back....

Many tahnks to you and the VC team.


6 years ago
realy you r grate mr.andrew, you r my teacher in aftreffects,thanks for your tutorials,,

i have a reqst...
i wand chat with you. but one problem !
im very poor in english...

please give me ur mobile number please, please please
i wand talk with you, (im from india). please email your mobile number, please
6 years ago
and I forgot part II
6 years ago
Hey Andrew,

be sure to check out my video "macro kingdom" - shot with the 5dmarkII and the MP-E 65mm extreme macro lens.

6 years ago
I love macro shots and shallow depth of field. Very nicely lit and framed Andrew! Too bad we don't have a lens kit to do that yet.
6 years ago
I worked with a maco lens just last night.... gonna be sick
6 years ago
what did you light the room with, looks very nice and busy with lighting / reflections?

6 years ago
that's so cool..
it's very difficult to take a smooth motion video with DSLR..
btw how do you take that video? can u share with us?
did u use kind of steadyCam to steady your shot?
vinay Rastogi
6 years ago
hi andrew i love your tutorial they are awesome.
also i am interested in motion graphic,so can u please give me some special tutorial ,which are useful to me.
6 years ago
Nice shots, am still thinking about getting a macro lens for the 7D... how are you doing the micro dolly shots? With a spidertrax dolly?
6 years ago
it looks like the objects are on a TURNTABLE you guys, that's probably why the "camera movement" is so smooth.

Which lens is that? I like the bokeh.
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, thanks for this blog and your products (own almost all of them). Think about a Kiron Kino Precision 105mm 1:1 macro. In my opinion one of the best macros I have ever seen! You will find them used on ebay. I use it wiht a Canon 5D MK II, too. Go for it :)

6 years ago
I tried it with the 50mm prime on the 7d and this is what i got.
Joel VanZ
6 years ago

May I ask what you used to dolly around the object? It is quite remarkable how smooth it is considering it was a 100mm lens.
6 years ago
Very nice!

I highly recommend buying a set of extension tubes. Like this depending on what camera you have.

Lens are great but this a much less expensive alternative.
6 years ago
This is Just super :D
6 years ago
thanks for your great work.your great job help me a lot
6 years ago
I know, Macro is crazy, i just got started doing it for the first time, but i have a sony HX1 which only lets me get limited macro but not the crazy type microscopic trying to get myself a raynox 250 addon lens, coz i can;t afford a proper expensive one :D
6 years ago
I love you andrew i think there is nothing impossible for in visual effects world.
6 years ago
Ah, an Omega.
Sea Master perhaps?
Then the gun should have been a Walther!
6 years ago
Andrew can you tell what it's called alt+ left mouse button
I want to search lessons for it your help will be helpful PS. if there is any mistake please sorry my English is not perfect.
6 years ago
Great shots, make some tutorial about doing that in CGI. You have great DOF post from 2007! Maybe its time for some update?!?!?!
6 years ago
Up and atom! :)
6 years ago
andrew can you make those effects without a professional camera but by just using after effects??????
next week we have to make a short video and i think it will be useful 4 me... ;]
6 years ago
That looked amazing.
6 years ago
Guess I'll have to take a closer look at shooting macro. <--Punny!

It even makes Stinkie look good.
6 years ago
Here's a test shoot I did with the 5D MKII
6 years ago
I've been shooting with the 5D & 7D since they came out. Great cameras. If you are thinking about buying them, you might want to wait until next year. Sony has a new camera that lets you mount DSLR lenses to it, but it's a video camera with video features. Canon & Panasonic will soon follow suit. These new Hybrid cameras will give us the video cam features and stability while allowing us to use the DSLR lenses to get that shallow depth of field & ultimately that really cool Film Look!
6 years ago
Hello Andrew !

I own a canon 500D and I found really difficult to hold the focus. the best way to do it is doing as you have done, stick the camera into a tripod and move things around. I havent got time to try making videos, but I will do it soon.

See ya !
6 years ago
Shots are very nice. Good job..
6 years ago
Hi andrew how many camera did you have?
6 years ago
like Steve Jobs....Amazing xD
very nice shot andrew
6 years ago
The last shot is nice!

Cant wait for the Atom plug-in!

Daniel From The Netherlands
Peter Kreitner
6 years ago
LOoks nice! what is macro by the way? : )
6 years ago
So atom will be something related with macro?
6 years ago
amazing colors! someone have a color correct presets for AE or PS like this? i mean except Film Magic Pro)
D4 Manager
6 years ago
Atom? How about Dragon?
6 years ago
Atom - Automated Optics Manager. Did I guess? :D
6 years ago
@ Digital Green

Huh? Twitch is legendary :D
6 years ago
Cool example video. Love the clarity that close. Someday I will have a camera that shoots that clear up close.

"Atom" huh?.....I knew you had something up your sleeve. It's been way too quiet in here lately.....Just the name "Atom" has my brain tinkering with ideas.; I can't wait for the reveal.
6 years ago

Sounds very interesting. ;-)
6 years ago
Atom??? Wow!! Sounds awesome!!

