After Effects CS5 is here

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So the news has been out for some time and I’ve been getting emails about my thoughts on the new version so i figured now would be a good time to chime in. Now, I will point out that I do not get paid or asked to say anything but as always, I accept free TVs and Lakers playoff tickets.

Cool New Features:

AE CS5 is jet-packed with new features and workflow improvements that may seem a bit techy and possibly boring when compared to my feature request which was a 3D jet-pack generator but it seems to have been overlooked. What IS great about many of the new features is that they simplify some of the dirty work in after effects, like rotoscoping so that you CAN be more creative.

The Mocha integration is one of my favorite new features that allows Mocha-tracked masked to be imported to AE with refinement control. Mocha is a great planar tracking tool (included) for tracking moving elements for compositing. This feature may sound “boring” but you can do things like facial de-aging for blemish removals with perfectly tracked masks, and maybe even create an obscuration masks for adding jet-packs to0!

The new Roto Brush tool also looks promising. From someone that just finished 2 weeks of serious FX work, I look forward to trying out the new tool, and if it works half as good as it looks, it should be a real time saver. Many of the shots I worked on involved enhancing explosions or adding elements but before the fun stuff, I had to do wire-removal or remove or mask-out foreground elements, which generally took the majority of the time.

Getting FreeForm for … free, is also a pretty sweet. This plug-in allows you to warp layers in 3D with some intuitive controls. It’s a bit on the slow side for more complex warps but having the ability to warp layers is very useful.

I can also tell you that the interface seems quite snappy compared to previous versions as well, gotta like that.

The 64-Bit Dilemma

Now, to the most powerful and possibly most controversial new feature in AE CS5 is that the software is 64-bit ONLY. What this means is that AE CS5 will only run on a 64-bit machine with a 64-bit Operating system.

The benefits of 64-bit software include the ability to access more that 3 GBs of RAM for rendering and previews as well as allow faster processing of larger images, larger comps and higher color-spaces (32bpc).

When I think about this situation, I wonder, could Adobe have made a 32 bit version as well, so that users with non-64 bit machines wouldn’t have to upgrade there systems? Maybe. But would we have got all the new features found in CS5? Another more IMPORTANT question is this, why didn’t Adobe just NOT make a 64-bit version and just continue the success of AE without interrupting functionality for any users by keeping it 32-bit? When you think about this question, it makes more sense.

If you look at the current state of Visual Effects and multimedia, it’s progressing rather INSANELY, with HD, 2K and 4K and even 3D films becoming more common our software is being asked to do quite a bit. By NOT taking that NEXT step towards the inevitable future and the increasing demands of new media Adobe and the users, risk losing their edge.

64-bit computers have been around for quite a while and 3D software makers were one of the first adopters. When using huge texture maps and fancy 3D renderings the results were affected by limited memory access due to 32-bit software so 64-bit support was essential to taking renderings to the next level. 3D max 9 came out with a 64-bit version in 2006, and since then compositing tools, like After Effects have been pushed to new limits with 3D comping and 32-bit color projects.

I wouldn’t want software makers like Adobe to be making big changes like this all-the-time (not that they would, unlike Apple :)) but I also don’t want serious innovation and development to wait for every last person to be on board before implementing it for people who could really benefit right now. If you ever had a failed render or struggled with large images just days before a deadline, you’ll be pleased with the innovation and for those who aren’t yet pushing the limits of HD, you will be soon and you’ll be happy the technology is there.

And yes QuickTime videos will continue to work in AE CS5 as expected.

How do you get to 64-bits?

Before people start running for the hills… or people that live in the hills start running down the river… Here are some considerations:

  • Mac users running OS X v10.5.7 or v10.6 with 2nd Gen. Intel processor, are good-to-go. Your hardware and OS ready now.
  • PC users should know that most hardware purchased in the last 3-4 years is 64-bit ready and most likely there are 64-bit supported drivers available if you wanted to change from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS
  • If you are buying a new computer, just request a native 64-bit OS, I’ve been using Windows 7 x64 with great success for a while.
  • If your current AE version is good enough and you don’t think you will benefit from the new features… just wait until you do need it.

Another consideration when upgrading is to make sure your other favorite programs are supported under a new 64-bit OS. In most cases 32-bit software will run without problems under a 64-bit OS. One thing to keep in mind is that not all software will benefit from 64-bits, so it is quite alright to run a 32 bit version.

3rd Party Plug-in Concerns:

A major part of the After Effects popularity is the sweet plug-ins that give us magical new features like Particular and perhaps Optical Flares

Bottom line: 32-bit plug-ins will NOT work in AE CS5 without an update but, most developers have already promised support for 64-bit with free or low cost upgrade. For the record, Video Copilot is offering free upgrades for our plug-ins: Twitch and Optical Flares as well as our free plug-ins Sure Target 2 and VC Reflect.

Don’t forget, 64 bit processing is a feature and having plug-ins that work natively is a real benefit.

Check out the developers that have announced Upgrades

Some older plug-ins and even some Free plug-ins (not ours) may not get upgraded but I can tell you that the 64-bit conversion was not very difficult for our plug-ins and only took a couple days to convert all our tools and less than a week for Optical Flares which features a full use-interface.

So if the need is strong, any developer can offer a 64-bit version and I bet Adobe wouldn’t mind helping out with the conversion as well, Adobe has really reached out to developers including us to make sure we had everything we needed to be ready.� It’s easy to think about that 1 tool that may not work with AE CS5 but just don’t forget about all the benefits!

Rocket-man out!

