Translucent Spikes

The wire monster is back… but this time it’s personal. Not really, but my goal was to create a material that was somewhat translucent or plastic. I don’t know why I have been experimenting so much but I REALLY don’t know why I even post it. Oh well.

For the technical folks, I used a light material blended with a reflective material instead of sss. About 2 min to render at 1K rez.

See High Resolution

7 years ago
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3 years ago
after long time i`m back here and visit your new tuts and stuff more powerful and more professional stuff i saw it here wow Andrew Kramer you are my inspiration...
imran khan
6 years ago
nice man.... good job
6 years ago
Hey Andrew I got this can you give some tutorials like this? I like your all tutorials sooooooo much thanks for encouraging us and keep go forward...
You use 3DS, right? I've been using C4D, but after seeing some of the stuff you make, I really want to try my hand with 3DS.
6 years ago
Hi Andrew!
Please hint about how you make this in Cinema 4D.
I have tried working with Matrix extrude , and the results are similar but the spikes are not as random and Dynamic.
Josh Burton
6 years ago
This just looks plain bad, Kramer...
6 years ago
most of people here already know how to bring about that particular looks. most of us doing modeling and animations and materials have already made this things many times. so i dont get what is the purpose of this post.

regards amir.
7 years ago
wow, that's really .... it looks great - good job
7 years ago
hey andrew,

u might wanna check out that for sum translucent materials ... it kinda looked cool to me ... i dont know if thats what u wanted but hey ... u helped us so we can help u too ryte?
7 years ago

Thank you , well you can also visit our community on facebook
7 years ago
The Pic is great Andrew thanks for sharing
Tyler McCue
7 years ago
Im Pretty Sure you used vray andrew, but how did you get the floor to reflect like? That iv been researching and its a pretty closed subject it seems, but ill keep looking.
Your awsome man! keep experimenting, keep learning.
7 years ago
Sorry if you've answered this already but how did you get the shadows and reflection on the ground material? I assume in AE. Whenever I make a brushed aluminum look material with blurred reflections in Max it's a time killer.
7 years ago
yhats.. very..very.. cool.. can you make a tutorial.. ? it's will bi soo nice.. ;P
7 years ago
good stuff andrew.....i was wonderin....does sam do AE at all, or does he just like to hunt and fish, or play nintendo. if he does, you should let him make a tut, and you be the subject matter. i'll bet HAN SOLO wanted to hold a lightsaber....if just once!!
7 years ago
AK thanks for the inspiration. I keep falling in and out of 3D programs, but stuff like this inspires me to jump back in. Thanks man.
Saw your interview on Unplugged with John. Awesome and inspiring. Makes me want to keep going. You are an awesome asset to the community, man. Thanks.
7 years ago
Great material. It looks awesome as a wallpaper on the iPhone.
Max Manus
7 years ago
Looks very cool, little random thing we all can use as wallpaper
7 years ago
@ Robert Budai:
I already did a tutorial explaining all you need to know to create the spikes:
7 years ago
Hi kopailreot
I live in South Korea is jeongyoungdae.
I'm like a dream in motion graphics.
Personally, I miss you Andrew
You can dictate to me as a teacher if you would like to invite
I'll just be there.
My age is 25.
Hair Removal in Korea, I'll leave deungeol.
You are the best.

Please send you mail
7 years ago
Andrew Kramer u rocks ,,, but did u see the game Split Second Velocity ... can u learn us how did they make this amazing intro ??? i wonder how did they do it ?? so i ask my favorite one to do that ,, Andrew .. u still rock the earth :):)
7 years ago
pleas andrew just a tutorial for this ,

my contry is algeria de yo believe this ,hhhh, lol

I do not master well v-ray, I do not montal ray ,

a lov vray , im sick , thanks
7 years ago
awesome spikes. it also looks like a plant with sharp leaves.

