Experimental Dispersion

So I spent a few hours today experimenting with various effects and the idea of mixing Jolly-Ranchers with water to create a delicious fruit drink when I came across an interesting technique using CC Ball Action. This one technique can be used to create many different styles of dispersion and you don’t need any 3rd party plug-ins! I will be talking about this technique in my next tutorial along with the many creative ways it can be used. Stay Tuned!

7 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
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Visualization Experiment and new Renders
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New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
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Destruction Experiment!
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6 years ago
hi andrew..u r amazing....

sir i have prlbum to creat effects which u shown cc ball action tut...which a CD rotating and the cc ball action following from top to down...i dont understand how i can to that..please can u tell me how cam mask..like the cd effect coming from top to bottom
7 years ago
the AE God! Did you learn all of these by yourself? Damn great wizard Andrew!
7 years ago
Very very nice work, as usually it's amazing. Thanks a lot for all your help.
pfc.desiger (Iran)
7 years ago
Your knowledge is a cavern with unlimited Deep.
You are the Best.

Alex Nonnato
7 years ago
Show me How please
7 years ago
I can't wait !!!!
7 years ago
If I had just half your knowledge I would be happy. THX!
7 years ago
ahahah, there isn't Jolly-Ranchers in italy, supposed to be a plugin!! :D
waitin' for your tut!
7 years ago
Hate that fact that you are sooo god damn talented

that was sexy
7 years ago
I love your work and your tutorials.
I hope to one day be as good as you Andrew.

I just found out the other day that After Effects was used in the production of "Avatar The Movie"
That was so cool to find that out, to know that I am using a program that was one of their main programming tools used, and to know that they were able to see the live action camera feeds as it was happen using After Effects is just awesome.

Thought I would let everyone know about it.
Take Care
Wayne Barron
Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions
toni s
7 years ago
i like wow .. waiting
7 years ago
not look great...
not interesting...
soryy men!
7 years ago
WOW! cant wait!
7 years ago
You are the man Andrew! Many great ideas and uses of AE. I think I can speak for everyone who has learned from your tutorials, ideas and tips by saying that partially because of you that many have become better ameture, intermediate or professional motion graphic artists. I am glad that this site exists and others alike.

Just wanna say thank man!

And as always, as many people have already said,...Keep up the good work!
7 years ago
Wow !! Can't wait for this tutorial
7 years ago
What will B the Most exciting thing that u will like to do?
"Watching Andrew's Activities".... (whatever)! ;-)
7 years ago
So Excited and looking forward to it.
7 years ago
I love this site.
7 years ago
I have absolutely no idea what a Jolly Rancher is...A happy farmer possibly?...liked the effect though
7 years ago
Such a cool plugin!! It's like a simple and reduced version of Trapcode Form. Can't wait to see the tut!
7 years ago
Just curious where you got, or better yet how you created those smudge textures you have been using in this and previous tuts.

7 years ago
"didn't we just leave this party"

another one,..just can't get away!
7 years ago
Wow, my mouth is watering for Jolly Ranchers right now. You know, I never questioned the name before this very moment. Why a jolly rancher? Who cares, they're good... I'm going to buy a BIG big right now at Costco... haha

Not sure about that fruit drink idea though.
7 years ago
WHAT? no optical flares in there? i think you can add a few just to make it shiney, we like shiney things! :P
7 years ago
OMG! Andrew Kramer advertising JOLLY-RANCHER?! How much do they pay you?! Damn! I don't know why but I need some JOLLY-RANCHERS!
7 years ago
Oh my god, your flares plug-in should be getting awards. Ive watched the demos and they are siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.
7 years ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhh seems massive ;3
i'am exited :)
James Twyman
7 years ago
Awesome stuff. i love the animation it looks amazing. Though i must say, though the background is nice, i don't think it adds anything. I love the pink on black look it just looks so dynamic and the texture kinda takes away from it. But that's all just personal opinion, i can see the awesome things this could be used for already. I'm on the edge of my seat awaiting a tutorial
7 years ago
I want to hear more about the Jolly Rancher beverage
7 years ago
I am looking forward to this :)
7 years ago
Did you just name a file grid_balls.mov?
7 years ago
Woah!!! Looks like some pretty awesome vector - can't wait for the tut on it.

7 years ago
7 years ago
You are the Gog of after effects!
7 years ago
Waiting for the tutorial eagerly...!!
7 years ago
I used ball action for creating a strand of DNA that could be "unwound" for an episode of the History Channel's "That's Impossible!". It was very helpful because it was a fast alternative to creating it in a 3D program (considering AE was all I had :)).