6 years ago
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After Effects CS5 is only for 64bit windows!!!
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11 months ago
The CS5 projects made on my 64bit system won't work on my CS4 32bit laptop, is there a solution to have the option to work on both CS5 and CS4 with the same project?
11 months ago
Sounds great,and by the way,when did your Fear of Heights tutorial come out
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4 years ago can i import 3dfail into after effect????
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4 years ago
thx great tips and info
4 years ago
Yes i go with what andy is saying by using the 64 bit,have being using the cs4 32 bit on my desktop now have change it to 64 bit by using cs5 but anytime i import a file as cs3 to cs5 it gives me a RED lind i dont undersand it.
5 years ago
The CS5 projects made on my 64bit system won't work on my CS4 32bit laptop, is there a solution to have the option to work on both CS5 and CS4 with the same project?
(I work on 2 seperate places on the same project saved on a USB stick)
garrett romeson
5 years ago
terrific review, and a heads up to the community - i just found and tweeted this giveaway for a shot to win it free
(actually not just ae but all of cs5 prod premium)
5 years ago
Hi there, I just have a quick question. I have AE CS5 on a Mac OS X 10.6.6 but it is not 64 bit (I think - In Info I show 64-bit Kernel and Extensions:No). I installed the original Sure Target preset wasn't working, so I tried installing the update - Sure Target 2. I get the following error when opening AE: Error opening resource file: SureTarget.aex. Is this because I do not have 64bit? Is there any version that will work in CS5 on a 32 bit Mac? THANKS SO MUCH! Kari
5 years ago
It is not good i still have got After Effects CS5 but I am looking for 64bit system. I do not knew it OMG.
5 years ago
very fast cs5 64 bit thank you adobe :D
Sam Winchester
5 years ago
Have CS5 at school, CS4 at home. Can't afford a change to a 64 bit system. Tried to do homework but project made with version (aka CS5) will not open in CS4, even though it uses nothing new like Rotoscope. While I understand maybe the switch to 64-bit, there are still a lot of places reluctant to switch when they have something that works for them. The compatability issues suck, plain and simple. While I could understand if the project itself is using something that is just not available in another version, I just can't see logical reasoning behind compatibility issues that won't allow an older version to at least ATTEMPT to open a newer project file. This is purely a money-grab. I can't upgrade, can't dl a trial version that will work on my 32-bit system, and can't do homework. At least Microsoft allows you to save a project in COMPATABILITY MODE with older versions of Office. As it is, even student copies of Adobe products are outrageously priced, and not covered under student loans, but to have to purchase an entire new system as well as a new version just to do a couple months' worth of assignments, only to get a job working for a company who was smart (or stubborn) enough not to switch over from CS4 which works fine for them....

Something just doesn't add up somewhere...except maybe in Adobe's pocket...
5 years ago
NOW i want TO die because i dont have 64-bit machine .
but i like to work on adobe after effects cs5 ....
can you can tell me ...
i don't have 64 bit machine.
5 years ago
I have AE CS5 installed on windows7 x64. I have a phenom quad core with 8gb of ram, and a ati 4850 512mb, but just letme preview 2 seconds! how can it be possible?
6 years ago
My Sure Target plugin isn't working, and nor are any others that don't require an installation. Somebody please help me!
6 years ago
Will I still be able to use Action Essentials 2K on Adobe CS5?
6 years ago
boss you're the boss
6 years ago
they made it 64 bit only just because it allows u to use more ram?with 4 gigs of ram it only uses 1,8 gig for anyways and thats at it highest i saw it,now that i have 64 bit it didnt make any diff it never used the ram to it max potential....
Tim Hole
6 years ago
Just for information. I have CS5 Production Premium installed and I also, for some plugins that are not available in 64bit yet, got AE CS4 installed. Both are working fine on the same OS (Win7 64bit). The only obvious issue is the dynamic link is off. But that was gonna happen anyway.
[...] So many of you have upgraded to After Effects CS5 for all the 64-bit amazingness and so we have been working to update our 32-bit plug-ins to work [...]
6 years ago
I wonder if I was out at the end of 64-bit adobe company cs5 veriyormu full support in that? If you have information which you tell?
6 years ago
Hello All.

First, many extreme thank yooz to Andrew for all of his hard work, time and wonderful generosity.

It's people like you who make this industry a joy.

Ok, now to the 64 bit thing: (I'll try not to turn this into an OS diatribe)

and maybe a little more specifically to Larry S. Evans II. I have been using Windows 64 bit since the earliest betas of Vista. And the only way I was able to use it was to turn off all of the eyecandy and unnecessary background processes. (I've been doing this since Windows 98 and it's free and relatively easy) This made a huge difference in both stability and speed. Vista still had it issues. But it was the only 64 bit OS that let you install and run most 32 bit programs. Windows 7 is what Vista was supposed to be and it is truly great OS. But you still have to shut off all of the same stuff. So Windows 7 x64 is simply a smarter OS and it knows what to do with multicore (including the new 6 core, and the 8, 12 & 16 core that are in the works) processors, fancy instruction sets and huge mountains of system memory which all translates into a really good user experience. Wait til Win 8/9 and 128 bit. Yikes! Anyway, you can install and run both CS4 and CS5 on the same machine so this lets you transition and upgrade with less pain. Thanks again Andrew for everything. Cheers.
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, is there an ETA on a VCReflect update for cs5? I have a project that wont render in CS4 because it can't access all my RAM, but I also need the VCReflect plugin! Thanks for your hard work.
6 years ago
check out this short film, they used OPTICAL FLARES and AE2 SHOT IN DOWNTOWN LA.
6 years ago
There's really no question that a 64-bit edition had to be made, and frankly, as many have commented, the maturity of the 64-bit processor market almost argues for a 64-bit ONLY edition. My concern is not with the processors or the Adobe product, it's with the Windows OS.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 added a fundamental amount of "sparkly chrome" features aimed at end users who will largely only use their computer for surfing the web or playing video games, and/or who likely need the machines to protect themselves from the user.

I truly wish that there was some way to easily and economically strip away all this extra stuff in Windows that just eats up my clock cycles.

This is a personal gripe, I know, but the computer for me is a tool for creativity. As someone who began working in the traditional media (and still dabbles) I cannot conceive of buying a paint-brush based on the ability to change the color of the handle, or having a pencil that also could order pizza. So having all the bells and whistles like see-thru buttons, and raised menus, etc. in Windows has no intrinsic value to my use of it as an electrified paintbrush.