BTW i want ur feedback on this ...
7 years ago
Andrew, It's really awesome. Can u tell us how did u do these spikes and how are they in random size and how are they coming out from a middle point?
Sy Turner
7 years ago
I can remember when I first came across Video Copilot. It was around about the time that Batman Begins was being released in the cinema. Back when the site banner had a Jet on it.
Anyone I spoke to about After Effects didn't know about the site. Now anyone I speak to about Graphic Design or VFX in general know Video Copilot and has nothing but praise for Andrew.
I like to think that as I once told a University lecturer who then proceeded to tell all his students about the site that I may have made a nice little contribution to your audience.
It so great that Video Copilot has become this popular and well known.
You and your team deserve it Andrew.
All the best for the future.
Alex Lin
7 years ago
Hi Andrew

not sure if you have time to read this.

you are my teacher of after effects and made my career as a motion graphic designer.

Many thanks from sydney australia.
7 years ago
I don't even really use After Effects but I still ove reading these and watching the tutorials for inspiration in other kinds of art. Keep up the good work!
7 years ago
Regarding the materials: Check the site . Its free, its cool, its video copilot for 3d materials.
7 years ago
This is soo 2008 ! :P

Nah jk, it's a cool render.
mr. c
7 years ago
Yeah u are right about justin....
but your material is so good that made me curious...
how u do that :)
7 years ago
wow. everyone will happy again. :):)
7 years ago
hello endrew, please, can you create a tutorial where you explain how create a nuclear explosion with storm effect.
thank you, and you are the best
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, have you looked into doing Sub Surface Scattering in Max?

I'm not sure what has changed with the Node based Material editor in the new Max, though it could help you get the translucent look, if ya didn't try this approach yet :)
7 years ago
i love all of your work andrew!

i started with AE CS3 because of you! Now im a begginer filmaker, and i just can say THANK YOU!!!
7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
When you experiment then something awesome like this is the result!
When I experiment then something that horrible comes out, my monitor just wants to EXPLODE :(

However... Awesome as expected ;)
That's an ability, you know?
7 years ago
Looks good, but very flat whithout the specular
7 years ago
Hey andrew looks great.
Check this out
I tried to make a 3D bullet but it didnt turn out to well. But like you said I am experementing a lot :)
7 years ago
Call the tutorial "Mighty Aloe Monster"

Love for Sam and Andrew.

7 years ago
what is the meaning and the goal of this plant
7 years ago
...or an Alien. We could go with our spaceship through the creature's arms, with a HUD.
7 years ago
How nice! Reminding me Aloe Barbadensis, just without spikes...
Seemingly senseless experimenting leads to new understanding or new discovers. Just keep on walking Andrew ! (I dont like whisky)
7 years ago
Please make 3D tutorial for this balls. My friend is maaking a video for his band and this would kick my other friend (Mich)s 3D ass - Mich says that you are scared to maak tuts cos you will think the other can do what you do - I told him that wasint true!!!! Proof him wrong.
7 years ago
very interesting effect... pretty much everything you do in 3ds max baffles me... mainly because i am an after effects compositor that is not really a 3d artist... another reason is i only have blender and you don't have any tuts on that. except for the bullet series which I'm trying to get... but thanks for the inspiration... your comment that was to Justin is funny because i do that a lot just use random effects in AE and come up with some pretty cool stuff.
7 years ago
Many cool ways to do this, pf source,scatter...ONE BY ONE!LOL joke....

cool stuff, just for change...and i agree mayby is a new virus kind for.....FRINGE 3rd Season?????

congrats from brazil
luis felipe
7 years ago
ak, i think that looks so good, but, i see what u do with all ur tuts, and the true is , i learned a lot things about 3d max and AE, and i hope that u make some tutorial with this stuff, because there are many people to want crazy things learn how to doit trough ur knowledge aobuot this softwares, u make the things easy for us the professionals and fans of AE. hope u post about how to do this kind of things and show us how to set up that lights,
PD : sorry x my english is pretty bad, like celia cruz said, my english is not very good looking jejje
7 years ago
We would like some 3DS Max tutorials from you.
This looks awesome!
7 years ago
0_0 Looks great
7 years ago
greath joob andrew you are the best allwahys
7 years ago
Pretty cool!
You guys have a lot of information about tutorial for a lot of software, I work with SolidWorks but I want to begin to know Cinema4D wich is the best and obviusly better and clean site for the C4D tutorial's?

