In this exciting new tutorial we’ll be creating a powerful explosion and shockwave inside of After Effects using elements from Action Essentials 2 and built-in effects. We will use Mocha to motion track the difficult shot and explore advanced blending and compositing tips. It’s a good 44 minute tutorial so tell your wife (or spouse)… it’s After Effects time.

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5 years ago
Failed Blog Show Out-take

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So we’re working on a fun new blog show and it’s taking a little longer to produce than expected but here is an embarrassing out-take to enjoy.

Believe it or not, we have to use trick editing to make it seem like I can say a complete sentence. Usually I can introduce a segment in 1-2 takes but some days… not so much.

Be gentle, it was windy. Should probably watch before you read any comments…

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5 years ago
Under Cover

Good news everyone! Things have been a little quiet around here because I was given an amazing opportunity to work with J.J. Abrams and Co. on the main title for an a new NBC show called UnderCovers. In collaboration with Stephen Reedy, who created the concept and Jennifer Horvath as editor, I used 3Ds Max to create the CG elements and composited everything in After Effects for the main title. In fact, I even used AE CS5 for the first time from start to finish.

Unfortunately, I can’t post the intro yet but please check it out when it airs Sept 22, at 8pm on NBC. But, hopefully I can talk about it more after it airs, we’ll see.

It was a lot of fun, plenty of late nights and hard work. I even had a chance to work on several VFX shots for the pilot with my friend Brandon Fayette. I sometimes try to take a minute to appreciate how cool it is to have an opportunity to work on the things you love . You never know, one day you could be making crummy tutorials for a living.. oh wait!

5 years ago
Text Animations in 32bpc

I was playing around with the text animators in floating point color (32-bpc), and created some interesting results. With a high floating point color, the text creates a more vibrant result. Check out the 3D Sparks Tutorial for more information on the subject.

With a little more work, I could probably even make them suck a bit less. That’s called confidence!

Sample Video
Download Project File (CS4+)

5 years ago
Macro Shots

I spent some time last week shooting cool macro footage with a Canon 5Dm2 and a 100mm macro lens. It’s amazing what you see at such close detail especially if you have some shiny objects to shoot. Also with the shallow depth of field, you can really create some interesting abstract effects.

Macro Sample Video

It’s been quiet for a reason, we are launching an updated version of the website and working on this new plug-in called Atom. More info coming soon including a fun blog show later this week. Just watch out for giant monsters until then!!

5 years ago
143. Advanced Spin FX
Create spectral design elements and light FX.
155. Animated Polygon
Create a stylized polygon animation using time displacement
Blog Show
Search & Destroy
Using various roto and split-screen effects we transformed a two-man SWAT team into a full squad for this demo scene. Sam Loya reprises his role as the “guy who probably gets killed”, in this exciting industrial saga. The main goal of this scene was to film everything as if we had a dozen guys instead […]
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