I won't comment on the Mac OS and it's probable overload of similar eyecandy features, as I parted ways with Cupertino way back when Mr. Jobs shut down the clone program, and yes, my phone has only one app. . . it's a phone.

I guess the question is whether or not CS5 will offer a Linux/Unix 64-bit variant (had not heard that with any clarity). I have to be honest in that I've not considered working with Linux for some time, but if that ends up being the only way to keep someone else from "pimping my OS" just because the home consumer expects that, I'll have to reconsider.
6 years ago
Ummmm, Andrew?? Are you going to use AE CS5 in your tutorials from now on?? =/

Because I really don't want to buy that new CS5 s***, because it REALLY COSTS... x_X AND... I have to upgrade to Vista x64 -.-

But if you'll use CS5 from now on, I suppose I'm going to get one of those CS5's too... I love your tutorials... they're simple, very creative and understandable (:

Keep it up, AE master ;)

I know what you mean about the rediculous price in australia, i'll never buy Creative Suite for the AUD RRP.

So, i did a lot of research, I managed to get CS5 for 1,100 including postage (production premium). I had to buy CS4 first, it is dirt cheap at at the moment because CS5 is coming, and then adobe gave me the post announce free upgrade to CS5, because I bought CS4 within 30 days of CS5's announcement.

I dont know how much longer the CS5 grace period will last for though
William R. Cousert
6 years ago
64-bit only shouldn't be a problem for anyone using this as a tool to make money. You can pick up a decent 64-bit PC for less than $1,000.
6 years ago
This is all well and good but FYI if you live in Australia you pay over $4K for Adobe Master Suite compared to under $3K if you live in IE the States. When the conversion rate to US dollars is less than 10% and the increase is price is more than 25% its leaves SO many of us over here disgusted. Adobe like to use the PR approach stating they have different distribution deals / channels etc but even if you were to buy it direct from Adobe these ridiculous price differences are applicable. By doing this what are they saying to their loyal Aussie customers!!

Sorry AK for the downer on your blog ;-)
Andrew Koroluk
6 years ago
I have been using After Effects CS5 for the past couple of days and it is great! So Snappy! Plus great new features!
6 years ago
Well, CS4 will be the end of the line for me. I'm certainly not going to be in a hurry to spend thousands of dollars on updates simply (OS, plugins, etc.) because Adobe has turned its back on 32 bits. This is not to mention the fact that I own software unrelated to After Effects that won't run on a 64 bit OS (no 64 bit version even available to upgrade with).

IMHO, this is a foolish decision that will hurt their profits. If I was a stock holder I'd be fuming. There has to be some other motive here. I can't believe they'd make such a poor decision without some very very compelling/self interested reason(s).
6 years ago
wow that look pretty cool ...
but sadly my OS run on 32-bit
Timothy Cross
6 years ago
Andrew..look what you have created! you sly dawg.
6 years ago
Dude, that Rocketeer has got some serious FX. Just look at those glass shattering and explosions. I bet they've used some of the elements form Action essentials 2!

Anyway, thanks for a great site.
Morten Enoksen
6 years ago
That's not After Effects, that is another not-published program. They only named it After Effects to get hits.

Btw. pretty darn cool : )
Seth Kopak
6 years ago
Maybe I will finally upgrade from 6.5. It finally sounds worth it.
6 years ago
I wish my english teacher would explain and teach as YOU =)
6 years ago
It’s very cool ANDREW !!!
6 years ago
any clue on when a demo or d official thing will be released all i am seeing is to notify and preorder for the cs5 product
Morten Enoksen
6 years ago
That's awesome! Btw, check out my new portfolio/blog
It wouldn't be the same without VCP and Adobe : ))
Alfredo Parra
6 years ago
Crap! should have been CS5 special PRO edition only! and have Cs4 run along side for the advarage users! this is another sales pitch, how often do you use the program? are you making a lot of money from it? CS5 is a pick pocket! not worth the upgrade yet! Cs4 is too new to replace so soon and for the people using the program that dont make money its just not worth it!
David Ezerie
6 years ago
gosh! i'm sill rounding up on Cs4 and 5...I like you guys Great job.
6 years ago
muito bom mesmo
6 years ago
Mr. Kramer and the good people at VC. I was wondering if there will be a Sound FX 2 product. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to find new sounds. Not just the Nature,everyday ordinary sounds. But more interesting, abstract sounds. Would that be in the future?
6 years ago
here the 37 Super Star Interviews at NAB 2010

but damn!

where is andrew kramer?
6 years ago
64bit is the right way. I cant wait to get my new CS5.
6 years ago
"Please correct me if I’m wrong here..."

Yes, you are - on various accounts.

a) Caching in AE happens all the time - in RAM and not just disk. 64bit only skews this in favor of more RAM caching, which in turn may be faster.
b) You are wrong about the other caching, that is processor caching. Utterly irrelevant other than for the actual processing and out of the control of the user. Of course there is a difference between a Core7i, a Nehalem Xeon and older processors it's just not that these low-level caches are used for any application data caching. An optimizations there will have to come from the compiler or the processor itself.
d) The disk cache is a so-so situation. For simple scenarios, AE won't use it to begin with, if frames can be recalculated fast enough. Whether it is used for final rendering, is another matter, but unless you have RAM previewed the whole timeline at full res before and the structure of your project is beneficial to using cached frames, it will not do much for final rendering.
e) On the most elementary processing level, 64bit systems are actually slower. There's more overhead due to the longer memory addresses which need more complex calculations and likewise, many simple operations that never use full 64bit operands will need to be converted or executed in an emulation layer. This can be compensated for by concatenating operations to some degree or the processor providing special registers just for lower bit width commands, that's why you usually don't notice it - you simply run 64bit programs on a different computer and OS than you would a 32bit app.
6 years ago
Cant wait really looking forward to this, now with the 64 bit i might be able to move the camera in a constant motion rather than frame by frame, the only thing that annoys me is the plugins of course but i can still use cs4 until the updates, im thinking about getting twitch but you will make a update for it for cs5, does this mean ill be able to use it with cs4 along with cs5?
6 years ago
i just wannna see that new tool, by the way it is better cose 64bit work with much more cpu power, especialy if u have i7 cpu and triple ch.
6 years ago
It's very cool ANDREW !!!
6 years ago
Wow !! se ve que este CS5 viene con mucha potencia, con muchos plug-in, incluidos, soy fans fans de AE, si alguein sabe de done lo puedo descargar full, que me pase el dato, gracias !! bendiciones !!
6 years ago
@Mylenium: Sorry to have spread myths. I guess I was mistaken. I was under the impression that RAM speeds things up because every time I bump the amount of RAM I have in my computer, the faster (considerably) my computer goes. But I'm not a computer guru, I'm a graphic artist, so what do I know? I'm not good with all that stuff. Thanks for the info! :)
6 years ago
Oh as an addon...