7 years ago
Great work Andrew!!
7 years ago
Click. Just made it my desktop background. Looks pretty sweet.
7 years ago
Just wanted to say a big thank you (like thousands of people ;), for all your stuff, all those things you share with us, it helps me each day to progress ! Each day i visit, to see what's new, and each new tutorial is better than the previous one !!! Keep doing that pleeeeaaaaaseeeee :)
7 years ago
Heres another go - different geometry again. Busted out Mental Rays fast skin shader on this bad boy :P
Yourdi Saster
7 years ago
Pavel Peterka
7 years ago
Hmmm i dont know that highlight just doesnt seem good, maybe if it was more transparent, this way it looks half-way cartoonish (if thats even a word :-D)
7 years ago
Mr. Andrew plz watch out. Sri lanka
Animation center of Wijeya Graphic doing ur tutorials
and they said they are the owners of that tutorials so i think that was
7 years ago
Your works are always inspiring.... I would like to know what's your take on BLENDER 2.5 ...
7 years ago
Nice work man - love the translucent effect. I went down a slightly different road this time and changed out my instance geo to something less pointy :)
7 years ago
that spikes look similar to the ones you used for pro scores.
7 years ago
I just said that he should check it out and not to replace max...
It would be good if he is a bit familiar with maya but it's not that he has to.
7 years ago
Hi Andrew!!!!!!You are the best!!!!Thank you!!!!!
Roman from Russia
7 years ago
also did some tests on subsurface scattering some months ago

this is what i came up with


7 years ago
hey could u and Sam do a dragonball scene, personally I thik that there are way too many bad tutorials that don't look realistic. I hope that u will try it urself. If u will even consider it just let me know. Thanks in advance. I'm looking forward to the tutorial.

P.S. This is a great image, keep up the good work.

Sencirely urs jaallmighty.
7 years ago
I hate to be the one to bring this up all the time, but its still in the back of my head: whatever happened to this?
Aykut Bozkurt
7 years ago
It doesn't seem to be a compicated 1 but looks great.I just made it my wallpaper :) ,ohh color corrected to blue,it seems more sexy in blue ;) tnx Andrew
7 years ago
Oh Andrew Kramer you tease! Yeah this stuff does motivate me to keep trying new things so mission accomplished. I always definitely play with my settings after seeing your awesome posts like this :P
7 years ago
Haplopelma-Lividum, there are THOUSANDS of tutorials online for all ranges of 3D Software. Not to mention the help guides that come with the software. I also know that, in order to be a reseller of MAX, you have to offer training services, so just give the people you bought MAX from a call, and they will help you out with training.
7 years ago
i made similar one by seeing this spikes ...thnks andrew learned a lot on trying this spike effect.....
i made it in cinema4d....!/photo.php?pid=426617&id=100000177107930&fbid=144870778862158
Todd VanSlyck
7 years ago
It's great because it inspires. We don't need a tutorial for everything, people! It gets your brain working, thinking about other possibilities. Keep this stuff coming, I love it!
7 years ago
I believe it's wrong to think that "doing VRay renders will make things look good"... It's a common misunderstanding.
For example Mental Ray (it's a photorealistic renderer that comes free with Maya and 3Ds MAX) is used for many movies like:
Spiderman3, Blade Trinity, The Day After Tomorrow, Matrix Revolutions, Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars EP II, The Hulk, TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES (yeah, baby!) and many more!
(Link provides a gallery with screenshots too!)

Really... Having a renderer is one thing... Making something good out of it takes practice, skill and knowledge. Any Photorealistic GI-supported renderer will do:
RenderMan, Mental Ray, VRay, Brazil and such.

