More Star Action

So… I spent some more time playing with the CC Ball Action effect to create a logo reveal. I think there is a lot of possibilities with this plug-in and to simplify one step, we even created a quick script that offsets the layers. In this example I used the Card Wipe filter to animate the logo on after the Ball Action animation.

This example does demonstrate that the animating pattern of the “balls” can be any shape to fit your design. Still working on the tutorial, until then!

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Wave Test

Here is another test using CC Ball Action for a wall of balls…
See new sample Video

To answer a question from a previous comment, yes you can use this technique to recreate pictures or logos and even animate them on in a different pattern other than circular. More soon.

You can also check out the previous video example.

Experimental Dispersion

So I spent a few hours today experimenting with various effects and the idea of mixing Jolly-Ranchers with water to create a delicious fruit drink when I came across an interesting technique using CC Ball Action. This one technique can be used to create many different styles of dispersion and you don’t need any 3rd party plug-ins! I will be talking about this technique in my next tutorial along with the many creative ways it can be used. Stay Tuned!

Inspirational Spot with Optical Flares

Gkaster just posted a very inspirational spot using Cinema 4D, After Effects and our own Optical Flares Plug-in. Great work with close attention to the little details… who knows, maybe we can convince him to give us a little breakdown of some of the creative work.

Sad Particles…

What’s up! Anyone notice how sad particles look when they are played against slow piano music? Well here is a test I did using CC Particle World linked to a 3D NULL! I used several copies featuring different settings to serve as the smoke particles and the light debris. I think CC Particle World has great potential to create amazing particles but it may take a little more work when compared to Particular.

Another cool tip: Once I completed the particle animation, I put the comp in a new comp and slowed it down 200% so the particle movement is slower and also more depressing in a happy good way!

Now close your eyes… and imagine what it would like with some Optical Flares!

Download Project File (CS3)

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Camera Projection

One visual technique that I find so fascinating is Camera Projection. It allows you to project imagery on 3D surfaces and then fly a camera around in 3D. It has it’s limits but the capabilities are amazing.

Here is one example of using images with basic geometry.

Watch Playground Titles

Cool Examples and 3D max Tutorial

AE Camera Mapping on Video Copilot

Nick Campbell on Cinema 4D

Random You tube Video in Blender

Marcus in 3D max on Youtube

Written tutorial by Janine Pauke

Digi Effect Camera Mapper Tutorial in AE

Maya Tutorial too

Do you know of any cool examples? Post them below!

NEW TUTORIAL: Smoke Trails

In this tutorial we’ll use Particular and a single smoke picture to create pretty realistic smoke trails in After Effects. As a bonus I will also be using Optical Flares to add the bright lights.

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Check out our New Plug-in: Optical Flares!