@ Matthew Sabia
There is NO 32 bit version of CS5, is you have a 32-bit OS, it will install CS4 instead, so you have CS5 and CS4 on the same DVD.
6 years ago
Its pretty cool isn't it. All of the programs have had an upgrade.

I was at the NAB show in Vegas and saw it first hand, I was presenting their demos at NAB for HP. The new improvements are incredible.

There is a feature that has been announced that Andrew forgot to mention, the Mercury Playback Engine. I can honestly say that Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere are fast.

Take for instance a AVC Intra HD file, I demoed that it actually pre-RAM rendered faster than realtime, shocking I know.

As for the types of video cards, you must have a FX 3800 or higher to utilize it, either than or you are relying on your CPU and Memory to do the rendering.

Photoshop has some amazing features and upgrades, makes editing pictures extremely easy.

I have a copy of CS5 and I have to say, I will enjoy every minute of editing. I think it is publicly available in May, OEM is in April.

I look forward to many great tutorials Andrew, dont forget to show RotoBrush's true power.

Best Regards,

Aegis Kleais
6 years ago

32bit apps will work on 64bit OS, but I think what Adobe is saying is that they are not going to MAKE a 32-bit version of Premiere/After Effects.

We upgraded to the Master Collection at work, and I'm going to upgrade my OS to 64-bit and then max out the RAM the rig will take (8GB).
mahyar neshat
6 years ago
good a plug in opical flare tanks
6 years ago
thx buddy u inform me...
6 years ago
Cool... I like it, especially, Roto Brush!
6 years ago
when exactly will CS5 be comming? and wont there be anyway to use rotobrush as a plugin for CS4? kinda don't wanna spend money on CS5 -.-
6 years ago
Quote Mylenium

Please stop spreading myths. What has memory allocation to do with processing speed? It won’t magically load frames faster from disk or write them faster nor will it accelerate effects in any way that haven’t been optimized to take advantage. ... ... What may be faster is specific scenarios that resort to cached data but that, just like in the past, is hugely dependent on the structure of your project.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm not entirely sure what you're on about...
Regardless of whether or not an application is well coded or not, one of the most prominent benefits of being able to use more memory under native 64bit, is a fairly big one; data processing is much more efficient when it doesn't need to be cached as often. Direct access to data in memory is a big boost for processing. Not to forget the efficiency with larger data-chunks.

No matter the quality of an application's coding (which would have just as much influence on a 32-bit os), no caching is gonna be any more effecting under 64bit then it is under 32bit, other then amount of data. The Main speed factor here is the access/read/write speed of your cache-folder's device. Bad project structure being a bottleneck under 64bit, would just as much indicate that the user would have the same kind of 'bad structure'.

Having said that, once more; Running 64-bit and having more memory available for data processing that doesn't need to be cached as often, is the probably most important thing here, aside from being able to deal with larger file-sizes easier and more effective.

Other then that, 64bit is more reliable and stable (generally speaking), and when required and coded for, more secure.

Let's put it this way:
There's a reason why 32bit processors haven't been manufactured in quite some time now, even while software and OS's are still often 32-bit.
64bit processors run even 32bit applications more reliable and in a lot of cases more efficiently.

Perhaps the differences seem insignificantly small right now, but unless we start using native 64bit, we're not gonna see developments that truly start to benefit and be as efficient as it could be.

But ok... I just think people should embrace advancements, including the small steps that are needed to make a leap!
6 years ago
verry nice ,and nice video referince, grate andrew
6 years ago
Lol Mylenium..yes that does tend to be a typical "problem" with people using all these tutorials to "learn" something new. Instead of using them to learn, they're moreso variations of the same. But, I'm sure Andrew has stated that many times, that these tutorials are meant to help you learn the tools/techniques, not how to make exactly one particular effect/scenario.

BTW.....where the hell is the true 3D environment and Node-based workflow in AE CS5? It's about time they finally make the jump to a better workflow.
adobe product manager said cs5 is best algurim for edit with realtime ,without(lowest) crash and faster for render.
6 years ago
sounds great except for the 64 bit part. Cant wait to give it a test run.
6 years ago
Very good info. Had been waiting for you to open that can and everything is quite like I expected. Excellent overview provided. Ya, Win7 is like the baby Snow Leopard and Windows Millenium made using salmon that didnt turn out a Downes. Im very happy with it as well. Cant wait to recieve my CS5 64-bit. FTW!
6 years ago
Hey Andrew! Word on the street or should I say on the web is that if you do not have a 64bit you can just install the 32bit versions of CS5! Thats right 32bit versions of CS5!

Might want to make a post ;)
6 years ago
"Videocopilot is EVERYWHERE. I work at geeksquad at bestbuy and we have these funny videos during our “meetings”. I saw at least 3 things taken directly from videocopilot tutorials. Commercials as well. The new merlin series is coming out and the title is very suspect."