I hope this clears things out.

P.S.: Here's a rendering of Terminator I did a few days back:
The rendering took only a few minutes using Mental Ray. The model itself is royalty-free, but the materials and rendering are mine.
7 years ago
@ Andrew Kramer

it's a bit hard to start making stuff like this if there are not any good tutorials for beginngers in the www :/
7 years ago
Hi andrew,

if you use vray try to play around with the new sss2, you can get pretty amazing result.
7 years ago
I know the old saying about not being able to please all of the people all of the time, but how about a few more tuts on Blender. Not everybody can afford 3D Studio Max!
Blender is free and those are the best kind for poor guys like myself.

P.S. Keep up the good work!
7 years ago
Andrew, I'm glad to see you posting these experiments but I'm displeased to see requests for tutorials, like that's all you've been put on Earth to do. Sure, your tutorials are both hilarious and informative, but what you're doing by posting inspirational experiments like these is so much more rewarding, if only people would understand.

To all reading this: tutorials are great, but you've learned nothing if you don't go out there and use what you learn. Don't copy Andrew's work and put it up on YouTube or Vimeo, watch him and learn from him, then take it to the next level. I've lost count as to how many times Andrew has tried to enforce this in his tutorials.

No, I'm not ranting, I'm simply trying to help a few people to understand that we collect the tools and the means to use them comes from Andrew's training. Go out and make something stunning.

I for one love working with elements I learn from Andrew's tutorials, to the point I've gone and bought 3DS Max and I'm constantly trying things. I implore you all, if you don't just watch this for a laugh or something entertaining, make something from it.

Thank you. ;)
7 years ago
Looking Good.
But u still dont have any idea of How to Do this ....
7 years ago
Hey Andrew,,,,,plzzzzz dude post a tutorial on this..i waiting soo badly!!!!!!!
Peter Kreitner
7 years ago
LOoks Great! For the first time it looked like a big bunch of sharp gras... XD but reallí good! Thanks for encouraging!
7 years ago
Material is too depended of light casted on object
But i like the figure
7 years ago
Very very very nice. This is VRay, right? I MUST start to learn it but first I need to change the computer 'cause it render very slow. Especially when I apply VRay materials. Do you thing that movies like Star Wars or Terminator Salvation, has been used VRay render?

Thanks for all you do for us Mr. Kramer.
And I say even this time...sorry for the bad english if there's somethins wrong.
7 years ago
Freaking awesome particle thingummys. What lighting did you use to render?
7 years ago
Hey andrew,
very cool
i was wondering if next time you do some sort of a 3d related tutorial if you could do it using Blender.
This is because i and i assume many others don't have 3ds max
Omega Pro
7 years ago
Um, actually its Premiere that uses the Mercury Playback Engine. Unfortunately, Adobe still hasn't coded AE to support video card rendering.
7 years ago
I believe AE in CS5 will allow you to use the GPU to render. Called the Mercury Playback Engine. Only a handfull of cards are supported though.
7 years ago
Exelente una vez más nos srprendes Mr. Kramer
7 years ago
Neither AE or 3Ds MAX use GPU for rendering. The calculations are done by CPU.
The faster CPU is - the better, video card has nothing to do with rendering (unless you work in video game industry and use DirectX viewport shaders to preview your models in realtime OR own a copy of Optical Flares and a supported GPU to speed up rendering of the flares).
As far as rendering - only CPU has impact there.

Video compression is a separate thing. ATI has Avivo drivers which speed up the compression of HD footages to nearly realtime, so a new ATI (not sure about Nvidia, since I'm an ATI user) GPU does have some nice impact there.
7 years ago
I love this site BUT I'm seeing a lot of 3D here lately... is this something you plan on doing more of on here, or do you think you may eventually create a 3D based tutorial site as well or...?

I guess for me, VC is more for After Effects stuff, not 3D, but maybe I'm just being all oldschool because I don't do 3D myself.