I guess its going to be some kinda plugin which is gonna be very small and very powerful :)
William Fong
6 years ago
What's this? New Plug In?!
6 years ago
Hey Andrew!
Can you please tell us how you shoted the footage using the Canon 5Dm2 ? Did you use some kind of camera dolly?
Whenever i shot with my Canon EOS 500D, the footage gets very shaky!...
6 years ago
Hey Andrew.
Can i use this footage in one of my video tutorials on ?
6 years ago
great shoot luking very nice canon camera is a illusion
Justin Fernandez
6 years ago
Sweet! Was wondering why no updates on the blog for a while. The very name of the plugin, Atom, got me really excited to see what it does. Footage looks amazing btw, sry but Atom has be salivating :P
6 years ago
Hi,What's Up?Mehran Aghramazani Here And Welcome to...
I am Just Kidding!!!

How are you Andrew?
That's Work is very Nice.
I am excited for new Plug in Atom.
I love you Andrew And I love Your Work Man!

I am Mehran Aghramazani from Iran/Kurdestan/Sanandaj.
6 years ago
Looks Like Hitman's gun.
I think someone preform a play hitman maybe you. you are like a hitman face. Grab a gun and shoot sam :P.
6 years ago
Whoa! This is just awesome =)
6 years ago
thats cool. This site has been dead for some time. I was begin to think sam finally got his revenge on you or something.
6 years ago
Hi Andrew.
How did you get the camera movement so smooth?
6 years ago
Amazing abstract effects!!
6 years ago
Oh! new Blog Show in this Week!
Please make a long Blog Show (25 minute, like "BLOG SHOW Optical Flares & Bears Oh My! October 15th, 2009")

thanks Andrew
I love you Andrew
I am Edris Mohammadi from Iran, Kurdestan, Sanandaj.
6 years ago
I like the turntable idea....! Nice abstract footage for motion titles.
6 years ago
The neat lighting and depth of field look awesome!
6 years ago
Thanks andrew... You really rocks... Are u making a tutorial out of this.
6 years ago
that's cool, expecting...
6 years ago
Were you using the Spider Trax Dolly from Cheesycam there?
Gene Ween
6 years ago
I'm just worried that Andrew has a gun.... eeep. Watch out Sam.
6 years ago
@ Casey Floyd,

I find importing footage with ProRes to have quite a good outcome, It's definitely better than h.264 for HD stuff. (This is with FCP, I dont really know much about other systems)

Looking forward to what Atom might be....
6 years ago
Hi nice footage, was this with the standard 100m or the L series. was looking into getting one of these lenses I have been working alot with my 50mm prime reversed, but keen to step uo to 100mm. Heres some of my stuff.

6 years ago
not to trade barbs, but twitch should be getting as much hype as optical certainly finds its way into every thing I produce, same as OF
6 years ago
Nice! I Have Question how u do that ?

i cant found perfect tutorial like u make this shor bullet.
6 years ago
Nice shots!

Looks like we might have the same watch. Rolex 14060 Sub?

Different gun though... ;)
Joe M
6 years ago
Nice work... I use a 50mm lense (IMO more versitile than the 100mm) and add these inexpensive lens kit
to achieve the same effect.
6 years ago
Thank you Andrew! Keep up the great work man! :D
6 years ago
Atom!!! I'm getting excited here ;)
6 years ago
Andrew cooperation could do with a 120mm macro Dearie the same result?



Nicolas Musmanno.........
6 years ago
Looks awesome. I knew you were up to something good. Looking forward to it. Are you also working on Quick Matte still?
6 years ago
atom...that sounds awesome
6 years ago
in response to @Ryan

its funny, the "Freeze" video was shot with RED systems, but there is no HD version anywhere on the internet. But it was chroma keyed with some sort of 3D rendering in post. I think AE played a big part in the production of the video.

and @Andrew Kramer..
question, I shot some stuff on 7D and edited with FCP, whats the best way to import those clips. (h.264 is sketchy in FCP)
6 years ago
Andrew, Is this new plu in gonna be like Optical Flares (legendary) or is it going to be more like twitch (useful, but not as legendary as OF) ?
6 years ago
Good point Adrian... updated.
6 years ago
Did you say a new plug-in? *drools*
6 years ago
Awesome. I've got a week ago the 550D. I hope I can do that too with the right lens
6 years ago
P.S. I only make this correction because I've found that many people get confused by this concept. I know you are well aware of the optics, but your wording could mislead people. :)
6 years ago
Looks great. I love macro photography.

Just a small point: I think you mean the SHALLOW depth of field, not the high depth of field.
6 years ago
Andrew you rock. i bought serious effects and it changed my life! thank you so much! i have a question tho.. how do u do something like this music video. please respond!

Jão Ricardo
6 years ago
Very NICE Andrew!
With the Sony HX-1 is a possible outcome close to that which also I'm testing filmegem in MACRO
6 years ago
Magnificent!! I got a 7D recently.. but didn't had a chance to test it for video.. considering buying a 50mm lens for that... now I get to play with the 15-85 mm that came with it.. still gives pretty nice shots... looking forward for what comes next!! keep on the goos work!
6 years ago
dang that is wicked. didn't realize it was a gun until the last shot.
6 years ago
That is very nice...ive just recently ordered thatcamera and cant wait to get it...
6 years ago
Right at the end there... your watch has a big hole in it and a place for bullets... I want that watch!
6 years ago
Wow. Looks great! Considering getting a 5D or 7D within the next month or so, this definitely persuades me further :)
6 years ago
i love videocopilot
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