Well, doesn't it just prove how many uncreative, talent-free people are out there? *meh*
6 years ago
Trevor: "Yes, Mylenium, the software doesn’t change the speed of things, HOWEVER, if you have 12 GBs of RAM, then you will jump from rendering using only 3 GBs with CS4 to using all 12 with CS5. So, yes. The rendering (for output AND preview) will be faster"

No, it won't. Please stop spreading myths. What has memory allocation to do with processing speed? It won't magically load frames faster from disk or write them faster nor will it accelerate effects in any way that haven't been optimized to take advantage. Just because they >>>could<<>>need to<<< nor will they for simple matters of computational math. What may be faster is specific scenarios that resort to cached data but that, just like in the past, is hugely dependent on the structure of your project. Any other speed and performance gains happen because someone optimizes specific code in the application, not because the application is compiled using a different byteword size. Period. Everything else is nonsense. And yes, of course the code has been optimized as in every iteration, but that cannot be attributed to just 64bit-ness.
6 years ago
64 bits is progress!!! and with this, all the plugins who really want to be usefull will make the 64 bits version, i think its a good way to "clean up" a little the large list of plug ins for AE, most of them not so much usefull.
6 years ago
Uhm... just wondering, how do you guys get your hands on copies of CS5 already? Everywhere I look it's 'pre-order' this, 'notify me' that.
I know, you guys are insiders and all pro at this stuff, but the little I do, I do at 1080p and would surely appreciate the extra computing-power, memory access and reliability of 64-bit.
Have been running x64 OS's for years now and think it's about time a company starts pushing forward, forcing people to move on too.
I mean, no offense... but this has to happen, so we might finally get rid of those out there that still demand support for 8 & 16-bit applications.

Anyways, lost track of topic... any hints, tips on where to go to start of on CS5 rather sooner then later?!

Thanks guys!

6 years ago
can u tell me wats coming next from u rs site any plug or any stuff
6 years ago
Videocopilot is EVERYWHERE. I work at geeksquad at bestbuy and we have these funny videos during our "meetings". I saw at least 3 things taken directly from videocopilot tutorials. Commercials as well. The new merlin series is coming out and the title is very suspect.
6 years ago
I would LOVE a VCP tutorial on Mocha.
6 years ago
i thought my plugins would be great that is really bed that they wont be UHHHHHHH
6 years ago
i have i IMAC 21 1/2 inch. it says in my specs that the monitor is 32bit, does that mean my OS is 32bit?
6 years ago
Hahaha Great movie reference!!!!
6 years ago
I'm getting CS5 production premium and Optical Flares all together. THE GLORY!
6 years ago
when does Adobe After Effects come out for mac????
I'm getting it 100%
6 years ago
6 years ago
CS5 is also supposed to leverage the GPUs in your high end vid card. So while you're trying to determine how much faster extra RAM benefits you don't forget about the extra GPUs.
6 years ago
En 64 bit no encuentro el driver para capturar video NTSC el A/V Subunit, alquien puede decirme como hacer para que reconozca una camara de video ypueda capturar. un saludo
6 years ago
For those of you who can't wait for the roto brush.
Photoshop CS4 has already got one, I've done all of my rotowork through photoshop's video capabilities.
6 years ago
@Mylenium & @Ahmad: The rendering will actually be faster depending on how much RAM you have. Yes, Mylenium, the software doesn't change the speed of things, HOWEVER, if you have 12 GBs of RAM, then you will jump from rendering using only 3 GBs with CS4 to using all 12 with CS5. So, yes. The rendering (for output AND preview) will be faster.

I'm actually really excited because with Gridiron Pro, which uses all your processors (I have 8) and all 16 GBs of RAM I have rendering should be UBER fast! Of course, that's dependent on Gridiron Pro having a 64-bit version. We'll see....
6 years ago
hola muy bueno tu aporte con esta info soy nuevo en esto soy de la rioja argentina y me ayudo bastante esta pagina para mi producciones les dejo mi correo por si ay alguien interesado a darme una mano al saver sobre lo grande de este programa.

grasias desde ya por su ayuda
6 years ago
Hi, thanks for the support, ideas and a whole lot more.
But the question is ....
It would be possible to translate the tutorials into Spanish?
I say that with the google language tool, it is quite understandable.
6 years ago
This is awesome! I'm so stoked! The new rotoscoping features are incredible!
Huzzah for shorter render time!

Looking forward to your next tutorial! Keep it up Andrew!
6 years ago
I believe that if you are using a Mac that you switch between 32 and 64-bit. The GET INFO window will allow you to check LAUNCH IN 32-BIT MODE or 64.
6 years ago
ender, Trapcode is already working on updates for CS5. They are pre-stating that upgrade will be around $29.
6 years ago
After Effects CS5 is only for 64bit windows!!!
6 years ago
The rotobrush seems interesting.
6 years ago
well let me start saving for another machine coz i always want the best
6 years ago
I was just wondering whether the problem with the older 3rd party plugins could be resolved by taking advantage of the virtual XP feature in Windows 7. Specifically, you could reinstall After Effects CS4 within the virtual XP environment then install CS5 within your Windows 7 environment. Both versions of After Effects would then be available to you on the same machine so you could work with the older plugins in CS4, render, then continue working in CS5
6 years ago
I'm a very dissappointed with Adobe - no-one ever likes to be forced to doing something, backed into a corner and told. "Yeah here is this great piece of software but hey until you spend a great deal more money upgrading your system - sucks to be you!"

Well eventually I would have had to upgraded from my 32-bit PC systems (Laptop and Computer) but that's not going to be easy espcially with the laptop as I can see that would mean buying a completely new laptop.
The PC could be upgraded but then I forced into the dilemma what's the benfits of upgrading to a 64-bit PC when there are 64-bit Macs already available apart from the fact that means finding EVEN MORE MONEY for new software! - sorry for the caps but some of us aren't self-financing businesses and we like playing with AfterEffects for fun and recreation rather than big business.