Thanks for your tutorials though, they're great.
7 years ago
Andrew, a quick question, for AE and 3D Rendering, what goes better?

Nvidia Quadro or GTX40? what would u recommend?

Thanks you
7 years ago
c4d tutorial: make object (primitive-platonic)
make editable (or pres c on keyboard) and extrude, put all in hyperNURBS and voilaaaa you have this

material set up:
file: new material
fry_c4d new feyrender material
vraybridge fastSSSmaterial

click on green color and voilaaaa(second) you have green material add to object and be happy

cmon people you must kiding tutorial for this if you dont know without tutorial how to make this than leave 3D
7 years ago
Guys c'mon, Andrew cant make a tutorial for every single thing... Give him a break here, especially since he has been super busy lately with the frequent updates and posts on the site. The guy has a life outside Video Copilot for crying out loud. Im sure he also feels that he has to please all his fans but we should not forget that he is a human being first, then a family man and then the president of Video Copilot and our teacher. We really appreciate every single tutorial, posts, freebies etc Andrew.
7 years ago
@Michael Nilsson:
You can use either Bevel, Loft or Turbo smooth to get things sharp.
Loft would probably not be the best OR easiest way to do it. The fastest way would be using a turbosmooth on your vine.
You could also try beveling the end of you vine (instead of using Extrude - use Bevel).
Hope that helps.
Michael Nilsson
7 years ago
Gorgeous... In the 3d Vines tutorial for twitch I never understood how you made the vines pointed and sharp like a spear, mine looked just sort of cutoff and boring... Any quick insight there...?
7 years ago
It's the beast with a million backs!
7 years ago
I suspect Andrew Krammer is doing these organic type spike thingies cause he's try to develop some new virus that once the human host is infected, cannot stop going to VideoCoPilot!!

We see your plot!!


(Patient Zero)
7 years ago
Andrew Kramer should go to the Fan Expo in Toronto Canada, I wish I could go to the other events AK attended but its too large a distance for me to travel :(
7 years ago
@Nio: it means sub surface scattering, it's just like what you see when you get your hand near a light: some of the light is transmitted around/through the surface of your skin.

@Andrew: nice result, it looks a lot like some glass sculpture I saw in a museum. As for render time, how does it compare with "real" sss material on your computer ?
7 years ago
Awesome! Keep posting we all enjoy what ever you post!
And that is very true we got to stop watching tutorials and start experimenting and let our creativity guide us!!!
Thanks A lot Andrew, I look up to you man.
7 years ago
There are VRay materials that are named like that (VRay Fast SSS, for example)
@ Jordan:
You can always try out a demo of 3Ds MAX or do the same thing in a free program called Blender 3D
@Daniel Harrison:
Why would he need Maya if he's experienced in 3Ds MAX?
It's always confusing getting to know a new app when you're used to another that does the same thing.
7 years ago
your really good at all this amazing but could you show us how to make 3d things in adobe and not 3ds max because not all can afford it thanks
7 years ago
Ok, what is sss?

Btw really nice result!
7 years ago
hmm i think it's kind of random...
should add a mouth and some teeth inside of it ;D

I would recommand you to check out Maya if you haven't before.
7 years ago
Andrew, Can you do a tutorial where you make your mouth eat your own head. That would be really useful for a movie I'm making about a masochistic cannibal. Yeah... yeah .. that's it... then once he's eaten himself, the mouth goes ballistic and consumes anyone that resembles it's previous self....oh yeah. now we're talkin...

Thanks in advance,
William Fong
7 years ago
A nice spikey render, just don't step on it.
7 years ago
Oh and also blood, like how to do realistic blood.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, can you do a good muzzle flash/muzzle lighting/bullet hit tutorial all in one using Action Essentials 2? That'd be awesome.
7 years ago
The tutorial on how to achieve this:
(a simple "thanks" in the comments would be appreciated :))
7 years ago

Dude, you're pathetic...