You can see one of the clips I used it on at 0:35 in my demo reel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RmtOsy9GUM
7 years ago
Awsome! Can't wait for the tutorial!
7 years ago
How you do to make the scatter like a ramp effect?
7 years ago
Hi Andrew,

I spoke with you last year. I am working with Bryan Clay (2008 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist) on some new projects and this may work very well for it.

Two questions:

Can this technique be used to for a picture or image?

If it can, am I correct that by simple reversing the order of effects I would be able to dissolve one image and reform it into another?

Thanks for all your tuts. Looking forward to this one...hopefully soon. :)
7 years ago
It's looking awesome sick ;) greetings from Lithuania !
7 years ago
Andrew those drops on the background look kinky.( my friends and I notice that after the preview) lol
7 years ago
Cool! Another great use showing the power of standard plugins. Looking forward to the tutorial. :)
7 years ago
hi dear how r u i like this ........from Pakistan.
7 years ago
Nice, but I know how this is done. Still, your tutorials have taught me how to do it =D.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing how you made your dispersion effect with CC Ball Action =P

Take care =D
7 years ago
Well done Andrew
7 years ago
Yes, CC Ball Action is a fantastic little know secret in AE. I've had great results. Check out this animation I made using CC Ball Action as the core tool. It didn't take long to get these cool results.
7 years ago
Very cool. You are always coming up with some very unique observations and techniques. I am anxious to see what things you tweaked to get the images above.
7 years ago
CC Ball Action is the best! Been using it since I started using AE. Can't wait to use it in new and exciting ways! Thanks Andrew; for paying respect to this classic effect.
7 years ago
awesome Andrew, I see how you did the arrow, but how did you get the 'balls' to look 3D? they seem to be completely spherical, looking forward to this one, can't wait!
7 years ago
7 years ago
CC Ball Action is amazing effect have many possibilities
You always creative Andrew!!
7 years ago
Looking forward to see the tutorial :)
7 years ago
You're the greatest, Mr. Kramer.
7 years ago
That's hot Andrew. Looking forward to the tut
7 years ago
I created an intro for the popular blog "The Young Turks" that uses CC Ball Action. Here it is:


Sorry about the quality. They could use some tips on compression, but you get the idea.
7 years ago
OK, awesome tutorial aside, did the jolly-rancher in water work?
7 years ago
here's the link

7 years ago

I did something similar for a Pedigree spec spot.
David Coster
7 years ago
Nice... looking forword to it. u r grat andrew
7 years ago
Nice look.. and the backround always looks sooo natural aaaand.. nice nice nice.. :D:D
Brett Perry
7 years ago
My guess is that the Jolly Ranchers dissolved faster than when I tried the same thing with Jelly Belly jelly beans. Maybe I should have put them in the coffeee maker... nah.
7 years ago
good idia thanx andrew
7 years ago
Candy & Water?? And what is there as a side dish? marshmallows as bread? :) But if it works i will order a 20 package of Jolly-Ranchers. Hopefully i find out how you did all these and get a creative flow.

Keep it up Andrew!
7 years ago
damn sir,you never cease to amaze!
7 years ago
Andrew,Very cool
What's the size of movie
1080 720 4k 2k
7 years ago
It's looking very nice. But I think the texture at the end is a little too furious. A richer design would be nice. But the concept with the CC Ball Action is genious!

I'm looking forward!

From Holland
7 years ago
Do you sleep?--------------------------------
Edris Mohammadi
7 years ago
this IS Very Good !
I Love U
Just Anderw

I am Edris mohammadi From Iran/Sanandaj(Kurdistan)
7 years ago
haah interesting
7 years ago
That sounds REALLY GOOD!!!!!!
I have the feeling that the next tutorial will be JUICY!
7 years ago
Looks great! Can't wait for the tutorial!
7 years ago
look nice im waiting
7 years ago
Used it last year on a clients logo, very powerful.
7 years ago
it is very nice to me.
7 years ago
andrew u rock. I wish to see trapcode like plug-in tutorials by you.

by the way from a long time this site is my browser home page
7 years ago
nice effect and fine and cool technique
Dipo Dipe
7 years ago
Loay Emad
7 years ago
Very Cooooooooool
I'm very excited
7 years ago
Damn you Andrew Kramer!!.... you are making me refresh the website every 5 seconds till you post your next tutorial.....there goes my personal life again :P!!! This website is like a drug...you just cant get enough of it!!
7 years ago
Very nice. I'm certainly going to be using it.
sacred hills
7 years ago
Awesome! looking forward for some new tutorials!
Bradley Bell
7 years ago
1st comment finally nice work
Lewis Nankivell
7 years ago
sweet i want to know more
7 years ago
Very Nice Andrew....
7 years ago
We wait a lesson!
7 years ago
I had to use this once recently on a project, saved me having to buy trapcode form ;)
7 years ago
Looking forward to it!