I simply can't justify the jump to 64-bit so Adobe have in effect cut off thousands of potential CS5 buyers - good luck with that Adobe!
6 years ago
wOw awesome it almost perfect but i can't try this cs5 it's too powerful it can't handle to my old computer
6 years ago
Here is an update on what went at the DMA/LA for the CS5.
The user interface for adobe after effects pretty much the same with few new bottons and realy cool tools that goes for premier pro too. This time i did'nt win anything,the CS5 Premiume addition went to GIRL,I ASKED THE GUY FROM ADOBE IF I CAN WASH HIS CAR AND GET A COPY HE SAID NO so i left home drove 52 miles thinking why why why not me THE END.
6 years ago
Omg!!! Rotobrush!!! RotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrushRotobrush!!!!!!
6 years ago
CS5 is stunning. But i find nothing about supporting 3D-movies (side-by-side or something like that).
Is it not possible to use/generate 3D-movies in CS5 or is there a plug-in?
I´m asking cause i got a fuji real 3d, but the software i used is not very good. So i want to use Adobe, like i do for normal films.
6 years ago
I, personally put the question to Adobe why so late for 64 bit support on their product, AMD released the first 64 bit Athlons years ago, Intel jumped the 64 bit wagon with Core2duo, unless you lived in a cave till now, you won`t have problems with 64 bit (and i refuse to belive anyone is using CS4 on a Pentium 4 machine) :) as well as most editors playing around with Premiere , AE and PS should already have 64 bit capable machines with loads of RAM. Though i must say i`m disappointed about the nvidia only, and even there only specific cards, support for Mercury playback engine in premiere, but still looking forward to see how this new baby rolls in a 64 bit ball of soup.
6 years ago
Very honest review. I think I'm gonna upgrade to CS5 soon. By the way, just bought Action Essentials 2, I can say it's really awesome. Hope to see AE 3 available on your website soon :D. I'm a fan.
6 years ago
teach us how to remove wires!
Aykut Bozkurt
6 years ago
why so serious??? as the joker says...
i think the cutting edge effects is not only with the built-in plugins,but with the help of 3d party plugins installed,and if we are already working on good at CS4 with our plugins installed and placed really good,what should be the real reason to move on,and change it to Cs5,and pay for it...for the very serious effectors like Mr. Andrew and so on,yes it can be an option to get more adventage like he is mentioning over there and if he wishes to change his valuable intalled CS4(i don't think he will :),but however...using a better hardware a system upgrade is better always for most of us against to pay for the new cs5,and better for 3ds max x64bit as the thing is money for cs5 or system upgrade?!!!
i would use my already installed platform and go for a system upgrade if the is no innovation like cuda rendering support for after effects+real good 3d object importing and editing(not just only the the z-depth or else similar for the God's sake,it is a great feature but not enough...)
with my best wishes for all of you fellows,and tnx for the news Mr. Andrew,and btw,say hello to Sam ;)
6 years ago
This is great, CS5. :)
Thanks Andrew for a lot of information...
About VC's Plug ins... That's so sweet... ;)
6 years ago
the only thing im concerned about really in AECS5..the deal breaker with me is that i hope it accepts the plugins i already have such as the trapcode plugins and what not. if it takes them with no problems then heck yes. first in line at the cash register.
6 years ago
thanks for the free update! :D
6 years ago
are we talking about nintendo 64 bit?
Mike Yull
6 years ago
How would we go about getting the 64-bit upgrades of twitch and optical flares?
6 years ago
Interesting that other software vendors are much for supporting the future of computer development (i.e. 64 Bit) but are still able to support 32 Bit. When will this topic stop being touted as some special feature of AE CS5? It's the natural development of all software. It's not a choice that Adobe made to go with 64 bit, but rather a necessity. It was a choice that they support ONLY 64 Bit.

Btw I am on a 64 Bit system.
6 years ago
I think CS5 is a BIG improvement over CS4. Now because it is 64-bit I don't have to wait as long for videos to render (like when I did the audio to animation thing with vanilla twilight and it took about 1 1/2 DAYS to render on LOW QUALITY). I also love the new RotoBrush tool. I mean, I don't even really have a purpose for the RotoBrush tool but it still makes me excited. I can't wait until the free trials come out (or when someone makes a good non-virusy keygen for CS5 products).
6 years ago
The reason I'm not getting After Effects CS5 for awhile is the fact that you can't use normality. Most other 3rd Party plugins (other than OF)I could live without if you look at the speed comparison and new features, but I use normality in almost all of my projects.
6 years ago
Not sure if anyone has seen all the videos, but one of them goes over new ways to add adjustment layers as effects, I believe.
6 years ago
"- Does the rendering speed as final output will be faster than before, am not asking about the preview, no am talking about the output render itself?"

64bit does not mean magic accelerations at the snap of a finger. A toaster doesn't turn into a rocket just because it runs another software, if you get my meaning... If you run CS4 and CS5 on the same machine, you will see comparable performance. Any improvements will have to be attributed to general optimizations that would also be in a 32bit AE CS5, if there were such a thing.

"- What about the texture for the 3d model, is there any good news regarding that?"

And exactly what do you mean? There is no new 3D environment. All features are the same as in CS4, including import of Photoshop 3D layers.

"- Regarding Mocha, will it be inside the app itself or does it open as outer 3rd party app with its interface?"

It's still standalone.
6 years ago
>Question: does that mean that my x32 plugins for CS4 will >not work in my x32 CS5 too, or will they not work only in >x64????

There is no 32bit After Effects CS5. Read the article again!
6 years ago
CS5 looks AMAZING!
I'm gonna grab the whole master collection asap! :D
Marçal Solé
6 years ago
Many thanks for taking your time for sharing all this priceless information!
6 years ago
Damn... my programs have strange behavior in 64-bit (game programing stuff). In other hand i really need a new computer :(
6 years ago
Hey thanks a lot Andrew for this informaton. You are really a very good teacher, you always try to keep ur students and followers updated. really appreciate it
ken c
6 years ago
There's No Way I'm upgrading to cs5 - I'd have to buy windows 7 and reinstall All my software (!!) plus find out if it's compatible, Plus shell out a fortune for 64-bit compatible plugins.

At least not for a couple of years. Heck I'm just getting used to CS4, which is FINE for all of what I need to do.

And the new cs5 features seem like so-what to me.. nothing groundbreaking... just another way for adobe to make money from a minor feature set release.