"Andrew Kramer is not a TUTORIAL MACHINE he cannot make a tutorial for everything he posts… This is his part-time job. He works as a visual FX artist, you know."

Thanks for coming to AK's rescue...
Ivan Javorović
7 years ago
Really nice job with the inner shadows.
7 years ago
the ma-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-aaan.

like the feel. bland unblanded. will try to use that idead.
7 years ago
Rendering and lighting make things realistic :)
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, hot stuff right here, but u should play some modern warfare 2.. lOL.
Still waiting for that super-power Fx tutorial.
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew. Looks great...(and now I have another awesome desktop background)...I created something like this a while back, and it took forever...but the result was stunning. Great job Andrew.
7 years ago
After that ill try to do this thing in 3DMAX.
Really, really cool. And I also want to learn more about 3D MAX.

Bobby, from Brasil ;)
7 years ago
Hey, andrew great work, also do you think it might be possible we could see your file... just a peek... not exactly the whole file... thanks in advance, and again Great Job!
7 years ago
Andrew please make a tutorial!! :)
7 years ago

You're turning into a virtual Dale Chihuly.
7 years ago
It would be really, really nice if at some point you could make a general tutorial about 3DS Max, or really any other 3D program out there. One of the things that I haven't been able to find many tutorials on (that make sense, at least) is the texturing--which seems to be what makes 3D renders look a lot more realistic in the end. Even a standalone tutorial on how it works in 3DS max, touching on the types of materials and the properties that are most often used would be a godsend.
7 years ago
There IS a place where you can share stuff like that. It's right here on VideoCopilot:
7 years ago
Awesome .. I hope you make a tutorial on how to do this .. :D
7 years ago
i wish to see low angel camera render
7 years ago
You posted it because it's your new ADDICTION!!
plz Post More
7 years ago
Andrew u are amazing! I love your work. I could not take my eyes of the wire monster lol peace!
7 years ago
Hi Kramer , It's good idea , where we can share works like this? . you should create a facebook page or a post in the forum . i have send you some pictures of empty city's you can use it in composition or Vfx . have you seen it ?
Jack Howard
7 years ago
Are you fed up of all the ass-lickers Andrew?

I wouldn't be if I were you... Just sayin'...
7 years ago
Very cool, keep it going!!
Simpleton Droid
7 years ago
You need a tutorial for this???!!!
7 years ago
My question is just if this is made by Ater Effects or by a 3d Programa, which i guess it would be 3d Max for you (I'd do it in C4D)

7 years ago
omg! justin, Andrew Kramer replied in your post :D how sweet hahahaha.its an honor for me to talk to Andrew Kramer. last night i dream like im with him asking for some advice in AE hahaha.
7 years ago
I'll try this and see what comes out. Looks interesting.
VRay again? :D
I wonder if I could do this in Mental Ray (Sorry, Mental Ray renders faster)...
7 years ago
Looking great except the reflecting lights, they are way too sharp. If you're using V-Ray be sure to check the Sub-pixel mapping and Clamp output in the color mapping section.
7 years ago
Zvi, try using the materials... ^^ haha
sunil thapa
7 years ago
everyday new......... looking too cool ........ wow
7 years ago
Oh Andrew! I was able to replicate the exact thing but can you please make a tutorial on how you made it green? Oh, can you also please make a tutorial on how you did the reflection? Oh Oh! Also, can you please make a tutorial on how you made it so pretty? oH! pleeease make a tutorial just for me and mail to me. I said please.
7 years ago
cool i think you are using a particle sytem or displacement maps but for the displace the spikes will be straighter! so particles system will be the right choice :)