No WAY. Not going to upgrade for at least 1-2 years. Who wants to have to do a complete upgrade from winxp to win7 (which is still new), and reinstall all your software? no freaking way. NO. Just saying no. CS4 is FINE the way it is.

6 years ago
B-Rad G.
6 years ago
Does this mean we will be seeing the return of the Rocketeer? Heck Yeah Man! I'm excited already.
6 years ago
Yea, I saw the whole adobe CS5 line demoed at NAB. Truly amazing and looking forward to new tutorials and products from you guys. However, nothing beats the new content aware ability in the new Photoshop. See this camel? Yes, this camel. DELETED!
6 years ago
thanks for answering my question! :D
6 years ago
Olá gente boa tarde bom eu curto muito esse programa mais eu não sei mexer nele muito é eu gostari de pergunta a vocês todos aqui em respota a onde eu encontro pra baixar o AFTER EFFECTS CS5 '

- Obrigado


Hello good people good morning I really enjoy this program but I do not know much is untouched I would like to view the question to you all here on Replies to where I find for download AFTER EFFECTS CS5 '

- Thanks

Msn :
6 years ago
HP and Apple are already working on the next generation 128-bit computers.
6 years ago
Very useful info dude! Have always been thinking about upgrading to 64bit and I guess this is the much needed push to go ahead and do it.
6 years ago

I've Been waiting for this
6 years ago
LOoking forward to it! Thank you!
Dave M
6 years ago
To Justin (April 19) - as of CS5, Adobe no longer provides install support for the PowerPC platform and will only be issuing critical patches for the existing PPC builds, although customer support remains in place. The CS5 installers are not universal binaries, so must run on an Intel platform. The full AE CS5 specs are here:

These are minimums, and to handle HD or Red footage I suggest at least 16GB. Also note that if you're using Premiere Pro CS5, an NVIDIA card with CUDA is pretty much essential as it allows the new GPU-accelerated filters and rendering engine to join the party.

Those users who wish to remain on a 32-bit system can continue to use Premiere Pro CS4 and After Effects CS4 alongside other CS5 components as only those two require an x64 OS; however the workflow integration within CS5 will of course not be available to those two CS4 packages. Copies of AE and PP CS4 are included in the Windows installer for CS5 Production Premium and Master Collection, and will be selected by the installer if it detects a 32-bit platform.
6 years ago
I would have already upgraded to CS5, but I have other software that requires 32bit, so until they get on the ball with updates for 64bit, then I won't change....other than that issue, I am ready to upgrade.

As you mentioned, the least they could have done was made 32bit and 64bit available, with the option to switch from 32 to 64 later for no additional fee. Adobe is great, and I love their products, but these quick changes remind me of Microsoft's changes every time I turn around. My bank account can't keep up.
6 years ago
I can't wait for Cs5, already preordered, and i'm so glad Andrew is switching to 64-Bit too :)
Tony Agliata
6 years ago
This was a very helpful breakdown of the 64bit issues, thanks
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, thanks for the write up on this. Keeps everything in perspective and is helpful for a maybe\will purchase decision. Good to have you back! Thanks.
6 years ago
Wow it's cashy $$$ but it worth it!!!!!
6 years ago
CS5 and 3ds Max 2011 out in the same week!
You're right Andrew, the rate of technological change is insane.
6 years ago
Rotobrush do you want marry me ????
6 years ago
My mac is v 10.6, snow Leopard, intel. Great.
6 years ago
Great news!!!
hope the Premiere C5 is better then the old crashy versions!
6 years ago
64 bit.... Oh well, I guess I will be able to afford an upgrade... after 2 years T__T
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew for the infos.

A question: when do you think you'll do your tutorials using the CS5 version?

6 years ago
That is great! finally 64bit to really use up those extra GB...!
Thank's for the info :)
And that Roto-Brush looks SWEET!!!
6 years ago
thanks for these nice info, and for your opinion too.

Creative Minds Lab
6 years ago
the whole cs5 package is gonna be great.

Im still gonna keep another computer running cs4 so i can access older plugins, but as long as optical flares is 64bit im gonna happy.
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, perhaps you should do a mocha/after effects tutorial..would be interesting ;)


6 years ago
We Were Waiting for this!
6 years ago
@cedric ... The current plug ins will not work with CS5. They all have to be upgraded. A few will give free upgrades but like Red Giant (I have almost all their products) you'll have to pay a "small" upgrade fee.
So if you're planning on going the upgrade route, then also check the other software's on your PC (Eg. Games) that they support 64 bit.

I've checked and, yes, Sims 3 does ;) Yay for me.
6 years ago
Simply for the rotoscoping feature, I will upgrade! I spend 80% of my time on things like that and if it's easier, then why not? It's going to be expensive but in the long run, I'm sure it's going to be worth it. (Annoying because I've just bought Windows 7 32 bit. Laughing and pointing fingers at myself ;)

I've tried to work with Mocha, but never really go the hang of it. Perhaps a quick tutorial, Andrew? The ones available on the web aren't explaining it in terms of jet packs.
6 years ago
That's hot. We're getting it soon at work. Can't wait to try out the new stuff. Seems like it would ease a lot of hard work in some cases.
Leon Oscar
6 years ago
This is really handy, getting views from an expert user. Unfortunately the move and change to CS5 may be a huge step to those still taking baby steps in the world of motion graphics and after effects. Your review came from professional's understanding of After Effects.There's a saying that goes something like the sword's power is dependent on its wielder :) VC rocks
6 years ago
I have windows 7 pro 64 bit, but Permiere have serius problem, doesn't work, when i open my projects (edited with other pc with xp pro) premiere not responding and I must shut down the application.
6 years ago
telepathic vision in never free- it takes a lifetime of watching great tv. ie. FRINGE, BONES, JEOPARDY, the SIMPSONS... and i think a few more.
6 years ago
the coolest think in cs 5 is rotoskoping i am happy now.and of cours 64 bit.
6 years ago
Im pumped that Adobe had the guts to go 64bit only. Screw sitting on the fence and having a bet each way - if they had done that then there would have been far less incentive for the devs to port their plug-ins to 64bit which would mean in the end the 32bit craptacular version would hang around for many years to come.

begone 32bit, you are yesterday and I am tomorrow
6 years ago
Cool Software, mais je sais que tu connais déjà pour un doué
Kevin C
6 years ago
I think most people who are serious about vfx are probably already running a 64-bit system, so this shouldn't be that big a deal. I decided to upgrade to 64-bit last year, before even hearing that I would need it for AE CS5.

That being said, I think it will be awhile before I upgrade to CS5. I have Production Premium CS4 and it does everything I far.
6 years ago
by the way...'roto' should not exist in the first place..previously the power matte plugin acts like a painkiller to ease probably think we have a department full of rotoscopers here...WELL WE DONT.
6 years ago
So I guess bottom line is we will see a lot of After effects users stop with CS4 unless they spend some money to upgrade a PC to 64 bit.

I wonder if this will cause a problem for some of the forum members as they see VCP start making tutorials for more advanced 64 bit users. After all I don’t see Andrew stopping at 32 bit CS4 and not wanting to explore more advanced features of CS5.

And as a business if VCP did stop CS4 style tutorials it may start to lose followers.
And as a business if VCP wants to advance it’s business further it has no choice but to support and supply CS5 and 64 bit systems.

Kind of a double edge sword but which way will you swing it Andrew
6 years ago
You came out of your hole AK!!! You teased us with an amazing blog show where Sam dies yet another horrible death, then CS5 come out and.....nothing..... we missed you! We are like parents who want you to call or write everyday, even if its a little hello!
6 years ago
Dear Andrew,

- Does the rendering speed as final output will be faster than before, am not asking about the preview, no am talking about the output render itself?

- What about the texture for the 3d model, is there any good news regarding that?

- Regarding Mocha, will it be inside the app itself or does it open as outer 3rd party app with its interface?

sorry for the long Q's I still have more :) but I dont wanna disturb you...

Thanks Supporter
6 years ago
actually..the 3rd prty plugins are suppose to be the biggest problem for us 32-biters(is that even an english word?)..
they are benefits, yes...but it seems i cant take that time to re-adjust myself for now.:(
small projects always comes in and we suppose to deliver on time.
maybe i update myself when i get to make a movie..about dynasours that comes from the sea...
6 years ago
amazing the rotobrush;)
6 years ago
Hi folks. Not sure if this has ever been covered here but if it has then here's a quick reminder. CS4 never officially supported 64bit versions of XP but worked just fine. CS5 will NOT work on XP x64.

Source: http://www.yenaphe.inf o/tag/windows-xp/

Why anyone would still want to run XP when Win7 is perfect is beyond me.. but just in-case there's a few diehards out there... you'll need to upgrade your OS to run CS5:)

Hope that helps:)
6 years ago
Question: does that mean that my x32 plugins for CS4 will not work in my x32 CS5 too, or will they not work only in x64????
6 years ago
that is very good news!
6 years ago
tomorrow they have the show case of CS5 at the DMA/LAfor those who want to go.i think ill be there.
Edris Mohammadi
6 years ago
thanks for the new Infos.
I love Anderw Kramer!

I am Edris Mohammadi from Iran,Sanandaj.
Andrew Tang
6 years ago
Yeah~ I just got the windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 Bit Version ! So I would be hope to get more excite ! Awesome and Unbelievable !
6 years ago
can I try..????
6 years ago
Hey, Just wanting to clarify that Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) can be installed on Macs running the old PowerPC G4 and G5 chipsets. Which are mostly NOT 64bit capable.

10.6.3 (Snow Leopard) is only available for Intel based Macs, which started as being 32bit. All Intel Core 2 Duo chipsets and the new Core i5 and i7 are 64bit.

So just make sure you're running both an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i5 or Core i7 and Mac OS X Snow leopard.

That is all... :)
6 years ago
I feel Adobe could have made 2 versions?
Or maybe not??

Either way it seems to be a move
that correlates with the technology
that is emerging today.

Weather or not is works with future
Software & technology??

Only Time will tell..

But I'm betting on the 64bit future :)

Personal quote:
Run with the speed of light, and you are sure to get noticed!
6 years ago
I guess I'm going to be waiting a while to upgrade my FX station then. If only stuff came cheap.
    Either way it seems to be a move
    that correlates with the technology
    that is emerging today.
Nik Nikam
6 years ago
HaHa ! can't have a good night sleep. This thing keeps updating. Here we go again.....
Taylor R
6 years ago
lookin' good, nice review Andrew
6 years ago
I got my copy after the launch last monday, but they are not shipping until the end of the month. :(
6 years ago
AWESOME! =D any release date news?
Joshua Badger
6 years ago
I was at NAB for the unveiling; the Roto Brush tool was all it seems cracked up to be. Not PERFECT, but gets you much closer, with little refinement needed afterwords. It'll be a HUGE timesaver.

I thought it was cool, too, that Video Copilot got a mention on one of Adobe's flyers showing plugins that would be available in 64-bit. You're big enough that NAB knows about you, AK!

I'm looking forward to my upgrade at the end of the summer; this will be an epic upgrade indeed.
6 years ago
Does this mean that you are going go make tutorials in using cs5 ?
6 years ago
OMG I am so exited to try the new roto brush! I have seen soooo many videos on it and I think it really does work like they say it does
6 years ago
That can save time.
Mark Miguel
6 years ago
Cool stuff, now show us cooler ways to use it! AK = FTW
6 years ago
Sounds great,and by the way,when did your Fear of Heights tutorial come out?
6 years ago
I don't like the fact that some of my older plugins will not work with Cs5. Other than that, I'm really excited about it.
Nick T
6 years ago
I want rotobrush so bad haha
6 years ago
it have a roto brush option its cool!!
6 years ago
Looks good, i'll probably upgrade.
6 years ago
Really looking forward to the increased speeeeeeeeed!
6 years ago
Wouhaouu thanks for these infos! sounds great!
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