thanks a lot for all you done for us A.K
7 years ago
You have to use a better Anti-Aliasing setting, or method :) I'm chatting with chaosgroup about the same problem for a 1k rendering at the moment. You really should visit Siggraph and their booth next week - and don't forget to send my greetings ;)
7 years ago
Love the specular.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, just wondering if it is the same principle of making these 3d materials with Maya and cinema 4d because I use mac and wants to do some of your 3d tutorial and if you will be able to do some tutorials on them programs
thnx Brad
Sasha E.
7 years ago
it looks like subsurface scattering shader for mental ray.
anyway n1 render!
7 years ago
Wow first time I have ever commented, looks really cool and organic Andrew so does all the stuff that you make
7 years ago
Andrew nice one.
Please make a tutorial on this one as well.
7 years ago
Andrew you should make another( for 3d programs lol ..... this 1 is amazing
7 years ago
I make 3d abstract things all the time, fun as hell.
7 years ago
Sorry remix,
i'sm sayd good.
Andrew From Rome
7 years ago
interesting.. Andrew check this out:

Is there the same technique what you use to do Translucent Spikes..? This effect is marvellous and maybe worth devote some time?
7 years ago
Why use PFlow? A central sphere, a cone, and the scatter modifier would get you the same result in a tenth of the time.
7 years ago
you know what, no, take a break :) you deserve it ;)
7 years ago
Andrew, most of us can't make that because basically.....
some of us suck at 3Ds max :)

I've watched some tutorials online but your's are the only ones that make sense :)

could you make more 3Ds max tutorials? :)

-Kristinn Jóel
Sasha dal Ponte
7 years ago
Did you ever try Cebas Final Render and its mats? They have great wax material and bunch of others.
7 years ago
@ Adrea and all the others:

Andrew Kramer is not a TUTORIAL MACHINE he cannot make a tutorial for everything he posts... This is his part-time job. He works as a visual FX artist, you know. This is just a ball of spikes. I would use PFlow to do this, but w/e =P
Sweet dreams, Remix.
7 years ago
Hi Andrew,
Can you do a tutorial with the 3dmax scripts??
rayfire, building generator, etc etc ? :=)
thank you sooooooo muchhhhhhhh.... :P
Andrew From Rome
7 years ago
Why without sss? I use sss in almost every Plastic- or Jelly-Material. Of course this extends the rendertime a little bit, but in my opinion the result justifies the extra-time.

But fortunately that's just a matter of taste :)
7 years ago
Is this Mentalray again?
I use Finalrender and i got something like this as a premade Shader. Called WAX. U need some Turbulence in the Spikes. And maybe a collision detection to prevent intersection with the ground..

btw i always like ur colorsettings. They look powerfull and cool. Keep us learning from ya.
7 years ago
cool one, but the spikes on the right side look like 2d ones :P
7 years ago
Nice job Andrew Cramer,

Hey is the spikes made in 3D max? like you just did in the previews tutorial (advance freeze time effect)?
I,m having a difficulty in working with 3d max, hope you can make a tutorial that explains more about 3d max..

thanks Andrew...
7 years ago
Justin, a tutorial on this would be a waste of time. Its a ball of cones with a texture. It looks awesome, but its not a complicated thing to do to the point where you cant reverse engineer what AK has done. Plus you'll learn more in trying to do it for yourself.
Brandon Gorman
7 years ago
in your next tutorial you should give a quick tutorial for this :] or make one of those small tutorials, i forget what they're called but they're quick and too the point, and that'd be awesome for this, just to learn how to make it, then experiment to see how i could use it :)
7 years ago
:) but I still believe that sss would add more realism an deeper control.
7 years ago
Actually Justin, my main purpose for posting these type of experiments is to encourage you guys to just start making stuff and see what comes out!
    6 years ago
    "For the technical folks, I used a light material blended with a reflective material instead of sss..." ;) ;) Once you know you about what is a sss, gets pretty easier to recreate that in Ae with Particular... Funny ;) Thanks for you great inspiring work.
7 years ago
AK this is awesome. PLEASE tell me that your going to make a tutorial! This is exactly what I wanted to do for a friends film that were making in a few weeks. PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL! :P looks awesome. Thanks for all you do AK
7 years ago
Wow that looks amazing :) Really nicely done. Was that just 3Ds Max?
7 years ago
That's pretty cool, but you can see a little white edge on the spikes.